PA GOP Unveils State House Leadership Team

081025_gop_logoThe Pennsylvania Republican Party praised their State House leadership after today’s elections.

“Our new 122 State House Republican majority have elected a leadership team who is ready to fight for commonsense in Harrisburg,” PA GOP Chair Rob Gleason said. “Last Tuesday, voters elected the largest Republican State House majority since the 1950s in a clear rejection of Tom Wolf’s extreme liberal policies. Speaker Turzai, Leader Reed, and the entire Republican leadership team will continue to stand up for taxpayers in the weeks and months ahead.”

“On behalf of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, I want to congratulate Speaker Mike Turzai, Leader Dave Reed and the entire State House Republican leadership team on their elections,” Gleason concluded. “The PA GOP looks forward to working with them.”

The leadership team is as follows:

Speaker of the House – Mike Turzai (28th District)

Majority Leader – Dave Reed (62nd District)

Whip – Bryan Cutler (100th District)

Appropriations Committee Chairman – Stan Saylor (94th District)

Caucus Chair – Marcy Toepel (147th District)

Policy Committee Chair – Kerry Benninghoff (171st District)

Caucus Administrator – Kurt Masser (107th District)

Caucus Secretary – Donna Oberlander (63rd District)

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  2. Ruin the state economy? It’s already pretty beat up, bro. Believe it or not, the jacked up spending through to 2012ish and the sharp drop off of revenue didn’t do it any favors. Don’t blame these guys for a mess that had been percolating for awhile. Taxes are relatively high (not HIGH) and they have cut spending up until the last 2 years. Again. It’s been a mess.

  3. Chamber of Commerce is thrilled with business as usual. Corporations and Gas Industry will again prevail in Pa. Why the Democrats didn’t go after the r’s for not taxing fracking was a huge mistake.
    In 2014 polling showed tax reform, fracking and school funding.
    Instead most recent polling was about plan parenthood not being funded and women’s right to choose.
    If I was with Democratic leadership I would ask for my money back.
    Example how well the r’s played the game.
    Democrats in minority are unable to pass any legislation. R’s amend democrat bills pass it and they get the credit.
    Corbett signs Transpotation bill adding .26 cents on gas, a tax increase by the way and also raises pre-vailing wage.
    They said what a great bill infrastructure and work for Pa.
    Then in the Santasaro race they say he was in office and didnt sponsor any legislation. Then blame him for voting in favor of the Transpotation bill. Like it was a bad bill for raising taxes.
    Democrats get your head put of your asses and find people who can run campaigns and stop thinking targeting voters who will already .support democrats.

  4. Where are the winners of the Election Day pool? Is PoliticsPA afraid to reveal who actually picked Trump as the winner of our Commonwealth?

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