PA-Gov: Buzzfeed Catches Corbett Using Photoshop on Campaign Website

Tom-Corbett-upsetWell, this is embarrassing.

Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed discovered that Governor Corbett’s re-election website is using a photoshopped image. Specifically, the campaign inserted a black woman into a group photo that appears on the bottom of each page.

The Corbett campaign told BuzzFeed “the whole website footer graphic is a work of Photoshop.”

It appears whoever created the image used the face of a woman from a stock photo, reversed it and changed the color of her shirt.

Of course, this type of thing has nothing to do with the issues at stake in the election, but it’s the exact type of story that will get extensive media attention (especially outside the state). Therefore, it ends up being an unforced error by the Corbett camp.

Update: Corbett-Cawley Communications Director Chris Pack provided the following response to PoliticsPA:

“Governor Corbett has a strong record of inclusion, while our opponent, Tom Wolf, was even criticized by members of his own party for his ties serving as the campaign chairman to an admitted racist arrested for murder and for handing out ammunition at a race riot.”

10 Responses

  1. Dave: Could Corbett find a group of people to have a picture taken? Probably not. All the people in the picture would have been old white men or gas drilling company executives.

  2. goevenro corbit don’t need to by no adds nowehere cuz he gonna win in a land slide that’s for shore,

  3. Another sign of Corbett’s desperation – buying not one but two ads right here on PoliticsPA. Not that I begrudge this fine website any ad revenue, but does Corbett’s campaign really think they will change minds with ads on an insider politics blog?

  4. Chris Pack-
    Corbett’s record of “inclusion” contains adding a stock photo of black woman so it appears he actually met her, and she supported him?

    Yeah, nothing racist about that (except everything).

  5. goevenor corbitt aint dun nothing wrong with no photos in no shops and he gonna win in a land slide their aint no dout about that cuz he been guevnoer for 4 yrs and the way it works in penna is guvs get to be guv for 8 yrs at a time than they gotta let the other party take over and bee goevenor for 4 yrs and than 4 more yrs, that the way it work in dis state,

  6. As a graphic designer, I can’t make any sense as to why the campaign would photoshop Corbett in with a crowd of people. Why not do some leg work and actually take a good photo of Corbett talking to supporters and place it at the bottom? Maybe Corbett is so unpopular that they couldn’t find enough people or a diverse group of supporters to take a photo with him? Anyway, there are more important issues than this. As I don’t like Corbett, I think it would be unfair bring racism allegations into this. But on the other hand, it is also unfair to turn the issue around and tag racism allegations to Tom Wolf. Tom Wolf handing out ammo in a race riot? Give me a break!Every comment from the Corbett campaign is an act of desperation from One Term Tom. Corbett can’t photoshop his way to reelection.

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