PA-Gov: CeaseFirePA Attacks Gov. Corbett in Latest Ad Campaign

Page from Direct Mail Piece

CeaseFirePA has launched direct mail pieces questioning Governor Corbett’s inaction since the Sandy Hook shootings. This is the first notable third party advertising that any PA organization has made since the May primary.

The ad depicts Governor Corbett alongside a statement he made ongun violence prevention legislation after the Sandy Hook Massacre, “We’re not going to get into that discussion right now…We need to take some time,” followed by an assertion that “there have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook” and the provocative question of “Is it time yet?”

In addition to the piece itself, a link provided on the ad leads to the CeaseFirePA “It’s Time” campaign webpage, which further condemns PA legislators failure to act enact “any laws that would make our communities, our schools, our children safer.” The site also asks visitors to email Gov. Corbett through a “Tell Governor Corbett It’s Time” hyperlink.

On this page, a standard letter addressed to Gov. Corbett, which every visitor can alter to their liking, is generated: “It’s time to end the silence on gun violence. Pennsylvania should be leading the way on gun violence prevention. Harrisburg must break its silence and enact common sense laws, like HB1010, which would expand the background check system and make our communities safer.”

In response to the ad campaign, Billy Pitman, the Corbett Campaign Press Secretary, contested the assertions of CeaseFirePA while also pointing to a Politifact article that found the claim that there have been 74 schools shootings since Sandy Hook “mostly false” because it includes any incident involving firearms in schools.

“It’s not surprising that yet another liberal special interest group is using misleading information to attack Governor Corbett who has made both public safety and the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens a priority throughout his career in law enforcement and public service.”

In addition to questioning CeaseFirePA’s statistics, Pitman highlighted the fact that Gov. Corbett has made efforts to decrease gun related violence in PA, including the signing of the Straw Purchase Gun Bill, $6.5 million in School Safety Grants, and over 500 arrests by the Gun Violence Task Force in Philadelphia.

CeaseFirePA is a statewide organization that unifies “mayors, police chiefs, faith leaders, community organizations, and individual Pennsylvanians” efforts to elevate the issue of gun violence prevention in PA and create a strong coalition of citizen advocates. “Through outreach, education, coalition building, and advocacy, CeaseFirePA aims to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvanian, stop the flow of illegal guns into PA, and keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.”

8 Responses

  1. Sorry fellas. Have other things to do on a Friday night than keep up with the ramblings here.

    Excuse my verbiage… should have said campaign “support”, not contributions. Super-PACs offer much campaign “support” to candidates of one party than another, here in PA & nationwide. Didn’t realize this was a “legal” comment section or court of law. Then again, I’m not an attorney anyway.

    Which programs are you looking to have disclosed “Truth Brigade”? The small budget funding for truly educational programs like Ceasefire’s public school programs?

    Hypocrite? I suppose that is a compliment coming from most any R or conservative these days. It surely is a highly valued trait in the post 2008 Republican Party – not that it wasn’t already a major pillar before that. But proud liberal here, so don’t hold the trait in such high esteem. To see a real hypocrite, I suggest you pull up reporting by the NRA in Pennsylvania and grab a mirror.

    Unsanctioned R… makes up what lies? 59 school related gun incidents? No. That Tommy’s mouthpiece replied that 74 has a truth-meter issue rather than address the problem? That CeasefirePA’s larger arm DOES do campaign reporting?

  2. Bill’s MO is to just make up lies. He loses arguments and makes up more lies. Don’t waste your time.

  3. Bill,
    You are so full of it. Here’s how uninformed you are. You say, “the numerous Super-PACs who buy favor from politicians in the form of very large campaign contributions.” I bet you cannot name two. It’s illegal for SuperPACs to contribute to campaigns. More accurately, a superpac is an “independent expenditure only committee.” I won’t go into the legal definition, but in short, it means you don’t know diddly about what you’re talking about.

    Oh, and CeasefirePA is a c(3) and c(4) ( Please share with us where their contributors are listed. I’m calling you out.

    Just another do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do liberal hypocrite that wants others to disclose.

  4. Actually not joining you at all on this Unsanctioned R – and sorry I followed your false misleading train of discussion.

    CeasefirePA DOES disclose it’s donors. A quick look at their finance reports shows this. Not surprised you wouldn’t know that – I’ve seen quite a few of your posts and seems your MO is usually to go with little to no information of any validity.

    What I was suggesting is that the first concern of donors being made public should be towards the numerous Super-PACs who buy favor from politicians in the form of very large campaign contributions. And, yes I realize this group makes campaign contributions also – but pretty meager ones and again, CeaseFirePA’s donors are all disclosed.

    Care to try again with something remotely true or accurate?

  5. Glad to know that Bill joins me in asking this liberal group to stand on their progressive principles and share who their donors are. The people deserve to know.

  6. 74 may be a high number, but isn’t that the way it is always done with any issue these days? Pick your issue and the figures provided by one side of the other and you’ll find the same.

    By my calculation the number should be about 59. Maybe that is OK with one-term-Tommy, and his press lacky, but certainly not with me!

    To unsanctioned R… donor disclosure for just this group (and other non-conservatives), or for all? We’ve got people anonymously dumping literally millions into buying politicians at all levels, and you’re worrying about donor disclosure here? That figures!

  7. CeasefirePA has a truthfulness problem that will shorten their half life. They should make their donors public so we know who supports their lies.

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