PA-Gov: Cook Classifies 2018 As “Leans Democratic”

wolf-concernedGovernor Tom Wolf has the slight advantage heading into the 2018 election season.

That’s the conclusion of the Cook Political Report at least, as Jennifer Duffy writes that they have classified PA as “Leans Democratic”.

“No incumbent starts a cycle in the Toss Up column,” she writes. “Do we expect Illinois GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner and Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf to have difficult races? Absolutely, but first they need announced first-tier opposition.”

Duffy goes on to note that Wolf will be the only incumbent Democrat running in a state Trump won.

Cook also recently rated Casey’s Senate race as “Leans Democratic”.

9 Responses

  1. Just keep that drunk Mary Isenhour in charge – she and foot in mouth Rendell will fix everything and make sure Wolf gets re-elected. They knocked it out of the park for Hillary last month. Oh wait . . .

  2. GIFT ban to funny. Wolf gang gets all the gifts they want. Free hotels, free tickets to all events, free plane, Free car, free train. Wolf gang gave their buddies 90 convention passes. Free democrat paid hotels. Just ask Mary, Sin, and Obie they will hook you up baby. OPM baby.

  3. You guys are ridiculous – GO-TIME found over $150 million in savings in the Governor’s first fiscal year, exceeding their goal. Tom Corbett couldn’t govern despite his party controlling the General Assembly because he was an awful and incompetent leader. Gov. Wolf has managed a number of accomplishments despite legislative intransigence and has implemented a number of good government policies aimed at transparency, like instituting a gift ban, releasing cabinet expenses, and promoting an open data platform. Just off the top of my head I can think of medicaid expansion, online voter registration, fair funding formula for education, liquor reform, legalizing medical marijuana, protecting LGBT civil rights, re-opening the solar energy program, responding to the heroin crisis – some of them achieved with an antagonistic legislature and some of them done through executive action.

    Keep tooting that Wagner-Trump horn, though. That’s going to be a real gift. I hope Wagner fawns over Trump at every public speaking opportunity and keeps talking about how they are basically the same person.

  4. Corbett was such a let down. Then Wolf came along. Tom Corbett Junior, Tom Wolf. Can we get Cawley or Congressman Kelly in there to clean this mess up? Cawley should have been in there instead of Corbett, anyway.

  5. LOSER: I guess you could say the same for Trump. Oh, but then he never won…the popular vote. Lost by 2 million and somehow can still be President? Yes, I guess the system is rigged.

  6. Tom Wolf never won. Tommy Boy Corbett was hated. Wolf needs to leave and start his own party of losers. Wolf has cost us millions of dollars. He has NO CLUE what he is doing. Wolf hates the party and the party hates Wolf.
    stay tuned to Burn and Wagner getting even.

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