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PA-Gov: Corbett Accuses Wolf of Hiding in New Ad (VIDEO)

Tom Wolf used his biography to win the Democratic primary, now Gov. Corbett is trying to turn his opponents greatest strength into a weakness.

In a new 30-second TV spot, the Corbett-Cawley campaign accuses the Democratic nominee of refusing to divulge information about his business history.

“Tom Wolf spent millions bragging about himself in TV ads,” the commercial begins.

The ad features a Wolf impersonator displayed on TV screens placed atop four separate bodies. The gimmick is that with each new accusation, Wolf shuts off the TV in order to avoid answering.

The questions brought up by the Corbett campaign include topics from the primary like his campaign loan and his company’s policies towards women. It finishes with the recent claims the Governor has made about Wolf dodging state taxes.

“Tom Wolf, what’s he hiding?,” concludes the spot, entitled “No, No, No”.

The Governor’s campaign stated that the ad will begin running on broadcast and network TV statewide tonight.

13 Responses

  1. The very best point here is that the Gov. cannot run on his record, nothing new, but, just so obvious this race.


    By and large, the nonpartisan fact check folks have skewered the Corbett attack ads as mostly false, and certified Tom Wolf’s fact ads as mostly true.

    This ad appears more moronic than most. Everybody knows why Tom Wolf got a loan to finance his campaign.

    The people that bite into the Corbett bile are the hard-core 25%. And Corbett’s covert-op campaign tactics of sneaking into town with no notice, talking to tiny-invitation-only groups and vetted journalists – ain’t doing nothing to win over the 75% who strongly dislike him.

    There myriad reasons Tom Corbett has been in the polls toilet for going on 3 years. That does not end with a couple weeks of insults and lies toward a viable opponent.

  3. The campaign loan attack is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen – it’s appealing to people’s lack of understanding of how loans are used differently by people with different wealth. A not-wealthy person uses a loan to buy something he can’t afford; a wealthy person uses a loan to avoid pulling money out of investments all at once and forgoing the investment income.

    Once again – if the loan interest is less than the return on investment, it makes sense to pay the interest and get a slightly smaller return on investment due to the interest cost than to pull the money out and get zero return just to avoid paying interest on a loan. It’s stupid and anyone with a calculator or basic math skills can figure out why.

  4. Wow if you took candidates name out of the ad it looked like an Allyson Schwartz or Rob Mccord ad. Very poor ad. Its hard to follow and not well produced. This tactic didnt work in the primary and surely wont work now. I really expected better from the Corbett campaign. Well not much better than this but not dumb enough to do something that didnt work in the primary. Wolf is going to win this race by 20 points. Its going to be worse for the republicans then when Swann lost in a land slide to Rendell. Cant wait to see Tom Wolfs negative ads they should be great ones. So much to pick from the pathetic excuse for a governor we have had for the last 4 years.

  5. B.J.,
    Thanks for the compliment. However the use of a green screen is not the issue. The issue is Tom Corbett using the state Capitol Rotunda as backdrop for a political commercial to denigrate an opponent. That is certainly not projecting the image of an “outsider” who was the Attorney General for 6 years and has served the past 3 years as Governor.

    Certainly Corbett could have used a better backdrop for his commercial. Perhaps, the site of the future Second Mile headquarters Building in which he approved a grant before disapproving the grant. Now that is the action of an outsider.

  6. Either Elroy has never heard of green screen or he is an extremely effective troll.

  7. How dare he!!!!
    Who gave Tom Corbett’s campaign committee permission to film inside the Capitol Rotunda and use it in a political commercial?

    Tom Corbett put people in jail for allegedly mixing politics and state business. It proves what the citizens of Pennsylvania have discovered, Tom Corbett takes care of Tom Corbett. And he wants to run as an outsider?
    The footage is from inside the state Capitol Building. Perhaps it was footage paid for by the taxpayers?

    This is a disgrace. Using the peoples building for a campaign commercial. Maybe he destroyed the policy statements forbidding inside footage.

  8. Desperate men say idiotic things. Example #1: Tom Corbett. Not only do his gas buddies pollute the state, now his smear tactics are going to pollute the state’s airwaves through November. Guess it’s a small price to pay if it means we’re rid of him after that, though.

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