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PA-Gov: Corbett Calls Wolf A Liar in Latest Ad (VIDEO)

It should come as no surprise that in the gubernatorial race, it is getting personal, it’s become negative and it all centers around education.

The Corbett-Cawley campaign unveiled their newest ad, entitled “Mr. Big”, this afternoon. It seeks to portray Wolf’s claims that the Governor cut $1 billion from education as a flat-out lie.

“Tom Wolf’s big lie about education funding has now been exposed,” the narrator begins.

The commercial then shows excerpts from various newspapers across the state to back up their claim that Wolf isn’t telling the truth.

“If Wolf is willing to lie about your kids education, what won’t he lie about?” the narrator concludes.

The thirty-second spot contains many of the tell-tale signs of campaign ads. For instance, Wolf’s picture is first seen on a tiny TV screen in a dark room. It then transition to bright, happy kids when describing Corbett’s education accomplishments.

At the end, Wolf is again shown in dark, blurry footage (hey, I remember that gazebo) and the music culminates in a dramatic crescendo when the final question is asked and Wolf’s face is juxtaposed with a small child sitting on the steps of a school bus.

This is the race’s third straight commercial concerning education. First, Corbett answered his critics by speaking directly to the camera. Then, Wolf hit back with an ad featuring his own flurry of newspaper headlines.

It’s fair to say this likely won’t be the last commercial concerning education before November

25 Responses

  1. mark, I aint no profit I jest know who gonna win the goevenr’s race and the winner gonna be goev corbitt he been gov for a term alredy and the way it work in penna is govs serve two terms and then the other parties gets to be in for two terms or 8 yrs, that the way it always be in penna.,

  2. As Mark twain said. “Lies, damned lies and statistics!” and Chris holds his ground and I know on election day he will be hailed as the new political prophet of PA!

  3. T.C. “Whaddaya got for me fellas?’

    Curly, ” Nuthin. WoooWoooWooo.”

    Larry, “Who me, boss”?

    Moe, ” I got nutin and I’m all out of ideas.”

    T.C. ” Fine bunch you guys are.”

    Moe, ” Hey wait a minute boss, how ’bout we call Wolf a big fat liar?”

    T.C. ” Now your thinking, fellas, NOW get to work!!”.

    Curly, ” Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk, Can we have the rest of the day off first?”

    Moe, ” Why you… Don’t worry Boss, we’ll get the job done.”

    Larry, ” And how!!”

  4. bone you is wrong goevnor corbit aint toast and he gonna do a big comeback and win a land slide to get anuther term cuz that the way it work in penna when guvs get to be elected too times then the other party get to have a guv be electd for 8 yrs.,

  5. What is totally hilarious is that in order to pay for school funding and eliminate property taxes totally, the Republican plan is to RAISE the income tax and sales tax. Since PA has a flat tax based on earned income: who pays that? The poor suckers in the middle and on the bottom. Rendell was crucified for holding out for more education spending and now Gov. Corbett claims he funded it higher than Rendell?

  6. Too Bad Gov Corbett has no record to run on after 4 years with Republican Majority in both Chambers — Shame on You Tom.

  7. I’ve sent this video to Wolf’s campaign staff. Corbett penned Act 13 which stripped away local zoning rights so this gas facility could be built in a residential area. After 12 accidents, 20 families are suing for damages. Act 13 was deemed unconstitutional after this station was built. There’s an attack ad.

  8. Of course Corbett is lying. He’s desperate, and the voters know the truth. He put the stimulus money into prison funding and cut it from Education – then, he “increased” education funding by adding the pension cost to the education budget (which was always separate). Since he cut $1 billion from the actual funding to our public schools, but replaced it by adding something that was never part of the education budget before, he can say he raised education spending and be technically correct. However, the effect is that he added the car payment to the mortgage and says it’s just that the mortgage went up. Ah, technical trickery at its best.

  9. joe you is w5rong, goevnor corbitt has a lots more then zero way to win, new poles say he got a ninety parcent chance of wining in a land slide, the way it works in penna is this, each party gets to be guvn. for 8 yrs each than they switch,

  10. “PA needs pension reform.”-Thomas

    From Ridge to Corbett if they payed there bills on time this campaign scare tactic would not be an issue. Remember this pension and forbearance was Ridge’s baby. Now Corbett is using this scare tactic against Pennsylvania’s workers, the vast majority that are poor or middle class.

  11. “The voters know their school taxes and tuition went up, while teachers and programs were cut.

    No ad from Corbett is going to change what people already know about how bad he’s been.”DD

    David that is a lie! The cyber and charter schools did just fine with public tax money.

    Corbett’s cut public education. What this did to the poorer school districts is criminal!

  12. I love when Republican’s say that people are just too stupid to vote Republican.

    Typical elitism on the Right

  13. Does not matter. Corbett allowed himself to be defined by the opposition and the media two years ago. His acrimony with the legislature stalled anything of substance. He has had exactly zero chance to win for at least a year and a half. People are tuned out on this race. It is too late for Corbett to make up the ground and the Republican leadership knew it before renominating Corbett and did nothing.

  14. The voters know their school taxes and tuition went up, while teachers and programs were cut.

    No ad from Corbett is going to change what people already know about how bad he’s been.

  15. Hey guys don’t pay attention to my plans but look at my cool jeep while I raise all your taxes through the roof so I can give it back to the unions to pay for their out of control pensions

  16. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the big lie presented by the teachers unions and the Wolf campaign. A more correct statement would be that Obama cut a billion dollars from education spending in PA.

  17. It’s like the politics dictatorships with their propaganda. The adage being “Tell the big lie often enough and people will believe it.” Wolf’s campaign is playing the voters for idiots (a lot of them are). Well, not all of us are. I did my own research on this months ago and recognized Wolf’s propaganda. It’s tricky the way budgets are done in Pennsylvania, which is with smoke and mirrors. But the bottom line is funding for education has increased substantially under every Governor for the last four decades. That’s the truth, believe it or believe Wolf’s lies. It’s your choice. Live in the real world or the political Alice in Wonderland world.

  18. the add aint true, goevnor corbitt aint never lied about nothing and he aint never about to start lieing about nothing and john wolfe also too aint lied about nothing either it look like the people who maked the adds are the ones who are the liers.

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