PA-Gov: Corbett Campaign Pushes For Opponents to Reveal Tax Returns

tax returnsAfter releasing 10 years of his own tax returns, Governor Tom Corbett’s campaign pushed his Democratic opponents to follow suit.

In a press release, Corbett’s campaign manager Mike Barley pointed to Democratic support of the action.

PA Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and former Governor Ed Rendell both called for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns in 2012.

“Mitt Romney continues to betray the American people and his refusal to release his tax returns and give straight answers about his role at Bain Capital and his offshore bank accounts, makes people wonder what more is he hiding? Mitt Romney should take Rick Santorum’s advice and come clean to the American people,” stated Burn in 2012.

And now the Corbett campaign applies Burn’s argument to Corbett’s prospective opponents, particularly former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf.

“Like Democratic Chairman Jim Burn, we believe that the Democratic candidates for Governor continue to betray the Pennsylvania people for refusing to publicly release their tax returns,” stated Barley.  “Specifically, as it relates to Secretary Tom Wolf, he continues to betray the people of Pennsylvania for refusing to give straight answers about his role at Wolf Organization when Pennsylvania taxpayers lost millions, and it makes us wonder, what more is he hiding?  The Democratic candidates should take Democratic Chairman Jim Burn’s advice and come clean to the Pennsylvania people.”

“Governor Rendell and the Democratic Party beat up Mitt Romney for paying a 14 percent tax rate, so I would only expect that they would join us in criticizing millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf for paying nearly half of that,” added Barley.  “How did he get to that tax rate?  The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know who the real Tom Wolf is and that will require him to be open and transparent about his campaign loans and questionable business practices.”

Last week, Wolf released his tax return, showing $2.2 million in income in 2012. He also released the terms of the $4 million loan he took out to partially finance his campaign.

Former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty, State Treasurer Rob McCord and Rep. Allyson Schwartz also released their returns from 2012.

At this point, Republican challenger to Governor Tom Corbett is refusing to release his returns.

8 Responses

  1. This is so rich – “We’re going to call out those Demorats for their hypocrisy! This will be sweet revenge after we took such a beating over Romney! Oh wait… they already released their returns? Well… we want.. every one going back to high school! This is still the exact same situation!”

    The sad part is, I’ll bet Mike Barley thinks he’s being clever here.

  2. Wolf released his taxes…I am voting wolf, Corbett is going to try anything and everything to keep his job. Its not about him being Republican. He just did a bad job and doesn’t need a second term.

  3. Nice line of attack. Let’s see if it sticks.

    Already we see the kvetching of Democrats worried about voters being reminded of their apples-to-apples hypocrisy.

  4. “Governor Rendell and the Democratic Party beat up Mitt Romney for paying a 14 percent tax rate”
    Actually, there were plenty of accusations that Romney had paid less than 10% in the years he wouldn’t reveal. There was also strong suspicion that the unrevealed returns included an IRS penalty for Swiss bank accounts from the amnesty+fine offer.

    Wolf’s released his return. We still haven’t seen Romney’s. 🙂

  5. I know its actually work to read but there is enough stuff out there in print already to sink this guy. People are very confused as to what he actually does still. One of the stories on this tax return thing referred to him as a manufacturer.

    This could not be farther from the truth.

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