PA-Gov: Corbett Campaign Unveils Their Own Negative Ad (VIDEO)

Anything Tom Wolf can do, Tom Corbett can do better. At least that appears to be the sentiment.

Just about two hours after Tom Wolf released his own attack ad on Corbett, the Governor is back hitting his Democratic opponent.

In this case, the commercial, titled “Radio Silence”, follows more of the traditional negative script, with a narrator instead of the candidate.

“OK, it’s critical you pay attention,” the narrator begins as a TV signal gives out.

“The race for Governor is tightening. Why? Because Tom Wolf’s secret plan to raise middle-class taxes has now been exposed,” the voice-over continues.

“One study concluded Wolf’s plan will almost triple the state income tax for many middle-class families. Triple! And Wolf’s massive tax increase will means a massive reduction in your take home pay.”

“The good news: We found out, before election day,” the narrator concludes.

There are two main goals the campaign is aiming for in this ad: 1. Convince voters the race is not over and that Corbett is gaining on Wolf 2. Make the election about Wolf’s proposals (specifically on taxes) instead of the Governor’s record (especially concerning education).

On the first point, the latest poll showed Gov. Corbett down just seven points but that survey was conducted by the conservative leaning Keystone Report. The last nonpartisan Quinnipiac poll had Wolf’s lead at seventeen points.

As for the second, it’s difficult to know whether the campaign’s attacks on Wolf’s statements on taxes have been effective. It does, however, indicate that the campaign believes this method is working and it will likely be their closing message over the next two weeks.

11 Responses

  1. How many “pensioners” in PA are public school and public sector workers? What is also hilarious here is that when private pensions go belly up, the Federal Gov’ment takes them over , too.

    “If we can just keep selling the idea of 401Ks, we will make huge profits from commissions and when there is a down turn, it is not our problem.”

  2. There’s no comparison between incentives to established energy and those to green energy that would not even exist without half their revenue coming from taxes. And the “rich” stockholders as you call them are pensioners and IRAs.

    How do you expect the next Democrat appointee like Tom Wolf to find the financing to revitalize their failing family business if their connections do not have the profits to redirect from the public school pensions?

    And you must not remember how the lack of coal electricity pinched electric and gas bills last winter. All thanks to Democrats. Nationally, the poor are learning they’ve been voting against their pocketbook.

  3. Unsanctioned R-
    The current fossil-fuel driven energy policy is expensive and hurts the poor. Tax dollars are subsidizing the most profitable multi-billion dollar oil companies (who pass profits to their rich stockholders). Tax dollars are also subsidizing the oil companies through use of our military to protect oil interests (and it’s the poor who get recruited to fight).
    The poor in rural areas are suffering from the pollution of their land and streams.

    The money being used to subsidize oil/gas profits should be put into improving renewable sources, for long term reductions in energy costs.

  4. Why do Democrats insist on an ‘expensive-energy’ policy that hurts the poorest the most?

  5. Steve- BTW, there are two kinds of people on the Sandusky situation.

    The people who complain about how he handled “Sandusky”, generally fall into the category of Corbett failed to be aggressive in pursuing a pedophile.

    The people who complain about the “Penn State” part are PSU alum who are upset that JoePa got outed as a co-conspirator who put football over children as if that was somehow wrong. Because, for them, PSU football takes precedence over crimes like that, and losing their trophies.

    Boo-hoo that JoePa’s statue got moved. It should have been moved into Sandusky’s prison cell.

  6. Corbett’s claims of Wolf proposing tax increases on the middle class was rated Desperate, Deceitful and Dishonest by

    “But it is Corbett who’s being dishonest here. He knows exactly what Wolf is proposing, because he was standing only a few feet away from him during an Oct. 8 debate in which Wolf sketched out his plan.
    Wolf said (starting at about 23 minutes into the recording): “If you are in the seventy to ninety thousand dollar range as an individual — and you can double that if you are married — you should not pay any more in taxes. And people making below that will get a break. That’s my goal.”
    And that is consistent with what Wolf has been saying as far back as February,”

  7. David, I didn’t explain what I was upset about in the Penn State situation, which has nothing to do with my point about Wolf. It just shows that you’re a dick.

    Turnpike fares have gone up year after year because of Ed Rendell and Act 44 of 2007. Not because of Corbett. And the Turnpike is now $7B in debt because of that great law. The new law, signed by Corbett, stops stealing money from the Turnpike to pay for roads not related to the Turnpike. Get your facts straight!

  8. Steve- Well, it says a lot that you are most upset with Corbett not protecting Penn State’s reputation more after they covered up for a pedophile. So, I’ll mark you down as pro-pedophile cover-up, and weigh your other opinions accordingly.

    The PA turnpike rates have gone up a lot under Corbett as well (and that goes to roads and bridges as well).

    But, for a campaign ad to counter Corbett’s, Wolf can certainly point out Corbett’s gasoline tax (and lack of taxing drillers). That’s fair game. Voters can decided if they liked Corbett’s gas tax priorities.

  9. Tom Wolf has never been Governor – how could he have increased our taxes? I’ll turn it around – Corbett has never met a fee he hasn’t liked.

  10. Hey David, Tom Wolf has repeatedly said we need to “invest” in our infrastructure! Fix our roads and bridges. That’s what Corbett, the Legislature (Republicans & Democrats) and the unions all agreed we needed to do to improve our roads. Wolf can’t have it both ways. That’s why this guy is such a hypocrite. He calls for investing in infrastructure but criticizes the very taxes that will fix the roads.

    By the way, gas prices are lower than they have been in years. So that “projected” 28 cents a gallon increase is just another Wolf Lie. He’s the most dishonest candidate we have had in a long time.

    I’m not crazy about Corbett. Mostly over Penn State. But Wolf would be much worse for PA. I hope the voters wake up!

  11. “One study concluded..” what study? Must be using the same math that Corbett’s using to pretend he can win.

    TEAM WOLF: here is your counter-ad

    Tom Wolf at gas station, pumping his own gas: “Tom Corbett says I never met a tax I didn’t like. Well, I don’t like his 24-cent per gallon gas tax on hard-working Pennsylvanians who can’t even get a minimum wage increase. Corbett won’t tax his friends in the oil/gas industry to pay for education, but he’s okay with your school taxes going up. Corbett has taxed our patience long enough. It’s time for new leadership in Harrisburg.”

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