PA-Gov: Corbett Goes After Wolf on Taxes in Latest Ad (VIDEO)

Well, that didn’t take long.

After a brief foray into positive advertising, the Corbett-Cawley campaign has returned to hitting Democratic nominee Tom Wolf.

In their latest TV spot, “Missing”, the campaign seeks to portray Tom Wolf as the tax man citing his time as Governor Rendell’s Revenue Secretary.

“Millionaire Tom Wolf spent a fortune on TV ads but never mentioned he was PA’s Revenue Secretary,” it begins.

The commercial accuses Wolf of supporting a home heating tax, a higher sales tax, an electric tax and finally a garbage tax.

“Now, millionaire Wolf says he’ll raise the income tax on many hard-working Pennsylvanians, no thank you,” the ad concludes.

This contention appears to be based on Wolf’s support for a progressive, rather than flat, state tax. A progressive tax involves a sliding rate scale that taxes higher incomes more and lower incomes less. A flat tax, on the other hand, assigns each citizen the same rate regardless of income. The federal income tax is progressive while the state income tax is flat.

The commercial seems to be an indication that the Corbett-Cawley campaign intends to attack Wolf on taxes consistently throughout the general election.

9 Responses

  1. Ya and at the same time Wolf only pays 7.3 % of his multi-million dollar income…less than Romney when he got so much flaque during his presidential campaign. Progressive taxing peaks at the middle income families and tapers off when you get to the wealthy, thus punishing the the honest hardworking Americans who make up the majority of the tax base. It also leaves several loopholes for corporations to avoid taxing, which is what Obama has been promising to close for the past 4 years.

  2. Just WHO wants to raise the State sales tax?
    Is that not the key to the Republican plan to reform school property taxes: raising the sales tax and the earned income tax on wage earning Pennsylvania workers??

  3. I pay a tax to my local municipality for trash removal that is called a “fee”. I saw the commercial, what is the context of Wolf’s whole presentation?

  4. David Diano: I pay a fee to have my garbage hauled away. Why should I pay a tax on top of that?

  5. It is time to inform the voters so they know who Tom Wolf is. I attended one of the Democrat endorsement meetings so I heard Mr. Wolf’s claims that higher taxes are needed first hand. It was clear at the meeting that Mr. Wolf believes Pennsylvania has a revenue problem. It was clear at the meeting that Mr. Wolf believes Pennsylvania government should be expanded. Voters should realize what they are voting for.

  6. The pot calling the kettle black.
    Divided government has its merit.
    Corbett and the Corbett Republicans not only imposed the one and only Marcellus Shale tax (Ed Rendell was blocked by hostile General Assembly) but Corbett and the Corbett Republicans imposed a $7,307,000,000 to $7,584,000,000 (over five years) tax on motorists and truckers in Pennsylvania. See page 9 chart of Fiscal Note of the House Committee on Appropriations

  7. a “garbage tax”?
    What’s the argument here?
    Better to let garbage pile up than pay for it to be taken away?

    Corbett has failed to generate sufficient revenue to run the state. “Magical” thinking that you don’t need tax revenue to pay for things doesn’t work.

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