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PA-Gov: Corbett Nets 500k At Philly Fundraiser

Governor Corbett
Governor Corbett

Governor Tom Corbett had a great day in Philadelphia last week.

During a campaign fundraiser held at the Philadelphia Country Club, the Republican incumbent brought in over $500,000 — more than one-third of what he raised in the entire first quarter of this year. That is an impressive one-night total.

The event was hosted by Republican National Committee member and major Corbett supporter, Bob Asher.

Although Corbett said that his campaign was in a “strong position from a fundraising and organizational perspective” earlier this month, the incumbent spent more than he brought in and he failed to out fundraise one of his Democratic challengers, Allyson Schwartz — a feat he likely expected to accomplish with his strong and committed voter base established during his 2010 run.

But now Corbett is clearly revving up his campaign and preparing for a strong run in the general election.

As for the primary, his only challenger, businessman Bob Guzzardi, has failed to mount an effective enough campaign to beat out the incumbent Corbett. According to his first quarter financial report, Guzzardi has less than $400 on hand to mount an offensive against the Governor.

So although Corbett remains the most vulnerable Governor according to the Washington Post’s blog The Fix, it seems clear that he will have the funds to run an effective campaign against whoever wins the Democratic primary in May.

13 Responses

  1. The Governor ignores requests to attend public forums or even send a represent. And yet he can meet with big donors. He has lost my support.

  2. The 3 supporters who ponied up must be brain dead. Governor Donothing doesn’t deserve a dime but will of course get his funding from the public sector unions as he continues to watch the pension programs explode on the taxpayers of PA, continues to “study” liquor stores, lets the voter ID law languish in the courts. The list appears endless. Yeah and Gov Donothing, Howard Hamm invented the 150,000 PA jobs, not you. Your just trying to take credit where it is not due.

  3. The taxpayer will only be free when the last lobbyist is strangled with the entrails of the last consultant.

  4. The guys and gals ponying up cash yesterday are looking to get tens if not hundreds of millions in return. And most of ’em work for the same banks law firms, construction firms, architecture firms, social service companies, or the bloated boards of non-profits who have their hands out for the taxpayer dollar to fund their lavish lifestyle and you best believe their coworkers are giving to the democratic candidates to keep the money flowing. Two parties, one master. We need some winter soldiers like Battling Bob Guzzardi to end the corruption and help the taxpayers.

  5. Sancho-

    The “pledge” not to raise taxes is an example of the intellectual void in the conservative movement.

    Taxes pay for government functions and services roads, bridges, schools (and even includes storage/production of things like public documents for transparency).

    If the costs of the services go up, or materials like salt require additional purchases, then it is perfectly reasonable to raise taxes to pay for these services.

    You right-wingers portray taxes as though no services are being provided. Or you complain about payments for a service you don’t like or use, and ignore all the services you get that are paid for by others’ taxes. We live in a commonwealth.

    The ONLY responsible platform is that taxes will be raised or lowered to accommodate the service needs of the population. Efforts to reduce costs of services should be pursued, by cutting waste, improving efficiency and negotiating better deals for equipment/materials.

    If you can’t understand that basic premise, you are not competent to govern.

  6. @ Jim:

    You cannot justifiably consider yourself to be a “conservative” if you would support Wolf, notwithstanding Corbett’s deficiencies [which I have articulated on this webpage during the past two years in the hope another nominee would be chosen]; for example, has Wolfe [or any of the Dems] pledged not to raise taxes?

  7. Jim-

    I think Wolf will do a lot to improve this state. Corbett has been a sellout to special interests and just plain incompetent overall.

    If he was any dumber, he’d be a leading Gov candidate in Texas.

  8. David,
    I’m a conservative who sees no need to vote for Corbett because he hasn’t gotten anything done that I support. I will actually be voting for Wolf in the fall if he is your nominee.

  9. Jim-

    IN botched Voter-ID by allowing it. Fortunately, PA has better quality judges who realize it’s all about disenfranchising voters.

    Pension reform? Do you mean more attacks on workers? As we recently discovered, a lot of the problems with pension investments were due to illegal manipulations of LIBOR, with the pensions getting the blame.

    We need higher taxes on extraction of natural resources.

    Gas taxes pay for sorely needed road and bridge repair.

    You’ve outlined every bad policy Corbett had pursued or wants. PA can’t risk 4 more years of GOP, right-wing ideology actively trying to undermine our state.

  10. Higher gas taxes, no pension reform (done in NJ), botched voter ID (done in IN), no right to work (done in MI), no public sector union reforms (done in WI) unable to reform Soviet style state stores (done every state but UT), no severance tax (done in (TX) etc. This is a failed administration. Guzzardi has my protest vote.

  11. is it me, or does corbett look like a white walker from GOT? winter is coming tommy boy…

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