PA-Gov: Corbett Polls Poorly in Robert Morris Survey

Tom-Corbett-upsetRobert Morris University conducted a poll for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review following the gubernatorial primary last Tuesday. Without mentioning the head-to-head numbers between Corbett and Wolf, the Tribune-Review released Corbett’s own personal poll numbers.

Though now 30.8% of Pennsylvanians hold a positive view of the governor, a slightly higher percentage than the 29.4% found when polled in February, Corbett still only seems to be satisfying 1 in 3 respondents.

RMU’s Polling Institute found that Corbett polled poorly across the board; respondents of different ages, marital statuses, and genders all had similar percentages of disapproval.

RMU’s February poll stated that 48% of senior citizen respondents were not happy with the governor. The most recent poll shows an increase in this figure to 57%. A plausible reason behind this increase may be that seniors support Tom Wolf’s 5% severance tax on the natural gas industry as they have less to lose if private sector job creation suffers, as Corbett claims it will.

Tom Wolf, after handily winning the democratic nomination, was not mentioned in the sections of the poll that were released. Corbett’s poor numbers may, however, be at least partly a result of Wolf’s attack ads during primary season, which claimed that the Governor slashed funding to public education and refused to tax the natural gas industry.

With education and taxation of the natural gas industry, respectively, being the first and second largest polling issues, the outcome of the democratic challengers’ effective ad campaigns may be evidenced in this recent poll.

506 Pennsylvanians responded to the poll, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. The Tribune Review published no information regarding how the sample of citizens were selected or polled.

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  1. To call Tom Wolf the “tax man” is like calling Tom Corbett a “job creator”. Mr. Wolf did not raise or lower taxes, he just collected the taxes set forth by the General Assembly – and he donated his government salary to charity while he was doing it. Then he returned to his former company to rescue it from impending bankruptcy.

    Governor Corbett never created a job in his life, yet his budget cuts caused the loss of 42,000 state jobs since 2011. Even though he boldly claims credit for 150,000 private sector jobs, Governor Corbett said governors only create a business climate. The private sector creates jobs. If that is true, 45 other governors have done better, as PA has slipped from 7th to 46th in job creation since 2011.

    Of the $1.5 billion Governor Corbett claims to have placed in education, $782 million is mandatory teacher pension funding – not for the class room. Another $382 million has yet to be approved, and is highly suspect – what with the billion dollar shortfall in state revenues expected this year. What is left ain’t much.

    Job creation and education funding – two of the main reasons Mr. Corbett has been in the the poll’s toilet for the last 2 1/2 years.

  2. Here we go again. Here we have a K-12 school that is over-subscribed. Even if you give that the Philadelphia Public Schools are sup-par, my understanding is that the K-12 and other similar products produce worse outcomes for the students at a considerably higher cost. But education in PA is not about the Kids. These kids will be the product for the for-profit prison lobby soon, why shouldn’t the Corbett Team enable the Cyber Charter Corporate School Welfare Queens, with K-12 a leader at the feeding trough. Charly Zogby, please turn in your resignation to acting Governor Brabender, now.

  3. “hello”-
    Bob isn’t smart enough to recognize Wolf as a superior candidate, nor smart enough to realize that Corbett is the closest Bob will get to an idiot who supports the failed policies of the right-wing.

    You also fail to grasp that Bob is not a Republican in any traditional sense. He’s a tea-party, John Birch Society, throwback. He’s not a serious person, let alone a candidate who seriously sought office.

    It seems like Bob not only never met a tax he liked, but one that he understood. Bob consistently fails to grasp that there are legitimate services the government performs and that taxation is a reasonable way to collect revenue.

    The taxes on the shale drilling (as an impact fee) are absurdly low.

    From last week
    “The impact fee Pennsylvania collects on natural gas wells translates into a very low tax rate when compared with nearby and large gas-producing states, according to a report on Thursday from the state Independent Fiscal Office.
    The report, requested by Sen. David Argall, R-Schuylkill County, puts Pennsylvania with Ohio at the bottom of 11 states when comparing what the state agency determined to be effective tax rates on gas from wells that begin production this year”

    Bob did get mentioned in the article as well: “Corbett’s primary opponent, Bob Guzzardi of Montgomery County, has said he is against any new taxes or fees, including targeted taxes on specific industries.”

    This is why Bob is considered a fool.

  4. A severance tax will hurt the economy – BS!!!
    Pa is the only gas producing state out of 17 that don’t have a severance tax .
    the tax on gasoline from a Repub gov and legislature is hurting working families a lot mor than a severance on Toms big contributors from the Gas industry —The Question was ask why Corbett let the Cyber crook get away— the same reason he let Sandusky molest little kids — he had 14 investigators on that DeWeese guy and one for a few weeks on his Penn State Comrade

  5. To bob guzzardi
    You had credible points before the primary. Many were in your corner which did require a blind spot toward your over the top support of the idiot corrupt democrat Kathleen Kane for AG. Your apology for Kane would be nice but not required. What is required is your support of the better candidate for Governor – the Republican. If you can’t do that then be silent. People who rooted for you some you helped elect will recognize you as toxic. You slide through with your Kane stunt until my reminder here. Stick with Wolf now and I doubt you will have one friend left. And remember putting lots through petition effort and making a dumb move on ethics filing – kindergartners could have followed the instructions on where you could have mailed the form mske some wonder if you deliberately tanked your candidacy. Be a man! And a Republican.

  6. Tom Corbett (and the Republican General Assembly) imposed the only tax/fee on Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania history. Even Ed Rendell did not impose taxes or fees on Marcellus Shale.

    Tom Corbett (and the Republican General Assembly) imposed the largest gas and fuel tax in Pennsylvania history and the largest tax increase in 22 years.

    Spending and Debt increased under Corbett and the Republican General Assembly just as they did under the Democrats.

    There is no real reason for The Forgotten Taxpayer, who pays for government, to vote Republican.

  7. A severance tax will severely hurt the economy. Once voters find out more about tax man tom wolf they will be moving towards corbett’s side.

  8. Corbett is more likely to cause a landslide due to poor oversight of industry mining.

  9. This poll is complete garbage. Governor Corbett is going to win a landslide.

  10. “RMU’s Polling Institute found that Corbett polled poorly across the board; respondents of different ages, marital statuses, and genders all had similar percentages of disapproval.”

    That’s pretty bad, even for Corbett.

    Even my FoxNews-Hannity worshiping cousin doesn’t like Corbett.

  11. if private sector job creation suffers, as Corbett FALSELY claims it will. 🙂

    If they want the gas, they will pay the same kinds of extraction taxes they pay in other states.

  12. For the Corbett Team, 2014 is looking a lot like 2006 or 1945. The Tom Corbett Team remains determined with their Bunker mentality and detachment from reality as they try to dupe unsuspecting GOP donors to pay for expensive commercials. 1945 was a very bad year for Joe Goebbells who spent much of his time in the Berlin bunker,the Victory Center, but even Joe could occasionally find some true believers to lead to victory! This video is for those self-deluded residents of Harrisburg:

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