PA-Gov: Corbett Still the One (Most Vulnerable Governor)

Tom-Corbett-upsetIt’s become almost a routine by now, although certainly one that Gov. Corbett does not enjoy.

With the end of another month, the Washington Post’s blog The Fix yet again released their list of the most vulnerable Governors in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

For the 10th straight month, the unfortunate honor went to Gov. Tom Corbett. They describe the race thusly:

1. Pennsylvania (R): The Democratic primary has become very interesting very quickly. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) is doubling down on her Obamacare vote in a way you won’t see in most other races. She still has ground to make up to catch businessman Tom Wolf (D), but close observers say it’s still possible. None of this changes the fact that Gov. Tom Corbett (R) remains the most vulnerable governor in the country. (Previous ranking: 1)

The Democratic candidates for Governor include former Department of Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, State Treasurer Rob McCord and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty. Businessman Bob Guzzardi is also running against the Governor in the Republican primary.

8 Responses

  1. You’re absolutely right about one thing Peggy. Come primary day, we’ll see if more Pennsylvanians agree with you or with me, I have a feeling more people will agree with me and Wolf will be our nominee. I think people are tired of typical, career politicians like McCord. But regardless, like you, I’ll support our eventual nominee.

  2. McCordLies must be a republican using a made up name. The Rob McCord I know is not arrogant, but is a nice person who takes the time to listen to what people have to say. I first met Rob when he was running for Treasurer. I find him to be an honest person who cares – that’s right McCordLies Rob McCord cares. Quit trying to pick fights between the Democrats, in the end we will support whoever the Democrats nominate.

  3. JB, I’m sure you’re a well intended individual. We just happen to disagree. No harm, no foul. I just believe Wolf, Schwartz and McGinty are better choices for Pennsylvania’s future. And yes, I believe Tom Wolf will be the nominee. I also believe he is our best chance to defeat Corbett in the fall. In my humble opinion Rob McCord doesn’t have the character or integrity to be an honest, transparent leader working hard on the behalf of Pennsylvanians. Like I said, we just disagree. I have facts to support my position and I’m sure you have reasons why you feel the way you do too.

  4. The hater posting under the name McCordlies calling someone else a hater? He had no jobs to outsource. He invested in companies that created 2000 PA jobs. Some of them needed IT services that India was set up to provide that were not readily available here. His mother was single from the time his alcoholic father left at age 4 until she remarried at 13.

    Wolf might be a weaker general opponent than Schwartz at this point. How many PA jobs has he killed since taking over? Where is the lumber business Adam Wolf started so many generations ago? Who makes the cabinets if not Wolf employees and where are they made?

    As far as I can see there is one person taking liberties with the truth in this race.

    Hell he has interns plagiarize his vision from the internet.

    Great governor material. Maybe we can have Rendell calling the shots again.

  5. If any is working for a campaign, my guess is JB works for McCord. Let’s see, hmm.. what could JB stand for? Well, if he/she is working for McCord it’s probably…

  6. Don’t hate. I don’t work for any campaign. I’d be happy if Wolf, Schwartz or McGinty win the primary.

    A.B.M. – Anybody But McCord

    Let’s see…
    1) He’s a liar (just ask his stepbrother)
    2) He’s outsourced jobs, in fact he sourced PA jobs to India (just check his record in the private sector)
    3) He’s arrogant (just ask anyone who meets him)
    4) Did I mention he’s a liar?
    5) He was just elected again in 2012 as State Treasurer and instead of doing the job taxpayers elected him to do, he’s spent all of 2013 and 2014 seeking a promotion.
    6) He’ll say anything to get a vote (for example when he lied about the whole “being raised by a single Mom thing”)
    … I could go on and on.

  7. It always brings a smile to my face to see you bring his name up continually proving that the Wolf campaign knows who they should be afraid of.

    I am enjoying watching the Wolfpack run a prevent defense and getting picked apart for their total lack of experience, character, and substance. Let’s borrow money and put boring, non threatening ads on. Then we win. Great plan.

    But but but he is the nominee….why are you other people trying!?

  8. 🙂
    It always puts a smile on my face to know that Rob McCord is still so irrelevant he’s never even mentioned in these articles!

    Pennsylvanian’s aren’t stupid. They see McCord for what he is. A typical arrogant, self-absorbed, two faced politician!

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