PA-Gov: Corbett Ties Wolf to Rendell, Obama in New Ad (VIDEO)

This morning, we found out that the Corbett-Cawley campaign is 25 points behind their opponent. A few hours later, their toughest attack ad yet was released. This is probably not a coincidence.

The new commercial, titled “Threepeat”, seeks to associate Tom Wolf with former Governor Ed Rendell and President Obama.

“We already know that Tom Wolf was Ed Rendell’s tax-collecting hatchet man,” the man in the spot says. “Millionaire Wolf is also a maxed-out donor to Obama.”

The ad then proceeds to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Wolf, accusing him of wanting to take away patients rights to see their doctors, supporting a “radical” gun-control agenda and waging a “war” on coal.

“Tom Wolf,” the man concludes “voting for him is like voting to give Obama and Rendell a third term.”

It’s unclear how effective this ad will be because it depends in large part on scaring voters away by pointing out Wolf’s ties to Pres. Obama and former Gov. Rendell. No recent polls have been taken that indicate what Rendell’s approval in PA is, although the President’s stands at a low 34% (yet Gov. Corbett stands even lower at 24%).

Moreover, even if Obama and Rendell are less than universally beloved by PA voters, those voters still voted to give both candidates first and second terms. Therefore, the threat that Wolf would represent a “third term” may not have the resonance the Corbett campaign hopes it will.

Of course, it is also possible that this ad is meant to rally Republican voters behind the Governor. The recent F&M poll found Corbett is only supported by 48% of Republican voters. At this stage of the game, though, he should already have his base in the bag and be shifting his focus to independent voters. Whether this ad works on them will be the ultimate test of its effectiveness.

Update: Wolf campaign Press Secretary Jeffrey Sheridan issued the following response to PoliticsPA:

“The latest attack ad is just more desperation from Tom Corbett and more of the same discredited lies.

“Tom Wolf is a successful businessman from York County who supports the second amendment. Tom knows that coal is a vital part of Pennsylvania’s energy portfolio and a thriving energy sector future will lead to a stronger economy in Pennsylvania and create jobs. Tom’s plan for the state will also give middle-class families a tax cut for the first time in over 22 years and level the playing field for Pennsylvania families.”

“False ads cannot make up for four years of failed policies including $1 billion in education cuts, stagnant job growth, and a multitude of ethics scandals. It’s clear that Pennsylvania needs a fresh start.”

13 Responses

  1. Mr. Wolfe saved the cabinet making business he sold at a healthy profit (the fruits of his capital investment ) just before the housing collapse ,then he bought it back at a huge discount with state supported loans , which because of the collapse of our housing industry eliminated many competitors accordingly , and people criticized Romney at Bane Capital, Mr.Wolfe is a smart capitalist and “saved ” jobs in a collapsing business , catching it at the bottom cycle , after alot of jobs were eliminated in the industry. So, why is Romney a bum and Wolfe a savior? School funding cuts by Corbett , really ? How did all that Obama money ,spent by Rendell , solve one school issue? No more Obama money is now a “funding cut” ..per Mr. Wolfe. We have our USA companies leaving to go offshore because of…taxes. When they leave so do most of the jobs. Any better plan then to put in a new tax against the one solid growth business in Pa ? Our Educators know that oil and gas drilling in Pa is the OLDEST in the World! How about Gulf OIL and where it WAS headquartered? Maybe Pennzoil and Quaker State? so for 135 years Pa did not have a severance tax ..and now WE NEED IT? Balderdash…give me the real jobs and paychecks coming with the manufacturing “spinoffs” due to the o/g industry resurgence.., I am confident our Pa DEP can do what is right for all of our environmental issues and concerns associated…plus the “new tax revenue source” and its collection is “built in” with the new ,high paying jobs… via the wage tax , both State and local , and that is the very best “new revenue ” source because those are real jobs , not Federal subsidy jobs that are dust in the wind .

  2. “Gun Control” I’m still trying to figure
    out how a protection permit issued
    by your County Sheriff after a background
    check is not a valid photo ID to vote ??
    ALEC wrote the voter ID law and
    the Republican law makers forced it
    on Pennsylvania… reason why it
    didn’t cut mustered in Pennsylvania !

  3. Coal brings inexpensive energy to the poor and lowers prices of everything everwhere. Shifting electricity to gas is what caused the spike in prices for everyone this past winter. If you hate coal, you also hate the poor!

  4. Pretty pathetic ad but desperate times call for desperate measures. And coal? Really? Coal is an 19th century solution to a 21st century problem. But then all Tom Corbett and the GOP know how to do is look back longingly to a time when their world view wasn’t antiquated and all but forgotten.

  5. Coal jobs? Obamacare – that Corbett just got approved by the Feds? Surprised they didn’t accuse Wolf of supporting the Red Menace.
    In Corbett’s defense, perhaps they tried to save some money by using an ad from 1956. And at least this actor didn’t come across as repellantly snide as the last couple of women have (seriously, how difficult is it to find a woman lacking backpfeifengesicht?)

  6. Nigga! Nigga! On the loose! Corbett sure does love the white folk! Desperation! Unleashing Rob Gleason! Playing the race card!


  8. “Voting for Tom Corbett is like voting to give Tom Corbett a 2nd term.”-Ron T

    LOL !

    Both Rendell and Obama are better alternatives than this reverse Robin Hood.

    Hey…. ask the real Ron T if he is going to need a criminal lawyer or a “criminal lawyer”, like Saul?

  9. Not impressive…each ad from Corbett seems more desperate than the previous one. The fact checkers will also have a ball with this one…gun control actually test pretty well in this state…even Senator Toomey supports gun control… the healthcare law is also working pretty well-premiums are decreasing and care is improving and healthcare coverage is more affordable…Corbett can’t run on his record because it sucks and his agenda is even worse.

  10. A third term for Obama/Rendell would be a HUGE improvement for PA over Corbett.

    Wolf should run his own ads saying that his first term would be a like a third Rendell term.

    I bet if you ran a poll among voters: What would you rather have? 3rd Rendell term or 2nd Corbett term? that Rendell would win that poll in a landslide.

    I think Corbett’s only shot at this point would be to legally change his name to Rendell.

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