PA-Gov: Corbett to Hit Airwaves Starting Friday (WATCH)

corbett adGovernor Tom Corbett’s re-election campaign is going up with a big ad buy set to start this Friday.

The Corbett-Cawley campaign has bought just under $280,000 worth of TV ad time on broadcast and cable stations.

A chart detailing the breakdown of the buy is included below:



Flight Dates


Total Spending











Wilkes Barre/Scranton






Philadelphia Cable





As you can see above, most of the money is being spent on ads in central and western PA which should be the Governor’s strongest areas as he began his career in Allegheny County.

Appropriately, the least amount of money is being spent in Philadelphia, by far the most Democratic city in the state. That buy is also focused exclusively on the Fox News channel.

The ad focuses on job growth, while sticking to the campaign theme of “Promises Kept.”

“Since I took office, we’ve added 150,000 private sector jobs, and continuing to grow,” Corbett tells a man in a hardware store. “I think that’s what the people of Pennsylvania want and that’s what they’re getting.”

6 Responses

  1. Yeah, Corbett loses – not necessarily in a landslide, but solidly. And to Tom Wolf, not McCord.

  2. Fog-
    Best guess: Corbett loses in a landslide.

    His “timely” budgets gutted education. Marcus Shale has been a huge corporate giveaway program.

    Corbett will outclassed in intelligence as well as personality.

  3. The Corbett vs McCord race has begun in earnest. Each side will battle for hearts and minds. Facts will matter. But a stellar ground offensive coupled with a first class air offensive will determine the winner.

    McCord will turn on the charm and the great personal along with somewhat of a solid record as Treasurer. Corbett will drive home timely budgets, job growth through international trade progess and Marcellus Shale.

    Corbett will be outclassed in the personality department. Charisma is not his strong suit. But he has a secret weapon….Mrs. Corbett.
    That and some national Republicans the average Pennsylvanian can live with seeing a lot…

    McCord will get big national backing when he gets through primary. Could win in a walk if team is cohesive and electorate stays hostile to Corbett.

    Best Guess?? Corbett wins in a squeaker.

  4. Is the victory of the people by Scott Wagner, and the candidacy of Bob Guzzardi giving the Tom Corbett a bad case of adult incontinence? PAGOP Consulting Class: This one’s for you-

  5. I smell fear in the air of the Consulting Class of the Tom Corbett and Acting Governor John Brabender team. PA Senator Elect Scott Wagner won a victory for the people. Will the Edmund Burke of PA, Bob Guzzardi have a simliar fate as Guzzardi meets his date with destiny? Or will the Bakers and Nutts try to drive the last hope of the forgotten taxpayer off the ballot? I smell the fear. I see the shiny Jackboots of Corbett and his Consulting Class puppet masters.

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