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PA Gov: Debate set for Oct 1; Moderated by ‘Jeopardy!’ host Alex Trebek

This is…..the first confirmed debate.

On Oct 1, incumbent Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will go head to head with GOP challenger Scott Wagner at a debate moderated by ‘Jeopardy!’ host Alex Trebek in Hershey, PA.

The debate, hosted by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, will be 45 minutes long starting at 8:15 pm.

In addition to moderating the debate, Trebek will be present as the keynote speaker for the 34th annual dinner hosted by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

The Wagner campaign has previously pushed for 67 debates, which the Wolf campaign deemed to be a “political gimmick”, was happy to take a shot at the Wolf campaign for accepting this invitation.


In June, Wagner’s campaign stated that they have planned to attend 11 schedule debates across the state.

Most polls show Wolf holding a double digit lead over Wagner, but a poll released yesterday from the conservative group, Commonwealth Leaders Fund, had the GOP challenger trailing by less than three points to the Democratic incumbent. Wagner boasted about the CLF poll released yesterday, while the Wolf campaign dubbed it to be a “fake poll”. 

24 Responses

  1. Answer: These two parties are so afraid that their obsolete ideas and candidates will be embarrassed that they never invite the other balloted candidates to debates.

    Question: Who are the Demopublican Republicrats?

    Alex: Correct!

    1. For example, here are two questions Reuters just released this morning

      Question 1 – Medicare for All
      Democrats: 85% Support
      Republicans: 52% Support
      All Americans: 70% Support

      Question 2 – Free College Tuition
      Democrats: 79% Support
      Republicans: 42% Support
      All Americans: 60% Support

      I’d bet both lame assed Demopublican Republicrats trip all over each other talking about the importance of education and “access to affordable healthcare” (whatever in the heck that means in a nation where we pay $500 or more per person for an $8k deduct plan that covers next to nothing.

      But – absent any pesky Greens or Libertarians to substantively address the issues – neither will touch this in a meaningful way.

  2. I’m glad to see a debate between the only candidates who have a chance of being elected. Don’t waste my time showing candidates who have no chance of winning.

  3. Paul Glover, Ken Krawchuk, their teams, and their supporters talked to thousands of people who wanted to see them appear on the ballot and signed nomination papers. What about their voices? Why aren’t candidates who WILL appear on the ballot not included? This is a blatant form of systemic voter suppression and we must protest this debate until ALL candidates are included.

  4. There are four, count ’em – 1,2,3,4 – and you owe it to the voters to include ALL of them.

  5. Please include 3rd party candidates in these polls. As Americans we love having choices and the biggest place we need other choices is at the voting booth! Both the Libertarian and Green parties have candidates thst should be included. Thanks.

  6. Ken Krawchuk the Libertarian Party candidate made it on the ballot as option another option for voters. Hard to get votes without being included in the debates. More voices are needed in the political arena or nothing changes with the status quo. Please invite him to the debate.

  7. There are more than two parties in this race, stop ignoring the 3rd party candidates and include Ken Krawchuck in the debate.

  8. Neither Wolf nor Wagner has offered anything I feel is worthy of my vote. I would be very interested in seeing the other candidates included in these debates.

    It would be nice if they included Krawchuck and Glover.

    1. You and your noble values are free to go to a campaign event for Krawchuck and Glover. Us adults who live in the real world will watch a debate between one of the two men who will actually be governor.

  9. Answers in the form of questions:

    Alex: Gay Marriage
    Wagner: What is something I want to ban?

    “At a town-hall meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Monday, Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner said he would consider a bill that would make gay marriage illegal in the state.” Then, after blow-back, his spokesperson claimed he was “caught off guard” and said he would support same sex marriage.

    Note: “caught off guard” translates to “accidentally said what he really thinks”

  10. There are more that two candidates, you know. Would it be more interesting with the Greens and Libertarians included? They did the work required to be ON the ballot. Now you need to have them ON the stage!

  11. Be nice if Ken Krawchuk, Libertarian for Pennsylvania Governor was invited to these debates as he too is on the ballot.

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