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PA-Gov: Dem Candidates “Unite” For Breakfast

Unity Breakfast
– Chris Brennan

Well primary season is over, which means it’s time for the party to rally being their nominee and pretend that all the attacks over the last few months never happened. To borrow a phrase, it truly is a tradition unlike any other.

All four Democratic gubernatorial candidates met for breakfast this morning at the Oregon dinner in South Philadelphia.

The candidates were fulfilling a promise that Congressman Bob Brady extracted from them at their last debate, that they would all hold a “unity breakfast” together after it was all said and done.

Appropriately, Rep. Brady joined them as did former Governor Ed Rendell, Senator Bob Casey, and PA Democratic Party Chair Jim Burn.

For those interested in such things, Brady and Burn bracketed the group by sitting on both ends. Rendell, Wolf and Schwartz sat on one side while McCord, Casey and McGinty sat on the other.

The participants allowed photographers to snap pictures but questions were not permitted.

According to Chris Brennan of the Philadelphia Daily News, Rendell insisted that no one would take questions but did concede that this event was “a good first step” after the primary. Brennan also reported that McCord arrived fifteen minutes late.

The PA GOP, as you might imagine, isn’t buying the kumbaya moment.

“The Democrats need to realize that all of the staged photos opportunities in the world won’t change the fact that a lot of unanswered questions remain about Tom Wolf,” Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “Did anything in particular change Allyson Schwartz and Rob McCord’s strong opinions about Tom Wolf, or are they just appeasing the Democrat Party bosses? Pennsylvanians can see through this weak attempt by Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party bosses to pretend that their Party is anything but fractured.”

16 Responses

  1. Union Support was split on different Candidates in the Primary– But they will be out in full force to send Tom “Sandusky ” Corbett on his way out in Nov. Take it to the Bank !!!!

  2. Wonder if Rob had his SOUR MILK ??
    Because he sure got his eggs SCRAMBLED on Tuesday, A bigger Ass Whooping has rarely been seen. I guess all of that union support was just on paper, cause they sure as hell didn’t come out to vote for him.

  3. Gotta love the Oregon Diner!
    It’s nice to see PA Dems getting together to support their candidate.

  4. KSJW-

    You know full well that if Wolf had gotten less than 50% of the Dem total, Corbett would be saying Wolf is not supported by a majority of Dems.

    I was being sarcastic about their ridiculous “questions” about Wolf and tossing the ball back to their court.

  5. I bet McCord picked up the check since sharing the burden is something the liberal unions would want. In the picture, it does not look as if McCord and Rendell are speaking. Do you think he picked up the Gov’s check too?

  6. The real interesting statistic in the Republican vote tallies hasn’t been mentioned; Corbett’s Undervote. Quite Succinctly, the Republican voters who voted on Tuesday, and didn’t vote for their Governor.

  7. Putting on the public display of unity is the right move, but personally I hope Tom Wolf never returns a phone call from McCord ever again. Wolf is without question more humble and respectful than I’d be, I’d spit in McCord’s face!

  8. @DD, unless Republicans have some bizarre fascination with filling in bubble sheets, there really wasn’t any reason to waste one’s time going to the polling place unless there was a contested down ballot race.

  9. Did anyone get takeout? Did Bob Brady get that as well?

    Who ordered the most expensive meal?

  10. David, while I am a Wolf supporter I think the one major reason to explain why Wolf got more votes than Corbett is because more democrats came out to vote. There was no hot ticket race on the Republican side like the Dems had and there really weren’t that many contested republican primaries for congress or state legislature ether. As for why Crawley got more votes than Corbett well that’s a question they will have to answer.

  11. Does he make a reach for the bill?

    How about the tipping situation?

  12. Being from NWPA, it’s disheartening that every single Democratic get-together feels it’s *ALWAYS* in Philadelphia.

  13. In answer to the question the GOP pretends to care about “Did anything in particular change Allyson Schwartz and Rob McCord’s strong opinions about Tom Wolf, or are they just appeasing the Democrat Party bosses?”

    The answer is: Schwartz and McCord never held the opinions they espoused against Wolf. They were just being completely full of crap, and the voters called them on it.

    Mystery solved !

    So, now the voters can see through the GOP’s weak attempt to pretend that anyone believed that McCord and Schwartz were the slightest bit sincere in their criticisms of Wolf.

    Can the PA GOP explain:
    1) Why Lt Gov Cawley got MORE votes than Corbett?

    2) Why Wolf got more votes than Corbett, despite Wolf being in a 4 way race and Corbett unchallenged?

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