PA-Gov: Democracy for America Endorses Wolf

Tom-WolfDemocracy for America, a Democratic PAC that uses grassroots campaigning tactics and considers itself “people-powered,” endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf today via press release.

An email from Chairman Jim Dean to each of the DFA’s more than one million members, included in the release, opened with harsh criticism of Wolf’s incumbent opponent.

“In 2010 the Tea Party took over Pennsylvania, led by the election of Tom Corbett as governor,” he said. “The results have been devastating. Now it’s time to take Pennsylvania back.”

The email goes on to compare Corbett’s past actions – including his refusal to expand Medicaid – with Wolf’s intentions once in office.

“No wonder Pennsylvanians are ready to fire Corbett,” Dean claimed. “He has some of the lowest approval ratings in the country. Yet Corbett will likely have millions of dollars pouring in from right-wing extremists to help him hold his seat. It’s time we fought back.”

This is followed by a link to donate to Wolf’s campaign, asking for $3 from anyone willing.

The email also repeatedly references the Tea Party, despite Gov. Corbett’s not particularly conspicuous membership, perhaps attempting to contextualize him within the group’s often negative reputation among Democrats.

According to Democracy for America, the endorsement will bring to Wolf’s campaign “a surge of individual contributions and volunteer commitments from grassroots progressives in Pennsylvania and throughout the country.”

6 Responses

  1. John wolfe is a good candidate but guevoenor cobitt been guv for 4 yrs and the way it works in penna is that repubs get 8 yrs and then the democs get 8 yrs.

  2. My apologies for any errors in grammar as I am using voice dictation and the recognition software often and screws up the typing.

  3. First of all, you people need to take a basic course in Pennsylvania constitutional law. The governor, being the executive branch cannot increase or decrease spending on any program or appropriation that is set forth by the legislature. In addition, there has been no reduction in education spending in this state ever. We are ranked 10th and spending overall in the country and our performance ranks middle to bottom. The education cuts that people are talking about are the result of the loss of a billion dollars in federal stimulus money that went away after the stimulus and it. Yet here we are spending more money on education than we did when we had the stimulus. if you want to see where the money has gone, just look at the state pension funds valued at 63 billion dollars, that the educators are enrolled in. Sadly our public education system has become nothing more than a giant wealth redistribution scheme using the children as pawns in this sick game. I am thinking it is high time to hold the educrats accountable for the money they are spending now before dumping one more dollar down that black hole.

  4. From the first time man created a society, leadership was needed. Mutual support was a goal (government of the people, by the people, FOR the PEOPLE). The fracking companies put aside money for PA taxes. But Corbett didn’t take it! He took money from education and health care!?!?!? And we’re still in debt.

  5. I am voting for Corbett because I get to keepy money. If I want to give to the needy then I want to choose where I give it and not be forced.

  6. We live in a constitutional republic not a democracy, under little ‘r’ republican firm of government. Democracy is rule by thuggery. How appropriate for the Democrats in this state.

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