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PA-Gov: FreshStartPA Releases First Ad (VIDEO)


Well, FreshStartPA is getting into the ad game.

The PAC, created by Wolf after his battle with the State Democratic Committee, released their first ad, a thirty-second video that hammers the Governor over his record. The organization has not made clear whether or not this commercial will air on TV.

“It’s a shame what Tom Corbett has done to Pennsylvania,” the spot begins. “Huge deficits, while he’s given tax breaks to big corporations. He’s let oil and gas companies off the hook.”

The video goes on to hit Corbett on the lack of an extraction tax and $1 billion in cuts to education. It also claims Pennsylvania ranks 49th in job creation (although no citation is given in the video to back up that statement).

“Tom Corbett, why would we give him four more years,” it concludes.

“For more than three years, Tom Corbett has failed to offer real solutions to fund our schools and fix the state’s stagnant economy,” said Katie McGinty, the chair of Fresh Start, in a written statement accompanying the video. “After cutting $1 billion from education, school districts across the state were forced to raise property taxes, and to make matters worse, we have fallen to 49th in job creation.

“Corbett’s cuts also led to thousands of teachers being forced out of the classroom and increased class sizes,” she finished. “Tom Corbett’s failed leadership has crippled our public schools and placed an unfair burden on middle-class families.”

Update: Corbett-Cawley Communications Director Chris Pack released the following response:

“It’s funny just how easily millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf is willing to abandon his supposed principles and morals in his race for Governor. Just two short months ago, Secretary Wolf said he wouldn’t run negative ads because it’s not who he was. You’ve got to hand it to Secretary Tom Wolf for selling out his personal principles more quickly than he agreed to sell out taxpayers on behalf of public sector unions who have pumped $1.13 million dollars into his campaign coffers to get him to keep quiet on pension reform that would lower our property taxes.”

Update 2: PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney gave the following statement:

“Another day, another shadowy, special interest group doing the talking for Tom Wolf. Tom Wolf can use his fake Democrat Party to release as many misleading ads as he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has yet to come clean on the questions surrounding his campaign. Tom Wolf definitely has the special interest support but without answers to critical issues like budget, pensions and his company’s finances, Pennsylvanians still have too many questions about him.” 

11 Responses

  1. Matt-
    Try a credible source next time. The Commonwealth foundation is a crank right-wing website whose goals are to reduce taxes for the rich (below what is sustainable revenue for the state), promote cyber schools and other for-profit boondoggles, and to break unions.

    It’s all about making the rich richer and not caring about the poor and working class, while spouting the same “free-market” nonsense that crashed the economy.

  2. Julian –

    Corbett has giving out tax breaks to businesses that have cut state revenue. That’s revenue that could have been used for education.

    Also, Corbett has refused to consider an extraction tax on shale oil/gas. More revenue that could be used to fund education and other needs. We are barely taxing this resource. We can have both impact fees and extraction fees. It’s not like they export the drilling to a different state. The oil/gas they want is here.

    So, under Corbett we’ve fallen further behind in paying/funding our obligations, because Corbett doesn’t want to offend his deep-pocketed puppet-masters.

  3. davis daino your wrong again. guveneor corbitt aint gonna drag nobody down nowhere and hes gonna actualy help rest of the ticket by wining a land slide too a relecton on voting night.

  4. So far we’ve been given nothing from Wolf about what he would do with the budget, he doesn’t admit there’s a pension problem. And this ad? Ok I get it. The low information voter is never going to figure out that:

    A.) No, we don’t have a severance tax. We have an impact fee, which is more advantageous to local communities.

    And B.) The “Corbett Education cuts” is a made up sham. The $1 Billion cut in education was because Federal stimulus dollars expired as Corbett came into office, and he was unable to magically make another billion appear.

    I guess Mr. Wolf is banking on the fact that there are many more low-information voters than there are thinkers and checkers. That’s his entire platform at this juncture. A bunch of flat out lies, made up “sensationalism,” and…well, I guess that’s about it. Haven’t seen him make an intelligent argument yet. But then the low-information voter doesn’t require that. They get lied to all the time, and they’re just happy not to have to be involved. Wait til it hurts them. Gonna be laughing. LIKE A BOSS.

  5. So, we have a response from “out of his job in four months” Chris Pack, who really needs to learn to read.
    The link refers to Wolf not running negative ads in the primary. But, regarding the General..
    “Still, Wolf wouldn’t promise that he won’t run any negative ads if he wraps up the Democratic nomination.”

    1) running negative ads in a primary (which can hurt your party), is different than running them in a general election.
    2) These were the same criticisms of Corbett that every Dem candidate made, and the reason voters don’t like Corbett in the first place.
    3) This ad is by Fresh Start, not Wolf for Governor.
    4) Corbett is extremely unpopular, so just REMINDING voters that Corbett is still Gov is tantamount to a negative ad.

    So, my advice to Mr. Pack is to spend the rest of the summer taking a remedial reading class at local community college, and working on his resume.

    As for Ms. Sweeney… she talks about “shadowy, special interest” groups. Clearly, she hasn’t seen Corbett’s nor the PA GOP’s campaign finance reports.

    And what is “his fake Democrat Party”? Fresh Start is a PAC that will supplement the Wolf campaign, the PA State Democratic Party in electing not only Wolf, but as many state house/senate candidates as possible.

    “Tom Wolf definitely has the special interest support”. Well, in this case, if you read the polls, his support is from that VERY special group: The Voters.
    This is all the support he really needs.

    Some advice for Ms. Sweeney….
    Stop wasting your time on the Gov race and trying to polish a turd. There is nothing you or anyone can say or do that is going to save Corbett. You should be using your position to help the other members of the GOP ticket who are going to be dragged down by Corbett (and who are ticked off at him about the budget). You should be working on the overall PA GOP message. Here a few suggestions:

    “Don’t blame us because Corbett sucks”

    “We are looking forward to working with Governor Wolf”

    “Hey, what’s that?” (point and run away)

  6. Wow. If Chris Pack thinks that THIS is a negative ad, he clearly hasn’t watched some of Corbett’s own. Negative advertising isn’t when you hit somebody’s record, which this does. It’s when you call him ugly and accuse him of sleeping with his ugly sister. As for Megan Sweeney, what is she even talking about? Shadowy group? Oooohhhhaaaaa! I will give Corbett one thing. Nothing “shadowy” about the groups that support him. That money trail is really easy to follow.

  7. Dee miller is wright. guvenor corbitt aint never dodged no draft and he fought in the Koream and gulf wars admireably and with dignity and maybe john wolfe did serve in a war too but aint nomobody know bout his war reckord yet but maybe wolfe also is war hero too.

  8. Say whatever you want about Tom Corbett but at least he’s not a draft dodger

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