PA-Gov: GOP Flier Features Wolf with Kermit Gosnell

PAGOP-logoThe Pennsylvania Republican Party is attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf over his stance on abortion rights.

In the latest attack, the Pennsylvania Republican Party sent out a flier with Tom Wolf on it, along with Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell was the Philadelphia doctor found guilty of first degree murder in the death of three infants, which occurred during late-term abortion procedures in a West Philadelphia clinic. He was later sentenced to life in prison.

The flier features the images of Wolf and Gosnell, as well as the words “house of horrors”, which became a well-known phrase in reference to Gosnell’s actions. The flier also asks “will pro-abortion Tom Wolf take us back?”

“This type of politics has no place in Pennsylvania,” said Beth Melena, spokeswoman to Tom Wolf. “The people of this commonwealth deserve a leader who will elevate the conversation about how to get Pennsylvania moving again rather than resorting to unfounded scare tactics.”

Megan Sweeney, a GOP spokeswoman, did not say where or how many fliers were mailed.

Governor Corbett opposes abortion, and signed into law new abortion restrictions in 2011. The law places Pennsylvania abortion clinics under the same standards as surgical centers. The new restrictions on abortion were imposed in response to the events at the clinic where Gosnell worked.

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  1. I don’t thinks its that outrageous. Abortion is a legitimate state issue. Any way why doesn’t Wolf run off some flyers with Corbett and his BFF Jerry Sandusky.

  2. He has to win back his base to have any chance to win. Simple as that. Pro-Life voters are motivated voters if you motivate them on their issue. This is politics 101. Despicable, but basic, when your base is not motivated and you are down in the polls.

  3. Politics always tends to get dirty; even in election years where the issues are about as interesting as jello. Corbett has two things going for him; Wolf and Corbett is an incumbent.

  4. While that got some fascinating responses. Of course in real life both Chris Christie and Mark Schweiker are pro-life, and the Health Department “failures,” which were really a policy decision not to touch abortion clinics on political grounds was a decision made under Ridge and maintained by Rendell–but the most specious claim the suggestion that feminist groups had anything to do with complaining about Gosnell.

  5. guevnor corbit aint nev er done nothing to help aborshun clinics and dat is a good thing cuz they ain’t good things to have and corbit always want to pertect babies and he always say he is pro life in all cases no matter whatever,

  6. REALLY? Because it was Corbett’s PA Dept. of Health officials that neglected to investigate Gosnell’s clinic after being reported by feminist groups AND medical professionals.

  7. The word desperate doesn’t even begin to describe how Corbett and the PA GOP are acting now. So sad to be laughing so hard at a major political party. I guess Corbett and PA GOP also think all pro-choice Republicans are just like Gosnell too. So Tom Ridge is just like Gosnell? Ridge is pro-choice and endorsed Corbett. Chris Christie is just like Gosnell? Christie is pro-choice, endorsed Corbett and threw away $4 million on him. Mark Schweiker is just like Gosnell? Schweiker is pro-choice and endorsed Corbett too. Ooooooops!

  8. Playing two cards at once–the abortion and the race card. What is the base that this appeals to?

  9. Corbett is not only despicable but has sunk to a new low, even for him. Much like his many earlier comments regarding women this ad shows the degree to which Corbett disrespects them, as he also does Tom Wolf and the political process. Is this an acceptable way to campaign for the very serious job of Governor? Would any of us want to employ someone who trots such garbage in his interview? As Corbett is doing? I think not.

  10. Wow. Given that Gosnell is what you get WITH restrictive policies on abortion, this is pretty gross AND backwards.

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