PA-Gov: GOP Releases Web Ad Attacking Wolf’s Lack of Vision (VIDEO)

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania released a web ad today entitled “Tom Wolf’s False Start” that claims Wolf lacks real planning on tough issues such as energy policy, the budget, and pension reform.

The video opens with a clip from one of Wolf’s own ads of him saying, “I’m Tom Wolf, and I have a plan,” followed by a large red “FALSE” stamp slamming down over his face. The clip from Wolf’s commercial is repeated under the labels “Energy Policy,” “Pensions,” and “Budget,” with the red stamp changing to either “PLAGIARIZED” or “NO PLAN.”

The red stamps are accompanied by clips from various news sources about Wolf’s energy plan, which contained language plagiarized from an energy equipment distributor, and his supposed inability to respond to media questioning with examples on how he would act on the budget and pension reform.

In a press release accompanying the new ad, Rob Gleason, Chairman of the PA GOP, focused on examples of Wolf’s avoidance tactics. “Tom Wolf has spent months avoiding the media’s questions on his policies,” he said. “Whether it’s denying Pennsylvania’s $47 billion pension crisis, refusing to provide his own budget plan, or publishing plagiarized documents posing as his energy policy, we just can’t trust Tom Wolf to lead Pennsylvania.”

Gleason goes on to promote Gov. Corbett as just the opposite of Wolf, having tackled the issues that Wolf has been unable to address. “[He] has spent four years addressing Pennsylvania’s biggest issues head-on,” he stated. “Over the course of the past four years, Governor Corbett has created 184,000 private sector jobs and invested more state funds in our classrooms than ever before. Now, he’s working to fix our state’s broken pension system.”

The statement closes with a deep jab at Wolf’s intentions from Gleason. “Tom Wolf is more concerned about winning an election than leading Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s (sic) simply cannot afford him.”

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  1. Chris Martinez: Like someone else already said, people would pay more attention to what you write if you write in proper English. If you know Spanish better than English write in Spanish, but write proper Spanish.

    Now to the real point. Just because the Governor’s office has alternated between Democratic and Republican every 8 years since 1947 (actually 67 years, not 50) does not mean that will always happen. It is not in the constitution or a state law that the governor’s office has to change party every 8 years.

    How unpopular is Tom Corbett? In the primary election this May 26,850 more Republicans voted for Jim Cawley, the Lt. Governor, than voted for Governor Tom Corbett.

    Some people said there would never be a Democratic Attorney General in Pennsylvania after the office became an elected position. In 2012 Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, won the Attorney General race by the largest margin in the history of the Commonwealth.

  2. Scott: I thought the Republicans feel business leaders are the most qualified to lead a government. That was the rational for picking Romney to run for President. If, ” Running a business and running an economy are two very different things, let alone running a state” how much more true is it when it comes to running a country?

    Scott, are you saying only prosecutors are qualified to serve as Governor of the Commonwealth? The last 3 Republicans elected Governor in the state were federal, state, or local prosecutors: Corbett, Ridge, and Thornburgh.

  3. While not elegantly done the commercial does get a good point across. Why is Tom Wolf fit to lead PA? People dislike Corbett but ignore who they would be voting in to office if not him. Wolf is a shady business and not a political leader. Running a business and running an economy are two very different things, let alone running a state.

  4. Can’t wait for this race to be over- so Republicans can stop pretending we like Tom Corbett and will hopefully realize just how worthless Rob Gleason is.

  5. LOL at Peggy. That might be the first time PoliticsPA has ever been accused of slanting toward Republicans.

  6. lary I aint know what you meen there aint no shtick. I aint shore who ill vote for in the guevenors race. but I say I point out the way it works in penna is rebubs. are guv for 8 yrs and than democ. are guv for 8 yrs. that the way it bean for 50 yrs.

  7. habla I aint stoopid and I aint been needing no hi school in a many yrs. I graduaded from hi school long time ago and no a lot about polatics and have the write to post hear jest like everbuddy else have that write to post

  8. Hablo, Chris Martinez is just some dude’s unfunny shtick. It changed directions to be pro-Corbett after the primary.

  9. @ Chris Martinez

    Learn how to speak and write English before you post on public forums. You sound uneducated otherwise.

  10. Guessing all the GOP will do is lie and distort since it has NOTHING to run on in this Election Cycle in PA? Again, another GOP ad and no substance.

  11. Happy Valley you asked why there was not a response from Wolf – look at the Political ads on this page. They are all Republicans – enough said.

  12. john wolfe is a good person but guvenore corbitt been doin the job for a lot of yrs alredy and the way it works in penna is guvs get the job for 2 terms and then the other parties get to have a guv for 2 terms,

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