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PA-Gov: Governing Magazine Shifts Race from Lean to Likely Democratic

Tom-Corbett-upsetGoverning Magazine is out with their latest ranking of the nation’s gubernatorial races and they contain bad news for Tom Corbett.

They are moving Pennsylvania from the “Lean Democratic” category to the “Likely Democratic” category.

The PA gubernatorial race is the only one they have favored to move from Republican to Democratic hands and one of only two seats likely to switch parties (Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn from Illinois had his race categorized as “Lean Republican”).

“This race only continues to slip away from Corbett — not least because businessman and former state revenue commissioner Tom Wolf easily won the Democratic primary and has kept building his lead over Corbett,” writes Louis Jacobson.

Jacobson mentions the recent RMU poll as a factor in their decision but also points out the more serious underlying issues affecting the Governor’s effort at re-election.

“Subsequent polls showed a narrower gap, but it will be hard for Corbett to fundamentally reinvent himself at this late date; he and his record are simply too well known,” he writes. It didn’t help that the GOP-controlled Legislature didn’t go out of its way to push along his agenda.”

Despite the fact that the Republicans are favored to have a good overall election result, Jacobson feels Gov. Corbett’s campaign is in serious trouble.

“While Democrats face a challenge keeping turnout high in a midterm election, it would take a near-miracle at this point for Corbett to win,” he concludes.

5 Responses

  1. It not like everyone didn’t know this was coming 18 months ago. Those people making their living at Corbett’s trough for short term personal gain let loose the smoke screen and blocked all dissension making it impossible for the GOP to come up with a replacement candidate. It is incomprehensible to repeat the Santorum debacle. The only explanation is the greed and thirst for power in the moment of a few to allow the party to implode forever.

  2. all the newest poles are showin that goevnor corbitt is gonna win in a land slide the way it works in penna is each partie gets to be guvn for 2 terms or 8 yrs than the guy from other partie gets to be guv for same amt of times.,

  3. “While Democrats face a challenge keeping turnout high in a midterm election, it would take a near-miracle at this point for Corbett to win,” he concludes.”-GM

    I’ll be praying to God to oppose this miracle.

    The complaint I hear most about Wolf is that he will not say he won’t raise taxes. At least Wolf has not lied about this like our current Governor and former “read my lips”.

    Corpbutt is a coward. He cut budgets and knew, then expected, the local government to raise millage and make the cuts for him. Corpbutt is the worst politician of my 57 years on this earth.

    “A budget is a moral document!” Martin Luther King

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