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PA-Gov: Mayors Endorse McCord


Earlier today, 30 mayors from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania announced their united support for State Treasurer Rob McCord in his campaign to become governor.

Even better for McCord, this endorsement will go down in history as the largest, most diverse group of municipal officials support a gubernatorial candidate at once, according to a release from his campaign.

“Today’s announcement is truly humbling and historic,” said McCord. “When such a diverse group of passionate mayors from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania come together in a primary election to support one candidate, you know something important is happening. And it is, because together we’re going to invest in our classrooms, stop the natural gas drillers from taking our natural resources for pennies on the dollar, and raise the minimum wage. But most importantly, we’re going to defeat and evict Tom Corbett.”

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Mayor of Allentown Ed Pawlowski was one of the 30 who threw his weight behind McCord.

“No one in this race is standing up for working families like Rob McCord and no one in this race has had the courage to make the bold proposals that Rob McCord has,” said Pawlowski, also the acting Chair of Mayors for McCord. “Rob is hands down the only one who can beat Tom Corbett, and as the mayor of the third largest city in the commonwealth and the Chair of Mayors for McCord, it’s exciting to be part of this historic day and help Rob win the primary in May.”

Pawlowski dropped out of the Democratic primary race in early February due to the difficulties of running a city and a gubernatorial campaign at the same time. At that point, the Allentown mayor had announced his full support for McCord.

In addition to Mayors for McCord, the gubernatorial candidate has a wide range of endorsements to carry with him into the primary month. This includes six current and former state senators, 25 current and former state representatives, 27 of 67 Democratic county chairs, and roughly 455,000 current and retired union members. The unions include the Laborers’ District Council of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity and the Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association.

The list of mayors endorsing McCord is as follows, straight from the press release:

Mayor City/Town County
Angela Adkins Midland Borough Beaver
John Antoline Monaca Borough Beaver
Ed Burns Girardville Schuylkill
Kenneth Cecconi Homer City Borough Indiana
Dennis Clawson Clymer Borough Indiana
Ronald Evanko Blairsville Indiana
Adam Forgie Turtle Creek Allegheny
Tom Grady Narberth Borough Montgomery
Edward Hozza, Jr. Whitehall Township Lehigh
Frank Janakovic Johnstown Cambria
Dan Lello Dupont Luzerne
Anthony Mastrangelo New Castle Lawrence
Sal Panto Easton Northampton
Ed Pawlowski Allentown Lehigh
Nancy Petritsch Mahanoy City Schuylkill
David Poling Economy Borough Beaver
George Quay III Beaver Falls Beaver
Wayne Quick Hughestown Luzerne
Thomas Reenock Northampton Borough Northampton
David Rhome Canonsburg Borough Washington
Tim Scott Carlisle Borough Cumberland
Joseph Sinnott Erie Erie
Rick Smith Borough of New Brighton Beaver
Vaughn Spencer Reading Berks
John Szczyglak Shenandoah Schuylkill
Vincent Tozzi Yatesville Borough Luzerne
Donald Wachter Big Beaver Borough Beaver
Anthony Weaver McSherrystown Adams
Richie Wiaterowski Nanticoke Luzerne
Nicholas Yanosich Industry Beaver

Also in the running for the state governor Democratic primary are former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty.

19 Responses

  1. Mayor of Narberth Borough ? Um….impressive. To be fair, there are some bigger towns too. In a lot of those snaller towns though, most of the voters could not even tell you who their mayor is. The real problem with McCord is that he is more about making the sale than telling the truth. He misleads and distorts anything he has to for the sake of building his brand. There is a disturbing lack of integrity at work with him. And he is cocky enough to believe we (the voters) won’t notice.

  2. BREAKING NEWS! The Mayors of Intercourse, Bird In Hand and Paradise just called in their endorsements for Rob McCord. Now they new to get their 13 Dem voters to the polls.

  3. stop these gas well frackers from poisoning us,tax the heck out of them,stop them from poisoning our environment

    Pike County Democratic Committee tonight endorsed the next Governor of Pennsylvania, TOM WOLF.

  5. McCord has an impressive list of endorsements, but I don’t think they will help much with GOTV or swaying votes his way. McCord’s problem is that he’s running out of $ to stay competitive on TV. If he starts to pull back there he’s done.

  6. Speaking money – McCord has given Chesco Chair Vaughan a lot of money to ensure victory.
    Let’s say $10,000. Now how much did each Chesco Mayor endorsement cost McCord. Arithmetically $10,000 divided by zero Chesco Mayors doesn’t compute. Even zero Vaughan cannot divide by zero because Vaughan is a zero.

  7. Whoa what is the matter with the Wolfpack? Getting nervous trying to hang on buying an election with borrowed money? Ahahaha

    Wait until people realize the wolf ads are a gross misrepresentation of reality.

    Oh and you start at 10% and you have room to bargain. Start at 5% and to borrow from McCord’s ads you end up a sucker.

  8. Chester County Dem Chair Michelle Vaughan backs McCord. She got the Chester County Dems to endorse McCord. But yet a single Chester County Borough Mayor is on McCord’s Endorsement list. Chairman Vaughan didn’t deliver one Chesco Mayor. Can she deliver anything? She recently threw away a Democrat Judicial victory. We thought that took the cake. But this has to be the laughingstock. Sadly and regretfully we LOL.
    On Vaughan endorsement see the link

  9. 30 Mayors in a campaign commercial or lit drops will matter greatly if the GOTV effort that with it on election day is equally eye catching.

    There are still a ton of undecideds out there.

    Its a coup for McCord.

  10. Rob has ground game. wolf has name game.because of 6 weeks advertising ,after they uncover the sheep in wolfs clothing, this race will be close ,Schwartz will win ,because of Philly, that’s what the real politicians are predicting.

  11. Rob McCord is your typical, arrogant, self-serving politician who will say anything to get a vote and money, including outsourcing PA jobs. He was just elected again in 2012 to oversee the state Treasury. Instead he has spent 2013 and 2014 running for a promotion, instead of serving the taxpayers in the job they elected him to do. He’s lied about his past and being raised by a “single mom.” When he was in the private sector he outsourced jobs to India. Above all, he has zero integrity and lacks the character needed to move Pennsylvania forward. McCord will say and do anything to get a vote. He is arrogant, cocky and lacks the leadership PA is in desperate need of.

    Don’t fall in the trap. Rob McCord is full of crap!

    No wonder why the Mayors of large cities in PA including Pittsburgh, Lancaster and York have endorsed a real leader like Tom Wolf and NOT Rob McCocky.

  12. McCord is right about one thing… We are going to defeat and evict Tom Corbett… with Tom Wolf!

  13. Not a single mayor from ALLEGHENY COUNTY ????? Oh that’s right, Fitz and the boys are all backing Tom Wolf!!!!!

  14. Hahaha… Wow!! What large cities!!!

    Pittsburgh Mayor endorsed TOM WOLF
    Lancaster Mayor endorsed TOM WOLF
    York Mayor endorsed TOM WOLF

  15. McCord wins the endorsement race, will likely fall either 3rd or 4th in the Primary. Endorsements are nice but they don’t replace votes. And when the Mayors you are touting come from places like “Homer City Borough” you wonder if its really worth all the effort.

  16. Endorsements are great, and if McCord was running for district justice or some other down ballot position, he’d win. However, the further up the ballot you go, the more voters make up their own minds. I’m not suggesting endorsements hurt, or that he shouldn’t have sought them, but if a pie in the sky 10% extraction tax and a bunch of endorsements is all he has, he’s going down in flames.

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