PA-Gov: McCord Gives Campaign Raises 1.2 Mil Total


State Treasurer Rob McCord kept his campaign afloat this cycle with a $500,000 loan.

From April 1st to May 5th, McCord outdid all three of his Democratic opponents by taking in $1,225,914 in campaign contributions total, including both his loan and his contribution. He added that sum to the $3,630,899 he brought over from the first cycle of 2014.

McCord utilized almost all of the funds he had available, spending $4,188,462 in less than 40 days time, leaving him with $668,351 of cash on hand.


McCord’s campaign contributions came almost solely from substantially large donations. He received an impressive $100,000 the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 13 as well as $150,000 from the law offices of Peter Angelos. McCord’s biggest donation came from businessman Al Lord who contributed $250,000 to his campaign.

The late and sizable campaign donations are what boosted McCord’s impressive fundraising totals. To put it into perspective, McCord only received $138.76 from donations that were under $250.

Again, McCord loaned his campaign $500,000.

McCord is building up quite a large loan total himself. By adding a $500,000 loan during this last financial period, McCord brings the amount of money borrowed in his name up to around $2.2 million.


A vast majority of McCord’s campaign spending — around $3,840,000 — went to AKPD Message & Media, a prominent Democratic Party consulting firm that bought McCord’s television time. McCord also spent around $52,000 on the services of Anzalone-Liszt Research, a Democratic polling organization.

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  1. Rob McCord is clearly the best candidate for governor on so many fronts. Tom Wolf has gotten a pass when it comes to his campaign plagiarizing parts of his Fresh Start policy plan. Plagiarism is theft. He took someone else’s intellectual property. This lack of respect for intellectual property clearly does not bode well for thinking of PA as a place for innovation.

  2. @Marie — You don’t seem to know what you are talking about. JB attacks Wolf on this site almost every day (including today). His posts are as foolish as the Mike Fedor tweets predicting a McCord win. Both will be weeping when McCord finishes a distant 3rd in a week.

    McCord, the candidate himself has smeared Wolf, in two different TV ads, and every debate over the past month. Schwartz also has attacked Wolf in two different TV ads and every debate over the past month. But that is what you do when you are losing badly, and your dream job is lost. The problem for McCord is, he has burned enough bridges to bring an end to his political career when his is in his mid-50s (he will never get major Democratic support in any election after his term as Treasurer ends in 2016).

    I know it breaks your heart that McCord is losing and Wolf is winning, but deal with it. Wolf will beat McCord by more than 20%.

  3. @marie No one got hostile with McCord until he starting attacking other Democrats. Little odd to be surprised when the candidate who goes overwhelmingly negative gets attacked in return. As Democrats we all agree that Corbett is the true enemy and all McCord is doing right now is giving him ammunition. Come October he is going to be running ad after ad using quotes from McCord saying see even democrats don’t trust the guy. You pull this stuff if the race is tight not if you are behind by twenty. All he is doing now is hurting the party and the people of this state if it leads to Corbett getting electing.

  4. Whoever the McCord haters are should stop it. I don’t see any McCord supporters slurring the opposition. If the haters are Democrats, they should be ashamed of themselves. No matter who wins on May 20th, we as Democrats will support that person. Of course if you are Rep.
    Pete Daley from Washington County, you will have another Press Conference supporting Tom Corbett. Why shot yourself in the foot now

  5. McCord has plenty of money and, more importantly, the crowd he runs with is VERY wealthy and ready to help buy him a seat at the table. But he can’t win. His personality and lack of character get in the way. He has shown he will say or do anything to get elected. He may have been more “real” once but, his obsession with winning at all costs has led him to trade in his decency for votes. His racism attack ads against Wolf are divisive and harm his own party (and are misleading). His attempt to mislead voters about his supposed “disadvantaged upbringing by a single mom” (mom was actually a famous college professor and remarried when Rob was only 10 or 11) was an affront to his own family (and his stepbrother spoke up about it). His shameless parading of his African American wife in front of the media to establish some kind of racial sensitivity cred is demeaning to the AA community. All of this reflects personal and political immaturity. Time for McCord to go to bed…the adults need to talk.

  6. The Wolfpack: Tom Wolf is the greatest and best and we will name call like the children we are if anyone says anything about his personal or business history.

    The language and tone used by the Wolfpack here is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

    You aren’t entitled to a free ride where everyone just accepts your guy as the nominee without questioning him.

  7. At least Wolf donated and not loaned his own money. No matter what happens in the future donations to the campaign will not be paying him off. That’s what someone who is truly committed does. Wolf went all in. McCord instead uses other people’s money to fund his own pointless and hopeless push that has done nothing but make him look like an idiot and give the Republicans ammo for the general. What a prick.

  8. PoliticsPA Fail-

    I don’t think Wolf should have accepted his large contribution either. Back in late January, Wolf hadn’t run any ads and wasn’t really on the radar.

    It would be nice if Wolf, as Governor, signed legislation to limit large donations like this. PA is long overdue for campaign finance reform.

  9. @Liz McGlee — No, not really, not even close. You’re wrong again, but that seems to be your thing. The business was not pledged as collateral, his personal shares of stock were used as collateral. As long as it is legal, you can do anything you want with your own personal shares of stock (just like you can do anything you want with your personal shares of stock in WalMart or any other company). You need to learn far more about collateral, including the difference between collateral and repayment. Wolf made $2.2 million last year, I think he can repay a $4 million loan. Wealthy people get loans for very different reasons than you would, perhaps you should try to understand why.

    Post again in a few years, hopefully after you learn something about finance. Of course, your favorite candidate, Tom Corbett, already will have lost, and your absurd predictions and lack of knowledge about finance and politics would have been laughed at by then.

  10. Save them for the citizens of PA who will get to choose between Corbett and a third term for the Rendell administration if your guy is the nominee.

  11. Don’t worry JB I sent those tissues in the mail for you so they’ll arrive in time for May 20th, when McCord finishes in a distant 3rd place!

  12. Isn’t this the whiny be-atch who was crying about Tom Wolf contributing so much of his own money to his campaign??????

    McCord is a coward, a liar, and a fraud. Good riddance to him after his term as Treasurer is up.

  13. @Desperate and Pathetic- Wolf took a 4mil loan out with his business being the collateral. think that’s worse than a personal loan

  14. These Wolf kids are a sad bunch.

    Why were there only 2 years of profit sharing?

    Why is Wolf’s pension an abysmal 38% funded making the state system look phenomenal by comparison?

    Why did he decide to “take out a little cash” just as the housing market was abruptly slowing forcing $50mil in debt on the company while lining his pockets?

    Why out of dozens of investment funds interviewed did he end up with a fund whose largest member was SERS?

    Why did Wolf shed 400 jobs (the vast majority of his employees) when it might have been avoided had he not saddled them with massive debt that could not be serviced? Was his decision responsible to those he employed?

    Why is the reinvention of the business model trumpeted in his ads “sourcing” cheap right to work state labor from a company with numerous labor violations and stamping the family name on them?

    If people knew the truth they would not want PA run like Tom Wolf’s business.

  15. More proof that McCord is just another typical career politician playing dirty politics, taking kickbacks and making back room deals!

    Pennsylvania deserves better!

  16. OK…this is getting out of hand.

    @David Diano — so it’s OK for Wolf to receive a $1M contribution (no red flags there) (link:, but the second McCord gets a large contribution, let’s sound the alarm? Oh, I forgot, you’re all about Wolf. Hypocrite.

    @Vincent Smith — I assume you’re a product of the failed education system in PA. So let me get your math straight: McCord Loans himself $500k, donates ANOTHER $500k AND receives another $500k in donations ($250k Lord, $100k AFSCME 13, $150k Peter Angelos), yet he only raised $1.225M. Math is obviously difficult for you, as those three sources of funds alone add up to $1.5M (omitting all other contributions).

  17. I hope all McCord donors realize the money they give his campaign will be wasted on a candidate who finishes in 3rd place (at best), or likely used to repay the $2.2 million loan he gave his campaign.

    McCord criticizes Wolf, but Wolf didn’t loan any money to his campaign, he contributed the full amount. That means even if Wolf loses the primary or general election (he won’t), not one penny of donations by others will be used to pay him back. You can’t say the same for McCord. Truth is, McCord has used the donations to pay himself back on loans he made to his Treasurer’s campaign in the past.

  18. Hahaha… Al Lord is an advisor to the McCord campaign!! Returning his salary maybe??

    What an embarrassment!!!

  19. What goes around comes around. It’s funny that McCord criticized another candidate for a campaign loan. Now McCord’s trying to save his self-destructing campaign by loaning money. As if we needed more proof to see that McCord is a phony, arrogant, erratic, uncontrolled narcissist who’s political career is over. McCord is the king of dirty politics.

    Don’t fall in the trap! Rob McCord is full of crap!

  20. Who is Al Lord and what does he hope to get for his $250,000?

    That’s a lot of money to give to any candidate. What is Al’s business and what changes is he hoping for in a McCord administration that would prompt such a large donation?

    We need some serious campaign finance reform in PA when someone can give that much to a candidate.

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