PA-Gov: McCord Releases Chilling Negative Ad Against Wolf

Rob McCord released a new ad hammering the relationship between Tom Wolf and “admitted racist” York Mayor of 1969, Charlie Robertson.

“[Wolf] spent millions on tv ads but now serious questions Tom Wolf can’t answer,” a woman’s voice reads. “Why would he chair the campaign of a man arrested for his role in a race riot, one that left a black woman dead? Why would wolf stand by an admitted racist charged with first degree murder, one who shouted white power and handed out ammunition at a race riot?”

mccord ad re wolf“For York, Pennsylvania, it was an ugly episode,” the voice concludes. “For Tom Wolf, there’s just no good answer.”

Robertson was found not guilty in that charge of first degree murder, and Wolf has stated that his role on Robertson’s campaign was more of an emeritus position than an active role in his election.

It’s also interesting that McCord begins the ad pointing out that Wolf spent millions on television advertising, when he, too, contributed nearly $2 million to his own campaign. Wolf, of course, contributed $10 million, just under half of which came from a personal loan.

58 Responses

  1. Unsanctioned R-
    McCord has a D next to his name too. Until Wednesday, I was torn between Wolf and McCord, though leaning toward McCord. Rob’s actions have been despicable.

    Robertson exclaimed “white power” during a the heat of a 1969 race riot. Years later he recanted/denounced/apologized for his own behavior and was elected Mayor of York, twice.
    Why does Wolf need to denounce a person who dropped out of public life over a decade ago, and who long ago abandoned his own behavior?

  2. I’m not going to let you change the subject David. You and the rest of the Wolfpac are hypocrites on Wolf’s racial sins. You judge them differently just because there’s a “D” by his name. That’s clear as day for anyone who reads your words below. It may be why you don’t see clearly on issues of race.

  3. JB-
    I’m saying that it’s okay standing next to a guy who changed his attitude over the intervening 32 years and if there’s been no further indication that he holds those same views. (Also, he was acquitted of the criminal charges, so any implications involving those allegations are unfair and irrelevant.)

    There are a ton of people who were against gay marriage a few decades (or even just a few years) ago, who have come around. Are we going to condemn everyone who has since changed their position and anyone willing to still associate with them?

    There is no basis to your charge that Wolf has been “buying influence”. He’s not like the Koch brothers.

    Unsanctioned R-
    If you cared a whit about race relations, you wouldn’t vote Republican and you’d be fighting Corbett’s VoterID law.

    But both of you fail to see (maybe due to your Republican brains) that the attack is unfair and without merit. It lacks context, misleading voters into thinking that there is a recent/current issue, rather than ancient history.

    It says far more (and not good) about McCord’s character than it does about Wolf’s.

  4. This is a disgraceful ad that ought to be pulled by the McCord campaign. Seeing this makes me regret voting for Rob McCord for State Treasurer in 2008 and 2012.

  5. Hey bud I’m not calling Wolf racist. I’m saying standing next to a guy who admitted to doing what he did shows poor judgement and a lack of character.

    The fact that he backs Bracey doesn’t absolve him of anything. He is a political insider and opportunist. She has received his support and so has Dwight Evans and so has fast Eddie.

    Their opinions are irrelevant. A Rendell association murders Wolf anywhere outside of Philly.

    If a republican spread his money around buying influence and backing guys like this he would be evil. This guy buys lots of feel good misleading ads to go up in the polls and he can do no wrong and is an activist and outsider.


  6. You are so blindly partisan that you’d never admit it, which is also plain for everyone to see.

    One standard for Democrats and another for Republicans.

    Those of us who actually care about race relations will continue to apply one standard to both and not cheapen it by using it as a convenient political tool.

  7. JB-
    Roberts had already been mayor of York since 1994. It’s a 4-year term, so Roberts was running for his third term.
    If Roberts had been doing a good job as mayor the first two terms, then endorsing him to continue the job is reasonable behavior.

    What’s the statute of limitations on making a racial remark during the heat of a race riot in the 1960’s? 30 years? 40 years?

    Bracey getting support from Wolf generates the opposite conclusion, because a racist wouldn’t help elect the first black mayor. Wolf wasn’t her only supporter.

    For Bundy’s bodyguard, Bundy is the guy’s source of income.

  8. David – he put his name on the campaign as chair. That’s a personal endorsement saying I vouch for this guy. When he knew to quit Wolf said I’ll stay on – poor judgement.

    You bring up employees not counting. I guess we can’t trust Bracey because of the support and campaign contributions she has received then? I guess we can’t trust the handful of Wolf workers left here in pa just thankful to have jobs?

    Wolf has tried to purchase the election with misleading ads. He built up a big lead doing that. You should’ve expected his past would come out eventually. Everyone knew this stuff for months.

    He is not a great candidate. It’s pure fiction.

  9. “Do R’s have a mental defect that causes them to make false equivalencies?”

    You really ought to listen to yourself. You just equated a hit on McCain for something that didn’t happen (fathering an illegitimate child) with something Wolf did do (supporting an admitted race agitator for Mayor) and is being called out on (using newspaper quotes I might add).

    Wolf’s ACTIONS are much more akin to McCain’s ACTIONS in your second example, which you admit are fair game on Republicans. It’s obvious to everyone else that you’ve proven my point.

  10. Why didn’t anyone call out McCordLies for calling Rob McCord a Prick? The comments about Rob McCord are awful. Why didn’t Tom Wolf’s campaign tell McCordLies to shut up? I agree that we are giving ammunition to Corbett – but all candidates and their workers should behave and keep quiet!

  11. Unsanctioned R-
    Not true. (Sure, if it was a fight between Republicans, I’d be laughing my @ss off at them).

    I thought Karl Rove’s attacks against Republican John McCain in the South were wrong when they push-polled the question: “”Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain…if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?”

    This attack occurred when McCain was campaigning with his adopted daughter from Bangladesh (who was dark skinned).

    It thought the tactic was racist, because it was intended to implying that McCain was a race-traitor to bigoted southern voters.

    If someone wanted to attack McCain for being a racist because he was friendly and supported some of his racist Senate colleagues (either for re-election or for various bill), I would say that was an unfair attack.

    However, if someone wanted to call McCain a racist for his own actions (like his opposition to Martin Luther King Day or his immigration policy) then, that would be far game.

    My point is that there is a line between a fair attack and a smear (particularly one as far-fetched as McCord has invented out of thin air). McCord crossed a line with a lot of Dem voters with his attacks.

  12. David, my only point is that you’re defending Wolf whereas any Republican in his position, you’d be piling on.

  13. JB,
    Where does it say Wolf “pushed” for that guy for mayor? Supporting a guy for office, 32 years after an alleged crime that he was acquitted of, does not in any way make it acceptable to paint Wolf with a racist brush.

    Unsanctioned R-
    Do R’s have a mental defect that causes them to make false equivalencies? First: Wolf didn’t make the statements Bundy did (nor any racist remarks). So, that’s one false comparison.

    Secondly the bodyguard is Bundy’s employee, unlike the people coming to Wolf’s defense.

    What’s next? Wolf helped some 80 year old lady put her groceries in the car, and it turns out she voted for Nixon?

    You guys are acting like Wolf held a minstrel show at his house.

    This is a self-inflicted wound by McCord. It’s not only “not a winning argument” AND costing Rob support he had earlier this week, but this is going to damage Rob’s brand in the long term.

  14. I thought so. I was wondering if my lack of msnbc was the problem in not understanding their line of thinking.

    These ads are just getting started. Should be very entertaining.

  15. I’m agreeing with you JB. It was on CNN. Even though Bundy has black friends (like Tom Wolf does) everybody runs away. But, these Wolfpackers have somehow found their inner forgiveness for this 1%er.

  16. You probably didn’t see it reported on MSNBC: Cliven Bundy’s black bodyguard: “He treats me as his own family,” “He’s not a racist” “I’d take a bullet for that man.”
    Yet, where’s the repudiation of Harry Reid’s questioning of Obama’s “negro dialect?”
    Hypocrites all. At least McCord is an equal opportunity race-baiter.

  17. Has the whole world gone mad? You are telling me it’s ok to stand by a guy like this, support him, and push for him to be the mayor of your city you care so much about?

    The people you choose to call friends don’t say something about you? What planet are you people from?

    It is no wonder the entire state is red. *slow clap* doing a great job there D’s.

    Seriously tell me these things don’t matter. Did you see conservatives running from Cliven Bundy when he just made some remarks? That’s what smart people do.

  18. WHY CAROL AICHELE MUST RESIGN OR WE ARE ALL CORBETT FAMILY!!! So the State Department which is charged among other duties to promote a working democracy in PA failed in its bogus advice to Bob Guzzardi. I know that Carol is a 100% CORBETT political hack but shouldn’t she protect the interests of the 75% of the voting public who want Corbett to go to his retirement home in South Carolina, sooner rather than later? Bob Guzzardi: I know you see the world differently than Carol’s husband Steve Aichele, Corbett’s first FAILURE as Chief of Staff. The Aicheles got you good BOB; Now it is time for Carol to return to private life because her department is not representing the interests of PA: only those who want to continue feeding off the dead political body of Tom Corbett.

  19. McCord’s attack on Wolf is the same one any of you would pull on a Republican.

  20. JB-
    To what “values” are you referring?

    1) Wolf’s tenuous connection to Robertson does not transfer to Wolf any/all of Robertson believes/behavior. Guilt-by-association racism is not a Dem value.
    2) Wolf has done absolutely nothing that could be considered racist. His behavior and record have been quite the opposite.
    3) The black leadership, including the current mayor, in York have stated clearly that Rob’s attack is a complete mischaracterization of Wolf’s history and support in helping the black community.
    4) The kind of smear and race-baiting the McCord is engaged in is NOT a Democratic party value. This is why Rob is getting hammered here from Dems who formerly supported him.

    You can’t put this on the campaign managers. The candidates, not their surrogates, are making these attacks. The decision to make this kind of attack is made by the candidate, not the underlings.

    I don’t think that the race of Rob’s wife is relevant, other than as inoculation against any claim that Rob is racist. He’s very much not a racist. However, as a politician, he’s now demonstrated that he’s willing to pull the race card to make an unfair attack on an opponent, in hopes Wolf will be seen as racist.

    What the other posters are claiming is “insulting”, is that McCord would think black voters are unable to see through the attack for its unfairness.

  21. JeepsForMcCord has it right. Go out and stump for the racist 1%er. You must be proud of yourselves.

  22. Everyone needs to just calm down and take a deep breath. It doesn’t matter what the desperate McCord campaign or the erratic Rob McCord himself may say or do. McCord’s history. As pointed out today in Philadelphia Magazine. This race is over. It doesn’t matter what’s said on the internet or what crazy ad McCord will air next. Pennsylvanians see McCord for who he really is, a mean, angry, arrogant little man.

    Published today in Philadelphia Magazine:

  23. Will someone please explain what is insulting? I know you are aghast that he has been called out but the ad is factually accurate.

    Perhaps if this makes you uncomfortable you are stumping for the wrong guy? Maybe?

    The mayor admitted he was a racist as a young officer – testimony quoted him as encouraging a mob to “kill as many n– as you can”


  24. Hi, I am Rob McCord.

    I just slit the throat of my already moribund campaign to be your governor.

    In so doing, I insulted the intellect of every black voter in the Commonwealth.

    Will you stand with me?

  25. Admit it Wolfpac, if a Republican had committed Tom’s sins, you would never have forgiven them.

  26. Dear Mr. McCord:
    This is the kind of ad I will remember for a long long time, but not for the reason you’d hope. Should you ever run for another office where I have the opportunity to vote, you can absolutely count on me not supporting you. Whether that means voting for another candidate or withholding my vote in protest, you can be sure this awful ad is the reason. Well done!

  27. His wife is African American. I think he respects the community enough to know they deserve to hear the truth. He isn’t suppressing the vote. He is informing the community.

  28. Mccord and schwartz should be angry with there own campaigns. who ever thought that leaving a candidate on tv for 6 weeks,saying nothing but nice things about himself, and his business what did you expect. they chose to wait until closer to the election to run ads.well its to late, so quit the negative attacks they won’t your campaign managers cause you guys choose the wrong method.

  29. Completely agree with what Matt said. This is such a poor move by McCord and really displays the way he and his campaign think so little of the intellectual ability of African Americans.
    Sad and pathetic McCord, very sad and pathetic. McCord can’t win the primary and will likely come in third, but this is the kind of act that will make me stay home in November if he were actually the nominee for Gov.

  30. All’s fair in love and politics, but this move just reeks of desperation and is a really unfortunate act by McCord. Its a typical suppress the black turnout type of action that would normally be associated with a Republican campaign. Given that McCord is running an ad promoting his marriage to an African American and also running this ad, its obvious that McCord doesn’t think black voters are very educated.

  31. Wolf is a weak candidate with an awful past built around buying the election with feel good ads.

    The ad is true. You can’t spin it David. Trying to spin it makes you look bad.

    If these are the values of your party I don’t have any problem opposing it. If you condone the way he ran his business, i am happy to oppose your party there too.

    He does not share my values or the values of many other democrats. You can say he does but his actions have said otherwise. Character and judgement matters and so do the people you choose to associate with.

  32. JB-
    1) It’s not true that: “serious questions Tom Wolf can’t answer”
    Wolf has answered. McCord chooses to ignore/dismiss the answers.
    2) The term “chair” of the campaign sounds like he was actively involved. Wolf’s stated he wasn’t. Chair is not campaign manager or any similar position.
    3) The news article (not highlighted) refers to Robertson charged as an accomplice, not the primary accused. The ad could be more truthful with: “Acquitted accomplice”
    4) It was a 1969 race riot with white gang members, who claimed Robertson had supplied them with ammunition and encouraged them. The jury found Robertson not guilty and the gang members wound up in jail.
    5) The issue is completely irrelevant to the current campaign and Wolf’s vs McCord’s qualifications.

  33. The reason McCord has become even more angry, arrogant, desperate and erratic…

    This poll that was released yesterday, not to mention the article in today’s Philly Magazine:

    Wolf 42%
    Schwartz 16%
    McCord 14% << 3rd Place (soon to be 4th)
    McGinty 4%

    As a result of this ad I think McGinty might actually beat McCord and McCord will finish in 4th place.

    McCord outsourced jobs to India, lied about his past, has divided our party and has shown us all why people are so sick of politics.

    A must read article today in Philadelphia Magazine:

  34. A man that would approve an ad like this in a desperate attempt to get back in the race (this won’t help) is not someone we want leading PA. This isn’t leadership its cowardice. The content of this ad while based in truth only tells part of the story and attempts to viciously paint wolf as racist. Race baiting is a horrible campaign tactic.

  35. McCordLies – You should be condemned by the Democratic party for being a Wolf troll/hack/staffer that has nothing better to do than to comment whenever the truth about your weak candidate comes out. If nominated, he will lose terribly to Corbett.

  36. The “candidate” you are referring to is the nominee of our party.

    Anyone can make anything look bad. That’s not leadership. McCord is desperate. And now, desperately losing.

    Tom Wolf is a man of integrity. This ad by McCord will be condemned across our party.

  37. McCordlies – it’s cute when you do it. Not so cute when the truth about your candidate comes out.

    The truth will set you free. You have a bad candidate. Nothing in this ad is untrue.

    Is it awful? Yes.

  38. At least wolf will be ready for corbett ,after mccord and schwartz hammer him. welcome to pa politics mr. wolf.No wonder there will be a 20% turnout.

  39. This ad will be condemned by PA Dem Chair, Ed Rendell and Bob Casey, as well as Schwartz and McGinty…

    McCord has NO integrity and has proven nothing but the ability to divide our party and attack fellow Democrats.

  40. I look forward to Rob McCord returning to focus on his job as Treasurer when he loses the primary.

  41. Oh. My. God.

    Rob McCord is done — done as a candidate in this race, done as a potential candidate for any other office in PA.


  42. This is the act of a desperate man. I’m horrified by this ad. McCord doesn’t deserve the votes of PA Democrats. The best way to describe this is race baiting… we are better than that.

  43. What isn’t true about it? Or is it convenient to avoid talking about these things because it’s done by a democrat?

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