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PA-Gov: McCord to Launch First TV Campaign Ad (UPDATED with VIDEO)

Rob McCord’s campaign is launching its first television ads this month looking to end the near monopoly Tom Wolf has held over the airwaves.

The sixty second ads are set to start appearing on Friday and run through to the end of the month.

McCord hinted at the ad buy at an Easton campaign stop. “A week from now, watch a lot of TV,” he said.

Smart Media Group tweeted that the total amount of money spent on the commercials is $208,000.

This is a fairly small buy for a 60 second ad, for comparison Tom Corbett is spending about $280,000 on ads that will air from March 21st to 27th.

So far, McCord and Schwartz have shied away from TV while McGinty and especially Wolf chose instead to produce as many spots as possible.

Update: McCord’s new ads are included above.

The first ad focuses on McCord’s biography, noting that he was raised by a single mom who was a teacher. McCord then declares education to be his topic policy priority.

“The first job of the next Governor is to reverse Tom Corbett’s destructive education cuts,” McCord says. “Tax cuts for folks at the top are not the key to economic success, education is.”

The second spot also spotlights McCord’s early background and describes how he met his wife as a college freshman. The focus of the commercial is McCord’s plan to use a tax on gas drilling to fund education.

19 Responses

  1. I thought that I had seen it all, but a new low has been reached by the Democrats! If this guy didn’t eat any meat for 5 years, perhaps his mother should be interviewed, she was a terrible shopper, chicken legs are .59 a Lb. Another lie from the left. Just like $ 7 a month ACH policies that Nutter mentioned on Meet the press. Our press will never question this BS, because they are of the same. Very sad.

  2. I am supporting Wolf but would gladly back McCord if he wins the May election. We must make Governor Corbett “One-Term Tom” in 2014.

  3. How about instead of more money to the teachers unions we start to restructure how the current education money is being wasted? How about failing teachers? Failing schools? Failing system? We don’t need to double down on failed policies we need to invent new opportunities

  4. These are great, and Rob is clearly the best prepared to go against Corbett in the fall in so, so many ways. However, these should have been aired weeks ago. Not sure what they were waiting for..

  5. mccord v. corbett is the only choice for dems actually winning in november for anyone living in reality. Everyone else are just bells and whistles.

  6. A decent ad not as impactful as Wolf’s has been but similar to McGinty’s in emphasizing humble beginnings. I have been surprised at the large number of McGinty ads here in South Central PA for a few weeks now.

  7. It is nice to see Rob slow down while talking, so far the first time this campaign. Met him on campaign trail in 2007 and was the recipient of him trying to manipulate me for political gain. I said NO to him and he got elected without my help. Didnt like him then and I try hard to like him now.

  8. Will all the staffers for the different candidates posting anonymously please identify yourself? 🙂

    As I’ve been saying, McCord has a good story to tell to voters. This is why I think he will beat Schwartz and give Wolf a competitive race. So, even though Wolf is ahead now, McCord’s got plenty to say to voters.

    I’m not predicting 1st vs 2nd, though Wolf is the favorite at the moment.

    I haven’t seen any of McGinty’s ads in the Philly market, yet. (They could be there, I just haven’t been on the right channel at right time)

  9. Anyone who thinks this is not the best candidate for the Democratic party needs to have their head examined.
    Tom Corbett fears McCord and he has no baggage like Schwartz and Wolf.

  10. The creation of a cult of personality is a basic propaganda technique. It succeeds by linking the person being elevated emotionally and economically to the common person.

  11. Even though I am voting for Wolf, those are some good ads. If Wolf doesn’t win then I hope its McCord. They both can beat Corbett. I am glad they are telling their story. These have been some of the best ads I seen in along time.

  12. Nick – can someone fact check this “I didn’t eat meat” claim? Even poor people eat a McDonald’s hamburger every once in a while!

  13. The most brilliant propaganda technique will yield no success unless one essential thing is borne in mind constantly: it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.

  14. its no secret im a allyson schwartz supporter. but i just watched rob mccords ads. and they are very good. he does have a good story to tell.if i wasnt with allyson. i could easily see myself supporting him.

  15. so rob mccord wasnt born with a silver spoon in his mouth.unlike other candidates running. i like these ads sounds. like he wont need any on the job training. this guy knows what it is to struggle.he is in touch with alot of poor and middle class people of pa.that is also seen in his union support.

  16. This ads are really well done. So far the ads for the democratic candidates for governor are quite impressive. Would like to see the geographic breakdown for McCord’s ads. My guess is 50% or more is in Western PA.

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