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PA-Gov: McGinty Releases “Problem Solver” Ad

While other candidates are trying to tear Tom Wolf down, Katie McGinty is focusing on her own attributes.

As a way to separate herself from her fellow candidates, gubernatorial candidate McGinty’s latest ad, entitled “Problem Solver,” displays the former DEP Secretary as a hard-working and results-driven politician.

mcginty adShe isn’t a millionaire like candidate Tom Wolf, and she also has not held a political office for most of career like Allyson Schwartz. That is what makes McGinty different.

“Tired of big money and career politicians?” the narrator asks. “Here’s a problem solver: Katie McGinty.”

The ad also comes amidst the controversy surrounding candidate Rob McCord’s slanderous ad that paints Wolf as a supporter of a former racist, Charles Robertson. McGinty, however, is not taking the bait; she said that she will abstain from adding to the mudslinging.

“My Democratic opponents are fighting with each other, but my focus is on fighting for hard-working families,” McGinty said. “As Governor, I’ll clean up Harrisburg by enacting a total ban on gifts to politicians. And I will fight for Pennsylvania families by restoring Tom Corbett’s cuts to public education and fight to make the Affordable Care Act work for Pennsylvanians by expanding Medicaid and creating a state health insurance exchange.”

As noted above, the ad, aside from the opening, discusses many of the things her ads have covered in the past: her humble beginnings, her job creation history, her commitment to education, and, most recently, her support of Obamacare.

“Problem Solver” shows McGinty taking the high road by avoiding negative ads and instead discussing her credentials for governor. The ad will air throughout the state in the coming days.

6 Responses

  1. McGinty certainly is the Best Looking of all Candidates running for Governor in Pennsylvania I wonder if Clinton and Fast Eddie Rendell had their way with her It sure looks that way the way the OOOOOgle her in her Ads

  2. President Clinton and Vise President Gore in your corner does show she has the right vision. Imagine if we followed the tech boom of the 90’s with an energy revolution over the last 14 years. The economy would have been stronger, employment would have been stronger, investment would have been more robust, the environment would have been better off, and American security would have benefited.
    Mr Wolf will likely be our next Governor but I hope he includes Katie McGinty in his administration in some capacity.

  3. She’s been basing her entire campaign around how much Bill Clinton and Al Gore supposedly love her, and now she’s playing the “outsider” card?

    I honestly don’t know in what the other three will finish on election day, but I do know she will be last.

  4. “Rob McCord’s slanderous ad”? Really? Have the children who edit this website decided that as a matter of law McCord’s ad constitutes slander? This site has really become embarrassing to read.

  5. I’ll take McGinty or Schwartz over Wolf or McCord.

    If Wolf or McCord get the nod, I’ll be voting Green.

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