PA-Gov: Muhlenberg College/Morning Call Poll: Wolf 54 Corbett 33

Tom-WolfIn what has become a recurring theme this gubernatorial campaign, Governor Tom Corbett his trailing his opponent, Tom Wolf, in the latest poll released this weekend.

Muhlenberg College / Morning Call found that 52% favor Wolf while 31% favor Corbett. When leaners are included, the margin remains even with Wolf at 54% and Corbett at 33%.

This is the first general election poll for Muhlenberg College and Morning Call, although the results are fairly close to that of the last poll released by Quinnipiac.

The poll also asked respondents their opinions on Corbett and Wolf.

Only 33% of respondents had a favorable opinion of Corbett, while 55% had an unfavorable opinion and 12% were unsure.

Wolf scored much more positively, with 51% of respondents saying they had a favorable opinion of him, compared to 25% of those who had an unfavorable opinion. Meanwhile, a large chunk of respondents (23%) still are unsure about Tom Wolf.

Additionally, many people are heading out to the polls this November to take a stance against Corbett. A whopping 50% of respondents say their vote on Election Day is because they are dissatisfied with Corbett, as compared to the 23% who are satisfied with Wolf. There were also 21% who said it was equal levels of dissatisfaction and satisfaction.

Approval ratings for Tom Corbett are also stuck near all-time lows. A mere 29% approve of the job the governor is doing, while 55% disapprove.

Compared to the Pennsylvania legislature; however, Corbett looks a tad bit better. A tiny 24% approve of the job the legislature is doing, compared to the 39% who disapprove.

The Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll took place from September 16 – 18, 2014 and included 429 likely voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 5%.

8 Responses

  1. I enjoyed the last two posts below this one by: Birko and Baxter…thought both were defining moments last night.

  2. Nonsense David… Corbett is also well qualified to be a grandfather, as he convicingly conveyed to audience, more convincingly than his job as Governor.

    It’s clear his budget is smoke and mirrors. Let’s get real here, we need more revenue and there is only one major way to make that happen. A better economy will help in the long run but it will take decades before any investment in education and job initiatives will make a difference. By that point, the state will bankrupt. I liked what Rooney said on the post-debate segment: the way Corbett was speaking, it sounded like he wasn’t in the for the past 3.5 years. In other words: white washing his actions.

  3. A defining moment came when Mr. Corbett was asked about the rupture in PA’s finances last week. The state opened a $1.5 billion line of credit and the state treasurer made an emergency $700 million transfer to the General Fund from other state accounts. This after only 2 1/2 months into what was supposed to be a balanced budget.

    The governor was visibly shaken, him/hawwed, said it was common practice. Dr. Wolf set him straight. Having no money is NOT COMMON PRACTICE in a successful business. While Mr. Corbett talked about his new grandchildren in the closing remarks, Dr. Wolf said PA’s rupturing red ink, hollowed out schools, dismal job creation – facts all – verified by national and nonpartisan sources – are the reasons we need a new governor.

    Dr. Wolf also said a 5% gas severance tax was not going to kill the gas companies, while Mr. Corbett blathered on about equipment suppliers – who not being gas producers, would not be subject to a severance tax anyway.

  4. Considering how deeply unpopular Corbett is, I’m not sure how he could be an effective lobbyist.

    He’s not very bright talking about issues. He’s not popular with the Dems in the legislature (or our incoming Governor). He’s not popular with the Republicans in the state legislature.

    Pretty much the only job he is capable of doing is being a messenger/bagman for delivering bribes.

  5. dat pole aint real and it aint telling the truth, its a liar. goevnore corbit aint behind in the race, he way a head and he gonna win in a land slide is what the real poles are proveing and the debait gonna show goevnor corbit the best man for the job even tho john wolfe is good persin but the govn. is gonna win again becuz in pennna the way it work is govs get 2 terms,

  6. Maybe the debates can pull Tommy to within 20, but I doubt it.Tom has lied so much that people are crying WOLF! ….and rightfully so.

  7. Galvinism has been proven effective in literature to revitalize an inanimate object. The creature Corbett will soon head North along with his creator Dr. Barbenderstein to join that other misbegotten creation of the good doctor, Santorum.

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