PA-Gov Mystery: Who’s Staffing Up in Pittsburgh?

PAGov Jobs listingsIt’s the question Democratic campaign staffers in Pennsylvania have been asking for the past 24 hours.

An anonymous “Pennsylvania Gubernatorial campaign” is recruiting 4 staffers on the jobs website Democratic Gain.

Silhouette question markThe Dec. 4 postings request resumes and cover letters for people interested in applying to be Campaign Manager, Finance Director, Communications Director, or Field/Political Director.

“Campaign is based in Pittsburgh,” all four of the postings say. “Supporter housing is available. Salaries will be commensurate with experience.”

It directs applicants to contact a generic email address. The jobs begin on January 1.

PoliticsPA contacted the email address to ask the key question: who is the candidate? There has been no response thus far.

Former Auditor General and Pittsburgh native Jack Wagner has floated the possibility of a bid, and has said he will decide by year’s end whether to run. Immediate speculation focused on him.

But several sources close to or familiar with Wagner said it was unlikely his doing. they cited Wagner’s strong inner circle.

“Jack has a lot of people around him that would not need to compete for leadership roles in his campaign, if he runs one,” said one.

Other names mentioned include state Senator Jay Costa (a source close to Costa ruled that out) or Allegheny County District Attorney Steve Zappala (Democrats think he’s happy with his current job). Could it be Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald? He already has a solid political team in place. State Rep. Scott Conklin (D-Centre) is pondering a bid and may want to headquarter his campaign in Pittsburgh.

It could be a political neophyte putting together a first campaign. Or the whole thing could be a hoax.

In any case, the crowded field is wide open with a western Pennsylvania Democrat.

The 8 currently announced candidates for Governor have one thing in common: they’re all from eastern Pa. Not one lives more than 15 miles west of the Susquehanna River.

7 Responses

  1. A little late to be hiring very essential staff like Campaign Manager and Finance Director don’t you think?

    Unless it’s a regional position for an existing candidate…

    But my money is on hoax…

  2. Onorato did not lose because of Jack Wagner. He was a poor choice for Governor and didn’t connect with the PA Democrats. He was just a poor choice. Period.

  3. If Wagner runs, he will lose. He is not a true Democrat – supporting Corbett over Onorato. We are a miss in Pennsylvania because of Wagner. If he would win the Primary, I could not and would not vote for him. I would do a write-in. I am not the only Democrat who feels that way. After all, he did not vote for our last Democratic Governor.

  4. Of the already announced candidates, are there any who do not have those positions assigned?

    It would be odd for a new person to enter the field at this stage, with the other candidates already well underway with fundraising. Also, everyone is going to scramble to post as high a number for campaign cash-on-hand for the Dec 31st deadline (even if it means waiting to pay for stuff they want/need until Jan 1st ).

  5. dan onorato lost because jack wagner never openly endorsed him. instead he threw his support behind corbett..wagners only a democrat on paper.if wagner would run he would lose again by double digits.

  6. After the disappointment of Dan Onorato, I am very leery of any gubernatorial candidate to come out of Pittsburgh.

    Sorry guys! I just see an Onorato redux.

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