PA-Gov: National Journal Calls Race “Near-Automatic Pickup” for Dems

Tom-Corbett-upsetTom Wolf and the state’s Democrats look in prime position to pick up the governorship of the Keystone State after clearing the dog days of summer.

This is the feeling at least of Emily Schultheis of the National Journal, who wrote a preview of the nation landscape for gubernatorial elections this November.

She asserts that no one believed the Governor would be down this much in the polls by Labor Day while pointing out the most recent Franklin and Marshall poll. Schultheis contrasts Corbett’s difficulties to Ohio Gov. John Kasich who is experiencing a much easier time in his battle for re-election.

Chris Borick, a pollster for Muhlenberg College told the National Journal that he believes the gap between Corbett and Wolf comes down to public perception.

“[Corbett is] a known entity: He was attorney general, he’s been governor for three and a half years, he has established his public image and it’s not a good one,” Borick said. “For Corbett to, as an incumbent, change the race is going to be a challenge—and up to this point it’s seemed he is simply going to be unable to do that.”

Following the F&M poll, a Corbet internal memo was distributed presenting the incumbent as a worthy challenger, only down 7 points. Furthermore, Corbett campaign manager, Mike Barley took to twitter Thursday, denouncing the “junk poll.”

Nevertheless, the incumbent still remains behind and the longer that is the case the steeper the climb will be. The National Journal posited that the Governor’s poor numbers could lead to the RGA withdrawing their support. Given the importance of PA to the national landscape and Gov. Corbett’s relationship with RGA Chair Chris Christie that would seem to be an unlikely event.

9 Responses

  1. Emily your junk poll is swaying the election just like the Robert Morris poll that has Wolf ahead by over 30 points.
    Jjcnpa… you forgot about one of his highest contributors to his campaign ….Cyber and Charter schools that had a much low AYP (Annual yearly progress) goal than public schools until the Feds stepped in. Overall Charter and Cyber schools have under performed during Corbutt and the PDE watch (Google: WTAE and WPXI and cyber school). Corbutt has done so much evil to the poor and weak people of Pennsylvania you cannot cover it all in your outstanding post! Outstanding!
    What about the kids indeed!

  2. Give up will you? Corbett was the wrong man for the job, totally owned by the gas industry and party hacks riding out the last gasp of patronage before the state flips completely. The Republican State Party was warned over and over again, losing statewide race after statewide race because of running the wrong candidates whose most important quality was they were willing to fall in line with the old guard’s way of doing things. That old guard has killed the GOP and the mistake that is Tom Corbett was a decade in the making. When you choose a zero to develop, you get zero development. Those responsible for the ascendency of Tom Corbett should be tarred and feathered. Corbett can’t help it. He was always weak, easily manipulated, and not too bright. Just how GOP “leadership” wanted him. Boy are Pennsylvanians paying the price now.

  3. people who say gv corbitt aint put tax on the gas and oil man are wrong, the guevnor did start taxng the Marcellas hale compnies and also he cut tax for everbod else in penn. and dat why guv aint gonna lose and the way works in penna is guvs get 8 yrs and then the other partie candyate get to be guv for 8 yrs.,

  4. Gee, is it his failure to tax Marcellus shale, the gold mine we live under? or was it the $1 billion education cuts? or maybe trying to cut higher education funding by 50% in his first year? or maybe the refusal to expand Medicaid for more poor Pennsylvanians paid for by the federal government? or telling women they should be forced to get ultrasounds and just turn their head? or comparing gay marriage to marrying a sibling? or giving funding to the Second Mile when you knew the head of it was a pedophile under investigation? or leading the PSU board to fire Joe Paterno and then gloat about it at a state college bar afterwards? or maybe it was trying to lease the lottery to the British?

  5. Davis Daino the elction aint happened yet and it gonna be in a few more munths, so there aint no toast nothing done yet, guevnor corbit have plentee of time to get back the lead and he bgonna win ina land slide just wait n see that

  6. @chris martinez:
    Is your point that only Latinos who can’t spell or punctuate would support Corbett?

  7. don’t lissen to those polls guvnore corbit is the best guvnore penna ever had and hes gonna win in a land slide in nov

  8. Hear that sound?
    That is the last bit of air leaving the balloons at Corbett headquarters. It’s all over but the shouting. After this election, it is time to CLEAN HOUSE and get rid of the cancers known as Asher and Gleason, or we Republicans will be the permanent minority party in Pennsylvania. No more nominating Asher toads for office at any level.

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