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PA-Gov: New Corbett Ad Blasts Wolf on Taxes (VIDEO)

Gov. Tom Corbett’s campaign released a new 30-second TV advertisement that attacks Democratic nominee Tom Wolf on the issue of taxes.

The commercial alleges that Wolf, as revenue secretary under Gov. Rendell, tried to raise a variety of taxes.

“When Tom Wolf was the state’s top tax collector, he tried to raise taxes on almost everything,” the narrator says in the ad. “Wolf called for a new garbage tax and a home heating and electric tax. Wolf even tried increasing the state sales tax.”

In addition, the ad claims that Wolf moved his company to Delaware to “avoid paying the same taxes he forced us to pay.”

The 30-second ad ends with a bang.

“If there was a hypocrite tax, Tom Wolf would owe a lot of money.”

Wolf’s people, for their part, issued a response to Corbett’s new ad.

According to Wolf campaign spokeswoman Beth Melena, Corbett “is spending millions in attacks that have already been called false and ridiculously misleading” by media fact-checkers in order to distract voters from his “three years of failed leadership.”

Gov. Tom Corbett, who trails Wolf by 20 points in the latest polls, is going on the attack early in order to chip away at that lead.

14 Responses

  1. Incorporating a company in Delaware does not, by itself, yield tax savings in PA. Anyone with basic state tax knowledge knows that. If the Corbett campaign has evidence that the Wolf company did save taxes by using a Delaware company in some way, they should make the evidence public. And if they have such information, they should make clear how they got it since tax information filed with the Department of Revenue is confidential. And, of course, planning to save one’s taxes within the law is not a crime – lots of R’s and D’s do so – probably lots of contributors to both campaigns.

  2. pen aggie your wrong about the women in ads hair being bad. she is jest an actress in that comarchial for corbitt she aint a reel person and her hair is jest fine the way it is, it don’t mean nothing about wolfe ,and the actress is a nice women.

  3. Guzzardi writes: “Debt is deferred taxation. More debt means higher taxes in the future.”

    Yet, he’s opposed to raising taxes to cover the debts in the present.

    This is why Guzzardi is stuck in the past.

  4. That woman’s hair is so bad, I had to watch the video 7 times to figure out what she was trying to tell me. Watched it another 7 times and I can say with complete certainty that this is a big pile of bs. If you’re spending this much money on negative ads this early, you must be terrified. Let’s see what you’re polling will do in 2 weeks. I’ll bet the numbers stay right where they are.

    And yes, I have the time to watch attack ads 14 times.

  5. I think Corbett’s ads have been relatively weak, compared to Wolf. He’s trailing by 20 points, short of a miracle, he will be a one-term Governor. I’m not even buying the accusation made, but let’s not forget, Corbett and the GOP controlled legislature can close the loophole if they desired too.

  6. Pension money, that is, taxpayer money, invested in Wall Street which, in effect, means working people are financing Wall Street. Karl Marx is turning over in his grave. Capitialists have outmaneuvered working people and The Forgotten Taxpayers who are forced by the state to finance Wall Street. Ironical, the Unions are Wall Street’s ally.

  7. Mr. Guzzardi is correct. In addition to the general obligation debt, one could add on the accumulating pension shortfall, as well as the skyrocketing debt at public agencies like the Turnpike. Two parties, one master: Wall Street which has fed on the blood of taxpayers through complicated financing scams like swaps and other derivatives.

  8. Debt is deferred taxation. More debt means higher taxes in the future.

    Tom Corbett signed into law three bills that increased Pennsylvania Debt by 27,451,323,000 , (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars).

    Republican leadership in House and Senate, voting like Democrats, were complicit enablers in increasing authorization of the debt burden imposed on Pennsylvania taxpayers.
    Act 127 of 2014 authorizes $6,515,565,000 Road and Bridge Debt
    Act 129 of 2014 authorizes $19,154,285,000 Road and Bridge Debt
    Act 128 of 2014 authorizes $1,781,373 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Budget.

    House Republican Leadership, including Mike Turzai, and Senate Republican Leadership voted YEA to authorizing $27,451,323,000, (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing.

    These three borrowing Acts are not good news for the taxpayer: they authorize $27,451,323,000 that is about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars in new borrowing. Debt is deferred Taxation. The Forgotten Taxpayer is disheartened and afraid. Republicans voted with Democrats to increase debt.

    How are we to believe the sound and fury of Mike Turzai when he, and Republican leadership, voted to authorize $27,451,323,000, (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing?

  9. Politics PA: Instead of just reporting what Corbett’s advertisement says as as fact, you might want to dig deeper – Specifically, as to the Delaware loophole charge, Tom Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports:
    “One problem: the Wolf Organization, though it is chartered in Delaware, says it pays corporate taxes in Pennsylvania and the 27 other states where it does business. State law allows many corporations to avoid Pennsylvania tax by listing assets in Delaware, the so-called ‘Delaware Loophole.'”

  10. They’re still in “throw everything and see what sticks” mode. This is a well done ad, but I am skeptical that the typical “Democrats=Taxes!!!” meme will be salient enough to help Corbett.

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