PA-Gov: New Schwartz Ad Decries “Old Boys Club” (Watch)

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz unveiled a new television ad where she promises to break through the status quo of Harrisburg as Pennsylvania’s next governor.

Aptly titled “Break Through,” Schwartz critiques the state of affairs in the state capitol while promoting her record of accomplishment in spite of it.

“We do all know that the old boys club exists in Harrisburg…And, I have to tell you that it is holding us back… because when they get together, they’re not talking about you.They’re talking about how to look out for each other… protect the status quo… and it’s got to be dealt with,” Schwartz says to an audience.

“We need a governor who can make this difference,” she continues, now on the street meeting with young families. “I know how to break through that boys club and get things done for Pennsylvania families. That’s always been my priority. It’s why I’m running.”

schwartz adThe 30-second ad will run in the same size buy she started last week, and can be seen in just the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets.

Schwartz was the last candidate for governor to join the airwaves and is consistently polling second in the race, behind media-saturating former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf.

State Treasurer Rob McCord and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty are also running for the Democratic nomination for governor.

8 Responses

  1. OBAMACARE, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, BABY KILLER, KERMIT GOSNELL, OBAMACARE, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, BABY KILLER, KERMIT GOSNELL, OBAMACARE, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, BABY KILLER, KERMIT GOSNELL. I can hear Corbett and the Koch Brothers backed commercials now if Schwartz is the Democratic nominee. I wouldn’t put it past them to help her campaign in some way so she wins in May. They are salivating at the chance to run against her. True or not, it doesn’t matter to Republicans, they will run the ads anyway.

  2. How can anyone say Wolf is against politics as usual? He is a Rendell jock sniffer and supported everyone Corbett put in jail.

    Schwartz is not well liked in Harrisburg because she does not work well with others. This is the same reason she is not well liked in Congress or just about anywhere there are people.

  3. She had plenty of time to make a difference. She is a good women but not the right Democrat to beat Corbett. Vote Tom Wolf on May 20.

  4. Wolf already tried Harrisburg .all he did was raise taxes with eddy rendell.The boys have failed us time for a women.

  5. If a person were really anti-politics as usual, they’d be supporting Wolf, or perhaps even McGinty. Schwartz is pretty inside baseball.

  6. Is this the same club that criticized the Kane sting? They seem to be very active in Pennsylvania. Do they pay taxes at least?

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