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PA-Gov: Newspaper Endorsements [Updated]

newspapersWith roughly two weeks left until the May 20 primary date is upon us, various newspapers across the state have begun to announce endorsements in the gubernatorial and lieutenant governor contests. Here’s a running list of which newspapers have committed to supporting which candidates.


Citizens Voice: Allyson Schwartz

“In Editorial Board interviews with the four candidates, we found Schwartz to have the deepest understanding of the issues in the gubernatorial race and the most realistic approach to the negotiations and compromises involved in turning campaign positions into legislation.

And unlike her three opponents, Schwartz relied more on the policies she would pursue as governor rather than on her own personal history in stating her case for the Democratic nomination.

We believe Schwartz has the experience and qualifications to present the Democrats’ strongest case in the November General Election.”

Harrisburg Patriot News: Tom Wolf 

It is the totality of Wolf’s experience — as a successful businessman and former state revenue official — as well as his non-traditional approach to politics that makes him best-suited to confront Corbett in the fall.

These are different and difficult times for Pennsylvania. And they require someone with a new and different approach. […] Wolf charts the better course, and his unusual record and broad experience suggest he is most likely to bring the change that Pennsylvanians need to Harrisburg.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Tom Wolf

Despite their ample qualifications, it is Mr. Wolf, 65, of York County, who brings the best package of skills, experience and temperament to carry his party’s agenda into the fall fight with Mr. Corbett.

Mr. Wolf’s experience in the revenue department, along with his perspective as a business owner, gives him a ground-level understanding of the state’s tax code. That is the foundation of his belief that reform is essential so that businesses are taxed in an even-handed manner that does not give undue advantage to some at the expense of others, so that property owners won’t continue to carry such a heavy load for funding public schools and so that drilling companies pay more for the benefits they are withdrawing from deep under Pennsylvania.

Although Mr. Wolf portrays himself as a different kind of politician, he has been politically involved for years as a generous campaign contributor, significantly to Mr. Rendell. Mr. Wolf’s decision to fund this primary race with $10 million from his own fortune is at odds with his view that campaign finance limits are necessary, but he is correct that he is playing by the rules as they are currently written.

Philadelphia Gay News: Rob McCord

Recently as Treasurer, McCord filed an amicus brief in support of overturning of Pennsylvania’s law that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, which made him the first treasurer in the country to support marriage equality in a legal proceeding. Additionally, McCord has introduced comprehensive plans to reverse Tom Corbett’s $1 billion in cuts to Pennsylvania’s classrooms, invest more than $1.3 billion in early learning and K-12 programs, generate revenue to fund education improvements and environmental protection with a 10 percent drillers’ tax, and raise the state’s minimum wage to $10.70 an hour in his first year in office.

Philadelphia Inquirer:Rob McCord

“Democratic voters will choose from a formidable field on May 20, one from which still other candidates have already been winnowed. It’s that much more impressive, then, that his record and readiness mark McCord as the candidate most likely to match words with deeds.”

Pottstown Mercury:Tom Wolf

“He’s a leader. He’s the kind of man — or maybe we should say businessman — that Pennsylvania needs as a governor. Wolf’s biggest drawback is his tenure as revenue secretary under former Gov. Ed Rendell, who left office with a $4 billion deficit. Wolf downplays his time in Harrisburg on the campaign trail, choosing instead to focus instead on his private sector experience.

None of the other politicians and bureaucrats running for governor (including the incumbent) can tout such strong business bona fides.”

Times Leader: Tom Wolf

“We believe that Wolf is the best choice for leading the state Democratic party and taking on incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in November.

What is most obvious about Wolf is that he is not your typical politician. He has experience in several areas — as a business owner, an academic, a Peace Corps volunteer in his youth and as state revenue secretary — that in total makes him a well-rounded candidate.”

York Daily Record:Tom Wolf

“Many talk about running government like a business – but Tom Wolf could actually do it (and be compassionate in the process).

That’s what really separates him from the Democratic primary pack – most of whom take similar positions to Mr. Wolf’s on the big issues facing the state.”

Lieutenant Governor:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Mark Critz

“The candidate, however, who most readily acknowledges and appears most eager to perform the true No. 2 nature of this job — they don’t call it lieutenant governor for nothing — is Mr. Critz. As the longtime chief aide to the late U.S. Rep. John Murtha, Mr. Critz tells voters that he already has served capably in a support role. He reminds Democrats that the lieutenant’s duty is to work for the governor and his or her priorities, not advance an agenda of one’s own.”


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Mark Critz

Five Democrats are seeking their party’s nomination to become lieutenant governor. But one rises above the pack. And that’s Mark Critz.
Critz knows the players and the people well and would serve Pennsylvania with distinction in the No. 2 spot.”

22 Responses

  1. In everyone’s opinion what would be the best anti Critz vote? Stack or Koplenski?

  2. Democrats, it’s our fault Corbett is Governor. Too many on our side did not vote. No matter who your first choice for Governor is, we need a LtGovernor candidate who can help get out the vote. Koplinski is the only candidate with friends in every county, and to get petitions from every county. The others are all regional–that’s actually Critz’s event speech: I bring geography. Vote for somebody who knows the whole state: Koplinski.

  3. Im from Mercer County and m voting for Tom Wolf and I will be casting my anti-critz vote for Mike Stack. I think Stack, Koplenski or Neuman would be fantastic Lt. Governor’s but I feel that I will be better off giving my vote to Stack to keep D.I.N.O Critz off the ballot and I encourage all Democrats to vote the same way. Dont vote for Critz.

  4. You forgot a bunch, notably the Philadelphia Daily News who endorsed Tom Wolf…

    Tom Wolf has definitely won the most newspaper endorsements, here are a few:

    Philadelphia Daily News
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Philadelphia Tribune
    Patriot News/PennLive
    Pottstown Mercury
    Uniontown Herald Standard
    York Dispatch
    York Daily Record
    The Beaver County Times

  5. If you listed Critz’s voting resume without a “D” or an “R” like defunding Planned Parenthood & other women’s issues, voting against the Clean Water Act, voting against any LGBT legislation, etc. etc. Then on top of that becoming a gas company lobbyist 5 minutes after losing his seat in Congress. You’d be very hard pressed to convince anyone that he’s a democrat. He spent his last campaign touting his record of voting with republicans 60% of the time. No thanks….I don’t care where he lives. #anyonebutcritz

  6. The very first thing I will be doing when I enter the voting booth on May 20 is voting for my friend Mark Critz for Lt. Governor. He will be an excellent leader for Pennsylvania!

  7. Mark critz will Add balance to the ticket.wolf/critz will make a great team.

  8. ABC..Anybody But Critz. I do agree with the Post Gazette that this should not be an elected position. Until then, the Gubernatorial candidates should be open to endorse Lt Governor candidates.

  9. I wouldn’t call Critz a dem or rep he’s just the worst kind Of politician, he’s all for himself! He was the lapdog to a corrupt congressman who only did for the Johnstown area! Critz has no real background in anything but worrying about how he will get ahead! The Democratic women are still offended by his rape joke at an event and his old district isn’t coming out for him except Johnstown!
    Stack or Neuman are clearly the better candidates! Critz said in one interview he wasn’t knowledgable of the job but would learn and in another his reason for being elected was the number of guys named Mark that have won.
    With a dem like him on the ticket in the fall it will be easier for the republicans to maintain the office!
    To win this race the Philly vote is needed and Stack would be better suited for that!

  10. John, see my issue is that I don’t think I would even classify Critz as a moderate, I think he falls on the right on most issues. I don’t think we need to run to the left but we should be voting for someone that at least holds a few progressive ideals.

  11. I would much prefer left over liberal center or right. But for me winning isn’t the important thing,it is the only thing. Except in overwhelmingly Democratic areas, I support the candidate who has the best chance of winning

  12. “There is a lot of moderates that vote in primaries”

    Not really “a lot”. Though the liberal base out west is more conservative than in the east, they would be considered “moderate” compared to the rest of the Dem base out west

  13. There is a lot of moderates that vote in primaries
    I don’t see why everybody goes to the far left just like the Republican move far to the right and everyone complains about that (Tea Party). Sounds like hippocrates to me. When they get to the general election they all move to the center or at least try too.

  14. John, I wasn’t aware that we deemed a person conservative or progressive based on just one issue but if we do then clearly Critz is the most conservative as PA’s leading LGBT organization declined to endorse any candidate but did issue a “anti-endorsement” of Critz.

  15. I just checked out the NRA grades. Neuman rated and A. Stack rated C-, Critz rated C, Kolpinski C, Smith C. I would say Neuman is the most conservative.

  16. Sure Critz has experience but he’s barely a Democrat and we would all be better off if he just put an R beside his name.

  17. Seriously-
    Critz has the wrong kind of experience. He’s not going to be a good advocate for restoring access to women seeking abortion. He’s not going to be an advocate for gun control.

    You can list almost any progressive priority and Critz has been on the wrong side of it.

  18. @13thDistDem. If you know what you were talking about you would have not posted your comment. Mark Critz worked for Congressman Jack Murtha on local, state and federal projects for over 25 years. He did the field work for townships, city’s and boroughs on road, water, sewage, buildings projects and also water shed and dams which included state and federal projects. That’s alot more experience that any other candidate period.

  19. @Seriously

    No he doesn’t. Mark Critz was a congressman for 2.5 years.

    Mike Stack has been a state senator for 14 years. Mark Smith has been a county commissioner for 6 years. Brad Koplinski has been a Harrisburg councilman for 6 years. Brandon Neuman has been a state representative for 3 years.

    So if you want to say Critz has the most federal experience… I’ll grant you that but I don’t see how working in DC qualifies you to help run the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    If you want to say he has more state and local experience… you’re just lying.

  20. @David you forgot to add he has the most experience local, state and federal than any of the Lt. candidates.

  21. There are a lot of Dems who think of “No. 2” when the hear about Critz. 🙂

    He is easily the most conservative candidate in the Lt. Gov field.

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