PA-Gov: PA GOP Launches Anti-Wolf Website

Tom-Wolf sadLet the games begin.

In a sure sign that the general election has started, the Pennsylvania Republican Party has launched, an effort to expose the Democratic nominee.

“Tom Wolf has spent millions of dollars building an image of himself that’s shadowed in secrecy,” PA Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason said. “By launching, we want to bring the facts to light for voters about Tom Wolf’s checkered past as well as his plans to tax-and-spend Pennsylvanians in the future.”

“Pennsylvanians deserve to learn the whole story about Tom Wolf, and we’re excited to share it with them at”

Complete with unflattering photos and accusations, this venture is the latest in a long-running trend of anti-candidate websites being set up by the opposition party. For instance, last November the PA Democratic Party launched currently focuses much of its efforts on portraying Wolf as a tax-raiser, in line with recent a recent Corbett ad. It also repeats Allyson Schwartz’s plagiarism charge from last month.

The general election between Gov. Tom Corbett and Sec. Tom Wolf takes place on November 4th.

Full disclosure: the PAGOP advertises on PoliticsPA.

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  1. Is someone in the press corps who wears big boy pants going to ask Governor Corbett, why he gave a multi-million Dollar grant to the Second Mile Foundation in 2011?? His answers have not been sufficient for this taxpayer? Why has not one case been brought on the Second Mile Foundation? The Second Mile Took No Action After Being Informed Of Sandusky’s 2001 Shower Incident

  2. In Philly, we’ve been seeing anti-Wolf GOP ads on TV for over a month. In addition, I received an anti-Wolf GOP mailing two weeks ago. Obviously, GOP assumed the Dem winner and began pre-primary election attacks.

  3. Dear Post Gazette Editorial Board: The only way there can be a settlement is for the UPMC board to give World Class Jeff Romoff the boot and allow MR. Romoff to join the International Jet Set at his own expense, rather than the Western Pennsylvania community which really owns UPMC. Also, Leslie Gromis-Baker needs to go from the Governor’s office so the UPMC board understands it does not own Tom Corbett and our State Government. Pasquerilla thought you would find this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article interesting and is forwarding it to you with the accompanying link.

  4. Here we have someone calling his/herself “the 1% sucks” working for the Republican Party.

  5. Dear PAGOP: Shouldn’t Corbett’s Chief of Staff Leslie Gromis-Baker resign due to her horrific and troubling conflicts on the UPMC, Jeff Romoff matters? With Gromis-Baker serving both the Governor and World Class Jeff Romoff, how can Pennsylvania ratepayers ever feel they are being treated fairly? Please call for Ms. Gromis-Baker’s resignation now.

  6. Rob Gleason sure knows how to buy a web site. First of all, Tom Corbett broke his Grover Norquist pledge when he increased the gas Tax. The fact that Corbett abandoned his campaign promises of 2010 is well-highlighted by the Trib Review and others. That’s the truth about Corbett but we all know where Gleason always goes in a campaign: Tom Wolf wants to increase taxes for the Philly Welfare Queens.Mary, Jesus and Joseph, how long will it take until the PAGOP shows Tom Wolf darker than the Corbett Grandson, Baby Liam with our Dangerous first Black President.. Here’s my advice: PAGOP, you are going to lose this election; don’t let Gleason and our Acting Governor Brabender bring the party down with Corbett. The PA Republican Party’s Leadership Needs to Quit Race-Based Politics – Keystone Politics

  7. 1% sucks-

    You said “I’ve yet to see one single person of color that he employed”

    So, I showed you one video (there are more).

    You also don’t seem very good at math.
    At the 20-second mark there are two black people, a man and a woman.

    Three seconds later is another black man, whose job title is listed as “Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer”.

    Now, these were two different men, bringing the count to three.

    Do you think all black people look alike?

    At timestamp 1:17 there four men on a loading dock. Two white. Two black.

    So, I count 5 black employees in this one video, even though you found only two.

    I’m guessing you aren’t good at finding Waldo either.

  8. David Diano – There were two black employees in that video. Two!!!! Apparently, that means “plenty of people of color” to you. That’s sad. I think you need to take a long look in the mirror if you believe that a video showing two minorities is something to be proud of. The 1% always think that if they hire a token colored folk or two they are exempt from any and all criticism regarding their racial politics. Whatever. He’s still an old rich white guy and he’s still part of the 1% and his company was still non-union.

  9. Wolf is part of the 1%. He’s an old, rich, white man that has no place within the progressive party. This isn’t 1955! Has Tom Wolf ever had to check his priviledge? He keeps talking up his profit-sharing, but that was just for more corporate tax credits. And his company was non-union!! I’ve yet to see one single person of color that he employed!!! What a terrible choice by PA Democrats. Nobody I know looks like him. He won’t get my vote. Anyone that votes for Tom 1% Wolf doesn’t care about minorities or the middle class.

  10. Wow. This is a pretty dumb attack site, even for Republicans.
    There argument on Wolf is based on:
    “tincreasing the sales tax by 1 percentage point will enable the state to give some property tax relief to middle-income homeowners a full year sooner than previously expected”

    So, team Corbett is against quicker “tax relief to middle-income homeowners” ???

    Gee, if that’s the best they’ve got, they are in deeper sh*t than ever.

  11. Corbett and the GOP all ready playing dirty. Funny Crawley got more votes then Corbett. Republicans didn’t have much of a choice on Tuesday. I am going to work very hard to get Wolf elected. Corbett must go.

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