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PA-Gov: Pennsylvania Will Continue to Accept Syrian Refugees

libertybellThe Keystone State will continue to welcome Syrian refugees.

According to John Micek of the Patriot-News, Pennsylvania’s policy will not be affected by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

“We must not lose sight of the fact that families leaving Syria are trying to escape the same violence and unimaginable terror that took place in Paris and Beirut,” Gov. Wolf’s spokesman Jeffrey Sheridan. “To assist the settlement of families fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the federal government coordinates with local charitable organizations in Pennsylvania and other states. Pennsylvania will continue working with the federal government to ensure that all individuals have gone through the proper screening process.”

Gov. Tom Wolf wants “Pennsylvania to continue to build on its rich history of accepting immigrants and refugees from around the world but he is also committed to protecting Pennsylvanians and will work with the federal government to ensure it is taking every precaution necessary in screening those families coming into the country,” Sheridan continued.

In the last few days, the Governors of Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana and Texas have all stated that they will not accept any refugees in the immediate future.

17 Responses

  1. Gov. Wolff is basically saying, “Screw you, voters. I said what you wanted to hear to get elected. Now I will do what I want regardless of what you think.” I’m not necessarily against helping refugees get a second chance, but I am against a governor, or president, who ignore the pleas of his constituents.

  2. As long as this will get shoved down our throats, they should go go to York County with Wolf, and they can find the wolves in sheep clothing. Where is this money going to come from to take care of this mess, when we can even take care of our own?

  3. President Obama has ruined America with his Executive orders and stupid cowardly decisions concerning ISIS! Please don’t follow in his footsteps and ruin the State where i was born and raise my family! You have a responsibility to follow the wishes of a majority, you will find the majority of Penna. residents are against taking these people in!!!! You were elected to lead, get a set and do what it right and protect us against potential attacks by saying No to the refugees!!!!!

  4. So Gov Wolf wants to import the same misery afflicting Syria to pastoral Pennsylvania. What a jerk. Wolf obviously doesn’t care about Pennsylvania citizens and tax payers as much as he does about placating his overlord in Washington, and trying to stuff the ballot boxes here with more forced liberal voters. I wonder if this is an impeachable offense, as the presence of these fake refugees aka terrorists-in-veils is a clear and present danger to our state and citizenry.

  5. Sad that there’s so many hateful, un-Christian bigots reading this blog and posting their hatred in the comment section.

  6. Another sign this man has NO CLUE. Stop the legal/illegal immigration of all! Do like France and close all borders.

  7. Dozens of KKK chapters in PA, hundreds of PA churches preaching hate (and sometimes violence) toward gays and others they don’t like. Pennsylvania already has religious extremists! I think that carefully screened Syrian refugees are the least of our Commonwealth’s problems.

  8. What real leadership looks like. We already have Syrian veterans here in Scranton. They are welcome. Why is it that conservatives seem to want to repeat their treatment of Jewish refugees before and during WWII

  9. gulag, while you’re begging for money online, please beg for some money to house these refugees on Cuba or some place.

  10. Governor Wolf, you are making the biggest mistake of your political life. What will it take for this country to understand that we are at war? Allowing 10,000 refugees into this country is simply insane. Governor Wolf, your responsibility is the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — not to Syrian refugees.

  11. Please stop immigration for the time being…..our Country is at war. We isolated our enemies during WWI and WWII, why are we not protecting our citizens from the increase presence of ISIS in this Country. I feel for the Syrians, but not all of them are fleeing, some are ‘landing’…

  12. Note that all 6 of the States vowing to ban refugees are run by GOP, and most are in the South. So it is political opposition to Obama more than intelligent policy. On a practical note, exactly how are they going to stop a legal refugee from moving to their State? Post the National Guard at their State borders to ask everyone for “Papers please”?

  13. Allowing a few properly vetted refugee families from Syria is hardly risky for PA. What is more risky is GOP/Tea Party nutcases already here.

  14. Right, because what is more important:
    Liberal policies.
    The safety of Americans.

    Thank you for making it clear Gov. Wolf

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