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PA-Gov: Pennsylvania Working Families Endorses Tom Wolf

Tom-WolfTom Wolf has secured another endorsement in his bid for governor, this time from the new progressive political group, Pennsylvania Working Families.

Even though Working Families believes Wolf is considered “a lock to win” on Election Day, the group nonetheless is still advocating for Wolf as the right man to get their agenda passed.

“We are going door to door in swing senate districts building support for the minimum wage increase”, says Kati Sipp, Director of PA Working Families. “That means that regardless of who controls the Senate, we’ll be able to show that support for minimum wage cuts across party ines, so that our next governor Tom Wolf can be sure of getting a vote on it and other key issues for working Pennsylvanians.”

Tom Wolf, on receiving the endorsement, said, “I am running to strengthen our economy, education system, and infrastructure while loosening the hold of special interests. The endorsement of PA Working Families will help me with those fights by helping me build grassroots support.”

The goal of PA Working Families and its sister organizations is to win back rights for workers in a number of states. Fighting for higher minimum wage is one of the top goals.

Since the early days of his campaign, Wolf has called for a higher minimum wage, voicing his support of raising it to $10.10 an hour.

11 Responses

  1. dave ok I except your chalnge cuz there are lots a poles saying guvenore corbitt is gonna win again and itll be in a land slide, there are meny meny poles proveing it, how is it you aint never seeing thiose polls that prove it. the way it works in penna is guvs. get two terms and than the other partie gets to be goevenor for 2 tms.

  2. John Interval: First, Tom Wolf ran the Department of Revenue, not the Treasury. Second, neither the Secretary of Revenue nor the Treasurer sets tax rates nor policies. It is the General Assembly that determines what taxes Pennsylvanians pay.

  3. @Chris Martinez

    First of all, Mr. Martinez, you are correct that I know nothing about you and I apologize that I offended you. I meant no harm and only wanted a polite and civil conversation. I am sorry.

    What bothers me is your lack of proof on new polls showing Corbett ahead of Tom Wolf. Please, tell me where you seen these polls. What sources are telling you Corbett will win? I want to see them myself. Every legitimate polling firm has Wolf beating Corbett by double digits. Polls from Franklin & Marshall College, Rasmusen, RealClear Politics, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Election Projection and Quinnipiac. They all have Wolf beating Corbett. Wherever you got your polls, they are wrong. DEAD wrong and skewed in favor of Corbett.

    Mr. Martinez, I propose to you a friendly contest here and now in full view of the public. When the results come in on November 4th, and if Corbett pulls out a win, I will publicly acknowledge that you were right and I was wrong and that every poll was wrong. If Wolf wins, I will call you out and ask for you to acknowledge that you were wrong and that your polls were wrong. Will you join me Mr. Martinez? Just for fun!

  4. dav, their are new poles showin how guevnor coribtt gonna win the other 4 yrs of his 2 terms in a land slide, that’s for sure, and you aint even know nothing bout me or me backround, I got good education long time and smarter then you,

  5. Wolf is a tax maniac! He would kill industry growth and Tax everything possible. This guy already ran the Treasury and found no waste just more taxes. That’s not new or fresh. No plan all ego!

  6. @Chris Martinez

    Mr. Martinez, stop living in a fantasy world. Tom Corbett is done and will lose big in November. Everyone knows that it has been tradition for political parties to serve 8 years and switch with the other for another 8. Well, haven’t you ever heard how that things can change?They can and they will. Every poll is showing exactly what the Pennsylvania electorate is feeling: Tom Corbett is a failure and Tom Wolfe will win in November. Wherever you pull your poll numbers aren’t grounded in reality. If you still refuse to accept reality, go to This is the best place to go where all the polls and predictions are solid. Every election, this site has accurately and correctly predicted the outcomes. Face Mr. Martinez, Corbett is done.

    Finally, Mr. Martinez, I ask you to please get help on how to write, spell and use the English language correctly. No offense, but you sound uneducated and no one can really take you seriously. I am not trying to be mean in any way. All I am trying to do is educate you in the facts in reality. Good day to you.

  7. John Wolfe is a good guy but so is guevenor coribtt and he gonna win in a land slide becuz the way it work in penna is each partie gets 8 yrs in the job than the other partie gets 8 yrs.,

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