PA-Gov: Planned Parenthood President Hammers Gov. Corbett (VIDEO)

Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, released a new video today. In the video, she lists ten reasons why Pennsylvania women cannot afford another four years of Tom Corbett.

The ten reasons are:

10. Tom Corbett told Pennsylvania women to just close their eyes when it came to government-mandated ultrasounds.

9. He wants to block funding for Planned Parenthood’s preventive services, including life saving screenings for breast and cervical cancer.

8. He signed a law prohibiting insurance companies from covering abortion, even in emergencies.

7. Tom Corbett has done little to address economic and social inequalities that women face. On Women’s Equality Day, he tweeted about National Dog Day.

6. He enacted a law to make it harder for people to vote.

5. Tom Corbett opposes comprehensive sex education.

4. He supports letting bosses at corporations like Hobby Lobby deny you access to affordable birth control.

3. He enacted medically unnecessary restrictions intended to end safe and legal abortion access for Pennsylvania women.

2. Offensive statements – like when he proposed privatizing liquor sales so women could get home to dinner faster.

1. Pennsylvania, you have a phenomenal alternative, Tom Wolf.

The video ends with Richards saying, “Tom Wolf will do what Corbett has refused to do: protect women’s health and rights.”

Planned Parenthood has been a constant thorn in Governor Corbett’s side throughout this campaign. The Pennsylvania affiliate began releasing items from the list several weeks ago; Richards’ video unveiled number one.

The fact that the organization’s President took the time to make this video just days before the election, though, indicates how important defeating Pennsylvania’s Governor is to Planned Parenthood.

31 Responses

  1. 97% of what Planned Parenthood provides is education and basic health care services. Not everyone can agree on the abortion issue, but I hope that PA women can agree that someone else limiting their personal decisions is wrong.

  2. Roberta, What?, Julie A, Hands, Medical waste of time, Philly4lies, & McCrazy – How about y’all join me in the games as tribute at the polls on election day and we’ll see who comes out as the victor! (progressive, inclusive women and Tom Wolf or stilted, fear-mongering delusionals and their clumsy Corbett) – LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  3. Any abortion (dismemberment, brain drain, etc.), Any time. That’s what our tax dollars go to so Planned Parenthood can lobby away.

  4. Republicans hate black folks, so Republicans should be very supportive of Planned Parenthood because it helps pregnant black women have abortions, and that in turn helps to control the black population.

  5. The women who’ve been touched by abortion know that it effects all of your health for all of your life. Once the check clears at Planned Parenthood, they pat themselves on the back and say, “we saved her from raising another city kid in poverty.” That’s not women’s health, it’s an agenda.

  6. If Tom Wolf is for change, then he shouldn’t want Planned Parenthood, which makes money on a business model straight out of the dark ages or eugenics, publicly endorsing him.

  7. The issues that Cecile Richards lists in the video are all important to me as a woman voting in Pennsylvania. I see others defending the offensive comments he has made about women & minorities and defending his policies that interfere in our health care decisions. Those people are so out of touch with what is important to me and continue to reaffirm that I have made the right decision to vote for Tom Wolf!

  8. It’s not about politics for me at this point. I want someone to govern who I know will respect my family, my community and me. From what I’ve seen and heard so far, Tom Wolf is going to be that change in PA (or at least it’s worth giving a chance, given the alternative!!).

  9. This is hilarious, what’s next, a comparison to Putin?! Sounds like a bunch of republican white males who know they’re about to lose their governor and their jobs in a few days.

  10. Wow, after that video, I am closer than ever to voting for Corbett. 9) That is a FEDERAL LAW and you know it. 7) What day is this? When? 5) Sex ed? Oh that issue from 1975? 4) Hobby Lobby did NOT deny anyone birth control! OMG, what lies- Matter of fact, I AM voting for Corbett.

  11. Go PP! Its about time for politicians like Tom Corbett to stop shamming women. Got vote this year ladies!

  12. I have a heartbeat and feel pain. The only bigger butchers than ISIS work at Planned Parenthood.

  13. GO PA women! So AWESOME to see folks like Cecile (and Lena Dunham) bringing statewide & national attention to the atrocious wrongs unleashed upon all the people of PA by Corbett and his cronies (women, men, LGBTQ…the list sadly seems almost endless). The people of PA have had enough of this embarrassing fool representing our proud state! NO MORE CORBETT!

  14. I’m innocent. Please don’t suck my brains out Planned Parenthood supporters. #WorseThanFergusonCops

  15. Fantastic video!!! Thanks so much Planned Parenthood and Cecile! Can’t wait to vote Tues and get Corbett and his out of touch policies gone for good.

  16. Thanks to Planned Parenthood for this great ad! And to Cecile Richards for helping us make Tom Corbett a one term governor.

  17. Women won’t be closing their eyes at the voting booth when they vote Corbett OUT! I can’t wait. Thank you, Planned Parenthood for putting all the facts out there so clearly: Corbett is bad for women and bad for Pennsylvania!

  18. This the same Planned Parenthood founded on controlling the black population and collecting money for that cause a few years ago?

  19. A planned parenthood volunteer knocked on my door the other day and talked about the elections. Cool to see them standing up for women’s rights in a big way this year.

  20. Our tax dollars at work for an organization that thinks abortion trumps any of our God given rights.

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