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PA-Gov: PPP Poll: Wolf 55% Corbett 30%

Tom-WolfAnother poll has brought bad news for the Corbett campaign.

According to the latest results from Public Policy Polling (PPP), Democratic nominee Tom Wolf holds a strong 25-point lead over Governor Corbett (55% to 30%).

These numbers are in line with results from Rasmussen earlier this week that showed Wolf with 51% and Corbett with 31%. Though both are dependable polling firms, Rasmussen tends to be Republican-leaning and PPP Democratic-leaning.

Corbett’s job approval stands at 27% with 58% disapproving. Wolf, meanwhile, is viewed favorably by 47% of respondents and unfavorably by 20%. 33% answered that they were not sure.

The former Department of Revenue Secretary leads among both men and women although his margin among women (58-25) is significantly larger than his margin among men (51-36).

When broken down by party, Wolf takes 79% of Democrats against Corbett’s 10%. Like in the Rasmussen poll, though, Wolf is the choice of about a quarter of Republicans. The Democrat has a 63% to 20% advantage over the Governor among independents.

Some of Corbett’s difficulty may be traced back to trouble with his base. While he is supported by a solid 71% of those who said they were “very conservative”. His lead among “somewhat conservatives” is just ten points (46% to 36%). Wolf also runs away with 64% of self-identified moderates against 18% for the incumbent.

Finally, Wolf’s lead holds across all races and age groups.

Once again, we must emphasize it is very early in this race but still Governor Corbett can’t be happy with these results.

PPP surveyed 835 registered voters from May 30th to June 1st. The margin of error for the survey is plus or minus 3.4%. 80% of interviews for the poll were conducted over the phone with 20% interviewed over the internet to reach respondents who don’t have landline telephones.

14 Responses

  1. Tom Corbett is gonna make a big comeback and win a second term is my feeling. He’s nothing at all that people say he is. You just watch and see. It can happen.

  2. Good luck with your fundraising with numbers like this, Tom Corbett. You’ll need it. Where are the former board members of the Second Mile when you need them?

  3. I can’t believe anyone is actually questioning the accuracy of a 25 point result and worrying about whether the pollster is “left-leaning”.

    They could be off by 20 points and still be right about the outcome. That’s how badly Corbett is going to lose. It would to be epic (if it wasn’t going to be so anti-climactic, since we already know the outcome).

    If the race were tight, +/- 2 points, then, sure, a little polling bias might be taken into account. But, 25-points? That’s a solid lead no matter how weak the pollster might be.

    Corbett’s own internal polls must be saying the same thing. He’s going to lose. And he’s going to lose BIG.

  4. Even Corbett & Brabender must know this race is over. If TC remains on the top of the ticket there will be collateral damage down ballot Wow, imagine Pilleggi and Scarnati in the Senate minority! Turzai unable to hold a working majority in the House! Corbett appears willing to take his party down in flames to satisfy his own ego.

  5. Wouldn’t adding Rob Gleason to the UPMC-Highmark peace talks improve the Corbett numbers??? Chairman Gleason is more interested in insurance than the PAGOP so he would be a perfect member to broker peace in our time!!!

  6. Shouldn’t the Tom Corbett campaign of 2014 be the first in PA history to offer donors a refund, while the campaign is still active?

  7. Weekend at Bernie’s: The prequel to the Corbett re-election campaign movie.

  8. A political website should know which polling firm was THE most accurate during the last election cycle. You characterization of PPP as “left leaning” is sloppy journalism, at best, and pandering to your employers, at worst. While it has been demonstrated empirically that Rasmussen is amonth the LEAST accurate (just above Gallup), and it almost always errs to the right, PPP has been shown to be the MOST accurate, and its errors have been in both directions.

    Get educated, editor.

  9. Sure, but what does Acting Governor Brabender have to say about all this?

  10. I hear that Cobett, McCord and Schwartz are forming a Wolf-polling-results support group. 🙂

  11. He shoul drop out for the good of the party. They can run Cawley he will keep it within single digits.

  12. Hahahahahahaha. We’re all going to work so hard to make sure Corbett is DOOMED!

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