PA-Gov: PPP Poll: Wolf’s Approval Rating Stands at 40%

Governor-WolfPennsylvania citizens have now had about five months to form an early opinion regarding the Wolf administration. After a four day surveying period, Public Policy Polling collected data regarding the approval rating of Governor Wolf.

Pennsylvanians were asked the question, “Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Tom Wolf’s job performance?” Overall, Wolf received a 40% approval rating, while 35% answered that they disapproved. Another 25% were unsure.

PPP also asked for each respondent’s’ party affiliation. As many would predict, the majority of those who approve of Wolf are Democrats (62%), while a majority of those who say they disapprove of Wolf are Republicans (56%). Independents disapprove by a 41 to 33 margin.

Additionally, the poll also examined other demographic information, such as gender, race, and age. More women (47%), seem to approve of Wolf in comparison to men (33%). Wolf also sees his highest approval percentages coming from African Americans (63%), while Caucasians are almost equally split regarding approval/disapproval (38%/37%). The Governor is above water among almost every age group with 18-29 year-olds being his biggest supporters (44%). Only among those 65 or older disapprove of Gov. Wolf more than they approve.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 799 registered voters from May 21st to 24th. 80% of interviews were conducted over the phone while 20% interviewed over the internet. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 3.5%.

12 Responses

  1. Lee, let me get this straight. You libs have compelled me to pay for others by deducting money from my paycheck and putting it into a poorly managed fund. Now your response to my criticism of that practice is to say, “Keep paying in, but relinquish any right to get some of your money back”? Did I get that right?

  2. Larry…….. Just sign off from receiving your Social Security and Medicare benefits. That shows me you are a true believer in less government but we both know your not going to do that. Talk the talk. Walk the walk.

  3. Libs like Wolf would tax the air if the legislature allowed it. Wolf and Governor McGinty will keep taxing everything, especially money-producing things like shale gas, until Pennsylvania becomes Detroit. Then, surveying the smoldering ruins of a once-vibrant state, Wolf and Governor McGinty will say, “We did it!”

  4. Lee, I see that you understand socialism about as well as “We’ve heard it all before.” Republicans believe in core government functions, so no, the police and the military are not socialist concepts. Medicare and Social Security are definitely Democrat ideas that arise from the idea that limousine liberals know better than poor dumb minorities (libs really are the most racist people on the planet).

  5. All this negativity and sarcasm from Republicans trolling these sites . What would be your answer four more years of Corbett giving the State away to Oil & Gas corporations at the eense of educating our children. To all you people who don’t like so called socialism programs please if you are serious about that belief sign your name to a list giving up your Social Security and Medicare benefits. That will show how strong you believe in every person for themseves. I don’t believe there will be many takers.

  6. Can I hope that Pennsylvania voters are coming to their senses?

    Can I hope that Republican leadership, a term used loosely, will read this as a rejection of anti-energy policies and more and more taxes, debt and union special privilege?

  7. I love when Observer floats snarky comments. As an ardent defender of Kathleen Kane, Observer is a complete joke.

  8. Don’t forget the socialist fire department; police protection, the military; street and highway repair; public libraries; public schools; government loans for college, grants and scholarships; in fact, all kinds of government grants for research, business start-ups, any kind of corporate welfare; airport security; Medicare; and on and on…

  9. “Socialism! Oh, No!” Lololol… I hope Silence refuses Social Security, because that program is PURE Socialism! And any form of health insurance? Also socialism. What a maroon.

  10. Dreadful beginning for a “Fresh Start”. That’s what happens when cede your power to radical advisors who openly talk of wealth distribution and socialism. Congrats, after you veto popular issues, you’re One-Term Tom II!

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