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PA-Gov: President Obama to Campaign with Tom Wolf

Barack+Obama+President+Obama+CampaignsPresident Barack Obama will be coming to the Keystone State this month.

The President plans to campaign for gubernatorial nominee Tom Wolf in the final days before the midterm elections.

According to Edward Isaac-Dovere of Politico, this is part of the President’s strategy of focusing on Governor’s races throughout the country.

“President Barack Obama’s final week on the campaign trail will be all about governors,” he writes. “In the closing days of the midterm races, Obama will be on the ground in Milwaukee for Mary Burke; Philadelphia for Tom Wolf; Portland, Maine for Mike Michaud; and the Detroit area for Mark Schauer, a White House official said Wednesday.”

Most of the President’s efforts will be going towards fundraising and raising turnout among Democratic constituencies. For example, Obama is appearing in major cities in all of the states he plans to campaign in.

The White House is generally avoiding congressional races, with Michigan Senate nominee Rep. Gary Peters being the only such candidate the President will appear with.

Additionally, all the states the President will be visiting are blue states that voted for him twice and where the Democrats have decent to good odds of winning.

“Wolf, meanwhile, is looking like the Democrats’ surest shot for a pick-up, with polls for months showing him way ahead of Gov. Tom Corbett,” Isaac-Dovere writes of the PA Gov race.

While the President’s approval ratings in PA are fairly low, he is still very popular in Philly and the Wolf campaign will need a high turnout in the state’s most populous city.

First Lady Michelle Obama will be appearing with Wolf this morning in Philadelphia as well and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dropped by last week.

6 Responses

  1. Yeah, yeah, same thing different President.Wolf is taking a risk, but, if Phila. turns out very large, bye-bye Corbett.

  2. Isn’t President Obama supposed to be running a country or protecting the US from ISIS and Ebola? While I know he wants to elect fellow Democrats, maybe the October Surprise should be that he stays in DC and just does his job rather than tell Pennsylvania voters how to do theirs.

  3. @Hey I was surprised by this as well. Maybe he’s stumping specifically for Philly? I think the turn out for the primary was around 19% in the city…

  4. goevernor corbitt aint need no brakes cuz he gonna win a gain in a land slide their aint no dout about that cuz he all ready is goevnoer and the way it works in penna is goevnors are aloud to be guv for 8 yrss. before they gotta let the other party be guv,

  5. So Wolf is taking a risk here. Anyone see this the same way? Obama approval rating low and Pa beyond Philadelphia and Pittsburgh don’t care much for him.

    That and the fact that Wolf has confirmed that he will raise taxes on basically anyone who makes money….where’s the winning strategy here?

    Team Corbett are getting some breaks they may or may not deserve.

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