PA-Gov: Quinnipiac Poll: Wolf’s Approval Rating Makes Small Jump To 41%

Wolf-VideoTom Wolf’s numbers are slowly improving.

According to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, Governor Wolf has a 41% approval rating with a 46% disapproval score.

While far from spectacular, this is a 5 point increase from last month’s poll. In May, Gov. Wolf was dealing with a 41-56 split so he saw a ten point swing.

It is possible this is a result of Wolf signing the liquor reform bill and taking a more conciliatory track in his second attempt at a budget.

Governor Wolf now has a positive approval rating among the following groups: Democrats (63/22), non-whites (47/27), women (46/41), those with a college degree (46/45) and 18-34 year-olds (43/33).

White women are split 45-45 while the rest remain under water.

This survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University using live interviewers calling land lines and cell phones from June 8th to 19th. They contacted 950 registered voters in Pennsylvania. The margin of error is +/- 3.2%.

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6 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Quinnipiac Poll: Wolf’s Approval Rating Makes Small Jump To 41%”

  1. D. Miller says:

    Wolf proves that he doesn’t hate the oil and gas industry which which is important in western pa, any signs like a reform. Both very important to many Pennsylvanians so this is not surprising that he is seeing an uptick

  2. Katy Otto says:

    So grateful that he has vowed to veto the dangerous, extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or fetal anomaly. Thank goodness we have Wolf! Grateful for him.

  3. Spambot says:

    The man stood strong from the beginning against the Zappala mafia and their union cronies. He beat Tommy, the mob’s garbage man while the republicans punished everyone else down the ticket in a 17% turnout. He gets a pass for being alert to the black hand and maybe even aiding it’s destruction in Pa.

  4. Katie McGinty says:

    I really was the first woman in my family to go to College. That’s what I said.

  5. Katie McGinty says:

    I was the first member of my family to approve of Tom Wolf.

  6. eleanor says:

    He is fearful of losing more House and Senate seats this year so he’ll double down on taxes next year. Unless the R’s stay in control.

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