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PA-Gov: Rasmussen Poll: Wolf 51% Corbett 31%

Tom-WolfDemocratic nominee Tom Wolf has gotten quite the post-primary bounce.

In the first poll released after the former Department of Revenue Secretary won the Democratic primary, Tom Wolf holds a twenty point lead over the Governor.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 51% of likely voters would support Wolf while 31% would vote for Governor Tom Corbett. Only 14% of respondents were undecided.

As expected, Wolf is supported by 83% of Democrats yet only 59% of Republicans favor Corbett. Wolf pulls away 25% of PA Republicans and holds a ten point lead among independents.

Meanwhile, among those surveyed Governor Corbett’s job approval is 36% with 59% of voters disapproving of his performance.

On the issues, Wolf leads across the board. On the question as to whom the voters trust more on handling social issues the Democrat has a 51-27 advantage. 46% trust Wolf more when it comes to his handling of government and corruption while 26% trust Corbett.

The Democrat even holds the lead on questions like taxes and government spending. Voters trust Wolf by a 47-30 margin on the former and by a 46-30 margin on the latter.

Suffice it to say this is not good news for the incumbent. Additionally, Rasmussen is generally considered a Republican-leaning, though thoroughly credible, polling organization.

The silver linings for Gov. Corbett are that Wolf is just coming off an impressive win in the Democratic primary which usually juices a candidate’s numbers. There is also the high probability that PA Republicans will come back home and get behind Corbett eventually. Finally, this is just the beginning of the general election race, so the Governor has all of summer and the fall to close the gap.

The survey of 750 Likely Voters in Pennsylvania was conducted on May 27-28, 2014 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

28 Responses

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  2. Will the discussions between UPMC and Highmark be as rigged and staged as a Johnny Depp PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN SWORD FIGHT?? Keep the Corbett Team away from the healthcare honey jar!!

  3. THE BRABENDER-CORBETT CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD OR WESTERN PA HEALTH CARE WARS: As has been often reported, there is a war in Western PA between Highmark and UPMC. These large institutions control the majority of the Western PA healthcare market: UPMC from the provider side and Highmark from the insurance side. The public is being scared to death. It wants open access to health care providers in the region; employers want cost containment. While UPMC and Highmark are both state-regulated, standing in the honey pot of this controversy are Corbett administration officials and advisors. Gromis-Baker is the wife of Scotty Baker, the head of Government affairs for World Class Jeff Romoff of UPMC. The rumored strategic political advisor and producer of those wonderful Highmark ads telling the truth about the UPMC system is the Brabender-Cox team supposedly led by former long-time Corbett Chief of Staff Baby Brain Nutt. Considering the number of taxpayers and voters that buy health insurance in Western PA, isn’t this conflict of interest, breach of the public trust and lack of transparency by the Corbett Administration far worse than Christie’s Bridgegate scandal? Quite frankly, I’m sick of the Post-Gazette, asking Corbett to solve this healthcare war, while both sides buy thousands and thousands of dollars of ads. If what I’ve been hearing is true, the Tom Corbett Administration cannot resolve the UPMC-Highmark wars, until Tom and Sue Corbett stop allowing their top political advisors to enrich themselves at the expense of Tom Corbett’s very survival and that of the voters and taxpayers in Western Pennsylvania. It will probably take some firings to resolve these terrible conflict of interests in the Corbett Administration, but as Brabender said himself about Christie, “sometimes the public likes a tough guy.”

  4. He does kind of have a point- repeating the same thing over and over again and it never catches on. That is idiotic. I’m sure there is some substance to your comments but man the moronic catch phrases take away from it. The caps lock too.

  5. No one rides a corpse like Acting Governor Brabender. He and the Bakers are doing to the corpse of Tom Corbett what they did to the corpse of Rick Santorum. While the GOP consulting class has its frolic on the rotting flesh of a dead Pennsylvania Republican politician, the cronies pocket their no bid contracts, and the lobbyists line their pockets. The taxpayer is leaderless, lost and forlon searching for the funeral cortege.

  6. I hear there is a little budget crisis in Harrisburg. Maybe Acting Governor Brabender should leave his Virginia horse farm and do some damage control here in the Keystone State. I am for Government FOR THE PEOPLE, ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE; NOT UNELECTED GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLICAN CONSULTING CLASS! PABudget: “We may actually receive less money than last year.” – Keystone Politics

  7. HERE IS ACTING GOVERNOR BRABENDER ON CNN SPINNING FOR RGA Chair CHRIS CHRISTIE: Our Dark Prince declares that he does crisis management (Hello-there is a crisis in Harrisburg and 111 State St.). Our Acting Governor Brabender likes bullies who show humility; Sounds like World Class UPMC Jeff Romoff, recent political marriage partner of Tom Corbett.

  8. Eric Bradway Former Lower Merion Constable Is running a Write In Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania

  9. PSU — what exactly did Corbett do to “mess with Penn State nation”? He successfully prosecuted a child predator among your ranks. So, you either support child predators, or you are one of the gullible folks who fell for Kathleen Kane’s gibberish about how Corbett mishandled the prosecution. That case was prosecuted by the book and could not have been done any better. Jumping right into prosecuting after one victim emerged would have jeoprodized every other case. Learn what you’re talking about before reaching conclusions.

  10. D. Miller: If the Delaware issue is so important (even though so many other corporations register there) why won’t Republican Governor Corbett get both Republican-controlled legislative housed to close the “Delaware loophole”? It could be Corbett’s first legislative accomplishment and springboard to closing the 20-point deficit he faces against governor-elect Tom Wolf.

  11. Tom Corbett is the only guy who could let the Brabender/Gleason team insult his family dogs. In light of this Rasmussen polls, (Rasmussen is Fox News and Megyn Kelly’s favorite pollster), I offer this love song to wolves. I bet even the Corbett dogs are HOWLING tonight. Friends this Gubernatorial race is Wolfman versus Vampires. Like most PA taxpayers, I’ve had enough of the Corbett/Acting Governor Brabender Vampires committing political necrophilia and sucking the life out of this state. Here is song for the inner Wolf that lies within all of us:

  12. Brad Bumsted of THE TRIBUNE REVIEW wrote a very revealing article about the Tom Corbett/Brabender team using the Wolf species to attack Tom Wolf. This is outrageous! There would be no lovable canines without Wolves. There would be no Corbett family dogs without wolves!! The Corbett/Brabender team have committed a major unforced error by these mailers. Enough is Enough. Without the Wolf There Is No Dog | Psychology Today

  13. It looks like the acting governor and his mortuary assistants will go back and follow the autopsy report on the Santorum vs. Casey race. The corpse of Corbett has not been embalmed and the necrophiliacs are in full swing.

  14. I extend an invitation for a reception in my home, hosted by me (Maria Sweet nee Luciano Hernandez) with the leadership from Centre County and some of the PA Latino Leadership (Norman Bristol, Pedro Cortes et al). Dates would need to be coordinated. See me in FB Maria Luciano Hernandez, 77 years old, resident of Central PA since 1957.

  15. D. Miller-

    Corbett tried outsourcing the state lottery to a British firm.

    BTW, why is it a bad thing that a multi-state company creates jobs in more than one state?

  16. Nobody knows wolf is a fraud yet who’s outsourced pa jobs to Delaware and Indiana to avoid paying pa taxes. Yet he preaches about a shale tax. He’s just another out of touch millionaire who needs to inflate his ego.

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