PA Gov: Roll Call Changes Race from Leans Democratic to Likely Democratic

On Friday, Roll Call changed the ratings for 12 Gubernatorial races, including the race in Pennsylvania.

Nathan Gonzales changed the race between incumbent Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and GOP challenger,  Scott Wagner from “Leans Democratic” to “Likely Democratic.”

Out of the 12 ratings changes from the election analyst, 8 went in the favor of Democratic candidates, while 4 of them bring welcoming news to the Republican candidate.

“Governor Wolf is continuing to fight to change Harrisburg and move Pennsylvania forward,” said Karissa Hand, Wolf’s campaign Deputy Communications Director. “He will continue to focus on the issues that really matter to Pennsylvanians like making sure everyone has access to quality, affordable health care, more seniors have the opportunity to stay in their homes as they age, and expanding career and technical education and skills training.”

Inside Election rates each race on a scale from Solid, to Likely, to Lean, to Tilt, to Toss-up.

The Wagner campaign didn’t take much stock in the rating change and believe his message is connecting with voters in Pennsylvania.  

“By holding 12 town hall meetings, over 550 total events and 153 media interviews in this year alone, Scott has been able to spread his message of protecting paychecks for hardworking Pennsylvanians to every corner of the commonwealth,” said Andrew Romeo, Wagner for Governor spokesman. “Despite what some out of touch beltway insiders might think, that steady message is resonating everywhere he goes on the trail.”

The Wagner camp also pegged Wolf for having a “non-existing campaign” and believe his “tax-hiking record” will benefit him on election day.

36 states are electing Governors in November.

Republicans currently control 33 Governorships, while the Democrats control 16, and 1 Governor is an Independent.  

“At this point, Democrats are most likely to gain six to eight governorships this year,” said Gonzales. “But that range could change in the weeks ahead.”  

Correction: The article was update to remove Rep. Lou Barletta’s name and replace it properly with Scott Wagner. 

12 Responses

  1. I think Terry Madonna is a talented pollster but after reading an online article he published today blaming Wolf and Wagner for not running better campaigns it makes me wonder. Wagner is flat out terrible as a candidate for Gov–offends young person who asks him a question at an town hall,confronts a tracker at a country club meeting, says dumb things of various sorts–Wagner lacks the savy and polish of a Tom Ridge or Bill Scranton or his son Bill, III. I think Gov Wolf is doing fine with his campaign. Scott “Titan of Trash” Wagner is a really bad candidate for Gov.

  2. It hurt Wolf when Fetterman said that those who voted for Stein are responsible for TheRump being in office. That was stupid; an unforced error, both of the facts and of alienating a lot of his base, who voted for Stein. Oh well, Wagner is such a long shot that they will likely prevail. But that was a rookie mistake and hopefully someone is able to talk sense to John to prevent him from doing something so stupid again.

    1. It may be impolitic, but he’s not wrong. Stein voters are Trump voters. Until we change our first-past-the-post system, it’s just how it is.

      If they feel some regret or guilt about freeloading off of Democratic voters in a failed attempt to maintain some pseudo-moral high ground while hoping for a Democratic victory, that is fine by me. That guilt might be assuaged by voting Democratic this fall and helping fix this mess.

      1. Each of Stein’s 48,899 votes were for her. None for anyone else. It is asinine to state that. It is like saying red is really yellow.

        None of us feel regret or guilt about freeloading off of Democratic voters in a failed attempt to maintain some pseudo-moral high ground while hoping for a Democratic victory. I don’t even know what that means. Why would anyone feel guilty about voting for the best of the five balloted candidates? I can’t imagine why.

        How about the Write ins: 42,271? The 142,621 Johnson voters? The 20,914 Castle voters? I suppose the fact that the only candidate unpopular enough to lose to TheRump is all of our fault…and that we should somehow feel regret or guilt.

        May the person with the most EC votes win 2020 as well. I would hope each party runs that person who they feel can do that. Because polling since long before xmas 2015 showed Clinton barely beating or losing to all of the top 4 GOP frontrunners, including TheRump.

        1. Jill Stein was a joke. I don’t know how you could possibly think that she was the best of anything. I wouldn’t vote for her for dog catcher.

          Most of that campaign was smoke and mirrors- and DESIGNED to take votes away from the Democrats.

          “We invite Bernie to be on our ticket”

          “Vote for Jill- never Hill”

          You voted for Trump.

  3. The best is when Wagner talks about transparency one second and the next second dodges a question about his tax returns. Look, he and Barletta are clearly hoping for a repeat of 16. The conditions in play then are not now. Anything is possible but it is highly unlikely that either will come very close.

  4. Hopefully after November 6th, the citizens of Pennsylvania will never have to hear about Scott Wagner again…. unless he is picking up their garbage. And never let a pox like the Tea Party BS fall on us again. One has to wonder where they are with all the corruption and golf playing going on with Trump.

  5. “The Wagner campaign didn’t take much stock in the rating change”

    Because they know the real rating is: solidly Dem

    1. No they won’t. Their decimation will be the fault of communist media and public education. Both will immediately call for a corporate tax cut as the solution.

  6. Yep, Wagner is so concerned about protecting paychecks that he refuses to release his tax returns so his workers don’t realize how much money he makes.

    You just can’t make this stuff up. How do these campaign spokespeople say this stuff with a straight face?

    1. And still, some 40% or more of PA will vote for him. And many of those will cite the economy as their reason. It never ceases to astound me.

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