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PA-Gov Round-Up: McCord and Schwartz Rack Up Endorsements As They Chase Wolf

PA-Governor-Mansion2Rob McCord and Allyson Schwartz have staked much of their campaigns in recent days on attacking Tom Wolf with the former going as far as to bring up race in the last few days.

Unfortunately for them their negative focus has yet to move the poll numbers in any serious way. Just because the attacks aren’t working, though, doesn’t mean the race is over and both contenders scored some helpful endorsements this week.


Throughout the campaign, State Treasurer Rob McCord has sought to differentiate himself by compiling as many endorsements from local elected, party, and labor officials as possible. In this vein, McCord picked up the support of two more organizations this week. First, the candidate received the formal backing of the Philadelphia Eighth Ward Democrats.

“After hearing from the other campaigns, Treasurer McCord was head and shoulders above the rest,” said State Senator Larry Farnese (D-Phila.) and Eighth Ward Leader. “Our ward is a diverse ward, much like our commonwealth, and when it comes to fighting for education, protecting our environment, passing marriage equality, growing our economy, and creating jobs again in Pennsylvania he has the right plan to move us forward, so we were pleased to give Rob our endorsement.”

“It’s a pleasure to share my beliefs, experiences, and platform with some of this primary’s smartest and best-briefed voters, and I am personally grateful for this endorsement from a key ‘good government ward,’” McCord responded in thanks. “The enthusiastic voters in Philadelphia’s Eighth Ward are likely to make a big difference in this upcoming primary election, so I know there is a valuable Primary Day benefit to this endorsement as well. Like me, the voters and committee women and men of the Eighth Ward are horrified by what Tom Corbett has done to our educational system, our environment, and our economy – enough is enough!”

The 8th Ward of Philadelphia runs from Broad Street west to the Schuylkill River and from Lombard Street up to Spring Garden Street.

Additionally, McCord also got the endorsement of the Iron Workers Local Union 3.

“On behalf of the 1,800 men and women of the Iron Workers, Local Union 3 of Western Pennsylvania we are proud to endorse Rob McCord for governor,” said Greg Christy, Business Manager of Iron Workers, Local Union 3 of Western Pennsylvania. “When Rob told us about his firsthand experience with economic insecurity and his commitment to fighting for working families across Pennsylvania, we knew he had our support. We’re excited for primary day and we are ready to cast our vote for the man who will replace Tom Corbett as governor.”

“I’m proud to receive the support of the Iron Workers, Local Union 3 of Western Pennsylvania,” McCord said. “Hard working men and women from across the commonwealth are making their voices heard. They want better schools, more jobs, and a minimum wage that will help lift more people out of poverty – and I’m proud to fight for that. So come this fall, we will not only defeat and evict Tom Corbett, but we will finally bring the change we all want to see to Pennsylvania’s governor’s office.”

The Iron Workers Local Union 3 of Western PA consists of approximately 1,800 current and retired employees. According to the McCord campaign, this makes more than 457,000 union members that have endorsed them statewide.


Allyson Schwartz brought in a labor endorsement of her own, winning the support of the United Transportation Union, or S.M.A.R.T (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation).

“Allyson Schwartz has a proven track record of taking on the toughest fights for working families and winning,” said Paul A. Pokrowka, state Legislative Director and Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board of the United Transportation Union / S.M.A.R.T. “No other Democratic candidate for governor comes close to matching Allyson’s leadership on transportation and infrastructure policy or her bold plan to strengthen Pennsylvania’s roads, bridges and mass transit systems, including rail, aviation, and bus systems. We’re going to fight to get Allyson Schwartz elected governor, because we know in Harrisburg she will fight for us.”

“I am honored to be endorsed by the men and women of the United Transportation Union,” Schwartz stated. “They know firsthand that under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania working families are being left behind. As Governor, you can count on me to get things done for working families by focusing on growing the economy and jobs.”

“It’s unacceptable to me that our roads, bridges, and mass transit systems are among the worst in the country when we have skilled workers ready and eager get to work rebuilding and modernizing our state’s infrastructure and moving people and goods,” she continued. “I’ve announced a bold proposal called Build PA to do just that, and as Governor will work with UTU to put people back to work rebuilding our state.”


Meanwhile, in the Lieutenant Governor’s race the first candidates are starting to produceTV ads. Former Congressman Mark Critz has yet to hit the airwaves, although he did snag another endorsement from Western PA in the form of State Rep. Ed Gainey.

“I am proud to stand alongside Rich Fitzgerald, Mike Doyle, John Weinstein, Mike Finnerty and Jake Wheatley in supporting Mark Critz,” Gainey said. “He is a western Pennsylvania guy who understands the issues we face and whose experience will be a major asset to the Democratic ticket this fall. I look forward to working with him in Harrisburg.”

“It’s important that we match an eastern candidate for Governor with a western candidate for Lt. Governor, especially a tested candidate like Mark Critz” Gainey went on to say. “He knows all aspects of government from the federal, state and local level. He will make a great Lt. Governor.”

“My years of experience and my commitment to public service is registering with these great leaders,” stated Critz. “They know that if we are going to defeat Tom Corbett in the fall we need a ticket that is knowledgeable, engaging, and has the ability to bring out the vote. Those are my strengths.”


Finally, State Sen. Mike Stack won the backing of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of Americans for a Democratic Action.

“Senator Mike Stack stands apart from his opponents in the Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor by virtue of his four-term voting record supporting and leading fights on a broad spectrum of progressive issues,” wrote Jay McCalla, the Endorsement Committee Chair. “He has been a champion for reproductive rights, affordable health insurance, education funding, marriage equality, sensible gun law reforms, organized labor, cleaner air and water, the minimum wage and more. While others in the race take stands that reflect the progressive values advocated by the ADA, Mike Stack’s unrivaled voting record wins our endorsement.”


The Penn Ag Democrats endorsed the Harrisburg City Councilman for Lt. Gov. The group represents the so-called T of the state, or the area between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

“The PennAg Democrats are proud to endorse Brad Koplinski for Lt. Governor,” announced PennAg Dems President Mark McCracken, of Clearfield County. PennAg Dems Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Lucas, Dauphin County, added, “Of all the candidates, Brad has shown by far the most interest in the rural counties. We are particularly excited by his plans to promote rural development as Chair of the Local Government Advisory Committee, if elected.”

Upon receiving the endorsement, Harrisburg Councilman Koplinski stated, “I am very pleased to be endorsed by the PennAg Democrats. They fight for Democratic values and make sure that rural Pennsylvania has a voice in politics. Agriculture is a vital part of our Commonwealth and the concerns of those that that produce these resources deserve to be heard and respected.”

PennAg Dems Coordinator P.J. Monella, Centre County, noted that, “Koplinski has visited each of PA’s 67 counties at least once, and got nominating petitions from every county. He has demonstrated continuing interest in PennAg Dems’ issues, attending the organization’s events regularly over a period of years.”

4 Responses

  1. Wolf and McCord are in a closer race than meets the eye. McCord in getting 8th Ward in Philly and the 14th in Pittsburgh is tantamount to a tie with Wolf.

    Polls are off the table. Election day and turnout now matter. McCords people know this and this now explains the move on their part of the most recent days.

    They’ve shifted to a more focused ground game along with hearts and minds via media.

  2. Eric Bradway Former Constable of Lower Merion is running as a Write In Candidate for Governor on the Democratic ticket

  3. WHY CAROL AICHELE MUST RESIGN OR WE ARE ALL CORBETT FAMILY!!! So the State Department which is charged among other duties to promote a working democracy in PA failed in its bogus advice to Bob Guzzardi. I know that Carol is a 100% CORBETT political hack but shouldn’t she protect the interests of the 75% of the voting public who want Corbett to go to his retirement home in South Carolina, sooner rather than later? Bob Guzzardi: I know you see the world differently than Carol’s husband Steve Aichele, Corbett’s first FAILURE as Chief of Staff. The Aicheles got you good BOB; Now it is time for Carol to return to private life because her department is not representing the interests of PA: only those who want to continue feeding off the dead political body of Tom Corbett.

  4. It doesn’t matter what the desperate McCord campaign or the erratic Rob McCord himself may say or do. McCord’s history. As pointed out today in Philadelphia Magazine. This race is over. It doesn’t matter what’s said on the internet or what crazy ad McCord will air next. Pennsylvanians see McCord for who he really is, a mean, angry, arrogant little man, not to mention a huge liar. In fact, Pennsylvanian’s now regret voting him in as Treasurer.

    Published today in Philadelphia Magazine:

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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