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PA-Gov Round-up: Pawlowski Endorsed By Clergy, Myers Releases New Video

Mayor Pawlowski
Mayor Pawlowski

It was an eventful week for Democratic gubernatorial candidates Ed Pawlowski and Max Myers.

Pawlowski received the endorsement of a number of Philly clergy leaders while Myers unveiled a new web video detailing his proposal for a “Senior Security Act”.


Allentown Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Ed Pawlowski announced the support of several clergy leaders from Philadelphia on Monday.

At a meeting which took place in St. Timothy’s Church on E. Cumberland Street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, Pawlowski received the endorsements of several of the most prominent members of the city’s black clergy.

“I think he’s the most qualified candidate,” said Pastor Jared T. Crawford of Mount Zion Holy Church.  “Based on what he has accomplished in Allentown, he knows what is needed In order for the state of Pennsylvania to grow and reach new heights.”

“I’m supporting Mayor Pawlowski because of what he has done in Allentown,” said Bishop Frederick J. Cartwright, State Bishop of Pennsylvania in the Church of God and Christ International. “They way he has improved the inner- city there shows me what type of man he is, and Pennsylvania needs this type of leader.”

“I appreciated the support I received, on Martin Luther King Day, from the clergy here in Philadelphia,” said Pawlowski. “They recognize the success story that Allentown is today, and agree that I can duplicate this revitalization throughout our  commonwealth, and bring hope back to cities like Philadelphia.”

The support of some of Philly’s church leaders is a sign that Pawlowski is expanding his base from the Lehigh Valley to Southeastern PA, a transition he’ll have to make if he hopes to win the Democratic primary.


Max Myers, a pastor and military veteran, has had trouble making a name for himself among the crowded Democratic field. He has no political experience and frequently comes in at the bottom of most polling in the race, if he is included at all. Therefore, the candidate needs a way to differentiate himself from the pack and he hopes his proposal for a “Senior Security Act” will do just that.

On Tuesday, Myers released a new video accompanied by a press release touting the “Senior Security Act”. The plan would provide property tax relief and pension security for seniors through a financial transaction tax.

Myers’ financial transaction tax, or FTT, would be a fractional tax on the trading of stocks and bonds.

“An FTT is nothing new,” Myers states in his video. “New York has a FTT that generated more than $12 billion last year. This is an idea whose time has come. Those who can most afford to pay taxes need to step up to the plate.”

Myers’ plan is politically wise as it appeals to seniors, a reliable voting group that has yet to be specifically targeted in the Democratic campaign. If he can build support around his “Senior Security Act” he could be able to make a move in the polls.


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  1. The FTT ought to be a major part of this year’s debate. Myers’ Senior Security Act would cut property taxes as well as employer and employee contribution rates back to 2001 levels AND pay for the pension problem with a dedicated FTT that goes away when the pension problem ends. No one else has come up with a solution to the pension problem that doesn’t see property taxes increase by more than 1,650% for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, the Senate debates expanding gambling so that the middle class and poor can continue to shelter wealthier people from paying taxes.

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