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PA-Gov Round-Up: School’s Out for Summer?

PA-Governor-Mansion2The dog days of summer may seem like the least likely time to be talking about schools but yet that’s where we found ourselves in the Governor’s race this week.

The concerns about Philadelphia’s school funding and the questions about Gov. Corbett’s former Secretary of Education dominated the gubernatorial conversation in August’s first week.


Following the news that the state legislature would not being meeting this week to fix Philadelphia’s school funding situation, Governor Corbett advanced $265 million to the county. Wolf criticized the Governor’s actions as insufficient and accused him of “playing political games” with Philly’s schools.

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason shot back at the Democratic nominee, by stating that Wolf was the one playing politics.

“Today, Tom Wolf proved that he is just another politician,” Gleason said. “Tom Wolf has spent months lying about Governor Corbett’s record on state education spending, so it’s no surprise that he would not join with the governor to put the kids first. Instead Tom Wolf would rather use schools as pawns for his own political ambition. It is sad that Tom Wolf viewed an announcement about funding Philadelphia schools as a way to spread his negative campaign.”


Meanwhile, the Wolf-aligned PAC FreshStartPA hammered Corbett over allegations that his education advisor Ron Tomalis was barely working despite the ample pay and benefits of the position.

“Tom Corbett and his Education Secretary are covering up for a ghost-employee,” said Campaign for a Fresh Start spokesman Mike Mikus. “Tom Corbett needs to fire Ron Tomalis immediately, admit that they attempted a cover-up, and explain why his Department of Education is deleting emails on daily basis if he is going to regain the trust of Pennsylvania Taxpayers. The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know what Tom Corbett is hiding.”

The PAC also created and released their own YouTube video chronicling the case against Tomalis.

The group also compiled and posted another video which included current Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq’s curious comments that “we delete and cleanse [our emails] each evening.”

Overall, this week provided even more ammunition to the issue polls show voters care the most about, so expect to hear plenty more about education in the weeks and months to come.

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  1. eric Bradbury aint never gonna become goveenoro of penna as long as guv. corbitt is the guvenor. if Bradbury and john wolfe both are gonna run aginst corbit than the guv is gonna win a land slide and he gonna win a land slide anyways

  2. Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway should be Governor of Pennsylvania should be Governor of Pennsylvania You should Write him In on The First Tuesday Of November

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