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PA-Gov Round-Up: Wolf and McCord Trade Endorsements

PA-Governor-Mansion2The big news this week was the first shot across the bow that was fired by Rob McCord in his latest TV ad against Tom Wolf. While it wasn’t mean or vicious, it still represents the start of a new phase in the campaign.

Therefore, it only makes sense that this week’s round-up of gubernatorial election news would focus on these two candidates. This week we’ll take a look as Wolf and McCord trade political endorsements.


Last Saturday, Wolf held a press conference in Lancaster to announce the support of two prominent, local officials. State Rep. Mike Sturla and Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray voiced their support of Wolf’s candidacy and then joined him on a tour of the city’s Central Market.

Turns out this was just the beginning Wolf’s endorsements from lawmakers this week, as on Wednesday he received the support of two more State Representatives, Eddie Day Pashinski and Marty Flynn.

Pashinski is a four-term legislator whose district covers Wilkes-Barre and Flynn is a freshman representing Scranton.

“Tom Wolf has a commonsense plan to restore much needed resources to our education system and make gas companies pay their fair share,” Rep. Pashinski said. “Cities like Wilkes-Barre have suffered economically while gas companies have been let off the hook. I know Tom Wolf will stand with Pennsylvania families and that’s why I am standing with him.”

“Tom Wolf has made education his number one priority, and my priority is to help him get elected,” Rep. Flynn added. “Scranton public schools are in disrepair, and the state is holding money that we desperately need to repair our schools’ infrastructure. Northeast Pennsylvania cannot afford more funding cuts and broken promises – Tom Wolf will give our region the fresh start it needs to grow.”

“I am humbled to earn the support of Representatives Pashinski and Flynn,” said Tom Wolf. “Each of these leaders cares deeply about their community and understands that if Pennsylvania is to grow and thrive, we must invest in our future by focusing on education and standing up for middle-class families. I look forward to working with Eddie and Marty to help Northeast Pennsylvania grow.”


Meanwhile, McCord started his week off with another union endorsement. The State Treasurer picked up the support of the Scranton Federation of Teachers Local 1147.

According to the organization, STF Local 1147 is made up of about 1,000 current and retired employees. The McCord campaign stated that this endorsement brings the total membership of unions that are backing McCord to over 455,000.

“Scranton’s teachers are all in for Rob McCord,” said Rosemary Boland, President of the Scranton Federation of Teachers, Local 1147. “He knows what working families are going through and he isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work.  He’s taken the time to visit Pennsylvania classrooms, talk with teachers, parents, and administrators, and to come up with a bold plan that will demonstrate a real commitment to our students and schools.”

“My mom was a teacher, so it’s a personal honor, as well as a great boost to our campaign, to receive the endorsement of the Scranton Federation of Teachers, Local 1147,” said McCord. “Scranton’s schools, like the rest of Pennsylvania’s communities, have been hit hard by Tom Corbett’s misguided $1 billion in classroom funding cuts. The time for half measures has long since passed. Now is the time to go all in on our schools.”

McCord also scored the support of some State Reps., although these legislators are much higher on the totem pole than Wolf’s. On Thursday, McCord’s campaign announced that they have earned the endorsement of Democratic Leader Frank Dermody, Democratic Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Rep. Joseph Markosek and Chairman of the Allegheny County Democratic County Delegation Rep. Dom Costa.

“Getting the support of these three Western Pennsylvania champions – Dermody, Markosek, and Costa – is both exciting and humbling, because it shows that our plan to invest in education and working families is one that’s striking a chord, especially in places where people are really feeling the squeeze of the Corbett years,” said McCord.

“I’m endorsing Rob McCord for governor not just because he has the right background and experience, but because he will beat Tom Corbett in the general election,” Leader Dermody said. “When you look at what Rob has accomplished as a job creator, champion for working families, and as our state’s treasurer, it’s impressive. I want our next governor to work with both sides of the aisle and in both chambers of the legislature to get things done. Rob has proven he can do that, and so for me, Rob McCord was the easy choice to back for governor.”

12 Responses

  1. I am not impressed by those who post that, “I have Republican friends who will vote for Mr. Wolf”. After watching Mr. Corbett’s maddening management of PA and our State’s race to the bottom I will never be influenced by Republicans who voted for Corbett who now try to say they will vote for one democrat over another.

    Now that they know Governor Corbett is a loser they want someone they view as more toward being of their philosophy. Mr. Wolf’s ads indicate by his resume a business tilt to the average Republican. He will tax, according to his own ads, less for Fracking enforcement than what Mr. McCord would.
    In my travels through this state I can tell you that some of my Republican acquaintances know that whoever we Democrats nominate we have a large edge over corporate Corbett’s record of caving into special interests. And that includes thinking Republicans, most of whom told me “no way can they support Corbett”.

    I support Mr. McCord not because Mr. Wolf is a bad person but because those with Republican friends don’t understand that Democrats in this state must win this office for many reasons that have to do with issues that are not presently being addressed by Mr. Wolf’s great advertising appeal.

    What I see is a great way for Republicans who wouldn’t vote for Democratic Legislators to influence weaker Democrats is their attempt to concentrate on fluff instead of substantive issues. We thinking Democrats understand this race is about bringing sustainable business growth to PA through a sensible approach to better education that will insure companies that locate in PA a better trained and adaptable work force.

    Also, Mr. McCord has raised issues such as meaningful environmental appointments that would enforce existing rules vigorously because he is proposing double what Mr. Wolf is for charges to the Fracking industry. Mr. McCord is for not only schools but also for enforcement and only Mr. McCord is vigorous on both issues.

    The Republican way of thinking about progress is NOT the issue for thinking Democrats and using Republican friends as a bait to get Mr. Wolf into a Primary win isn’t really logical.

    The Republicans who understand reality know Mr. Corbett is not a good governor for any of the working people of PA. Not all Republicans are big corporate backers but all who back Corbett are.

  2. Don’t fall in the trap… Rob McCord is full of crap!!
    He has no integrity, he is arrogant and his lack of character speaks volumes. Just ask his own stepbrother. It’s no wonder that McCord’s ads have been ineffective. He outsourced jobs when he was in the private sector. McCord needs to do the job he was elected by us taxpayers to do. My guess is McCord comes in 3rd in the primary after splitting the southeast with Schwartz. Western and Central PA are solidly behind Wolf.

    Rob McCord outsourced good, hard working Pennsylvania jobs to India!

    Associated Press Article:
    Stepbrother calls Rob McCord a liar!

  3. People that know things aren’t glossy eyed. Most of the negative McCord comments sound like twenty something Wolf campaign workers based on their comments i.e. McCocky, McDork, etc.

    A Wolf win in the primary is not a victory for the D’s. You are right about the amount of baggage. The possibility that he can’t self fund through the general is indeed a problem as well.

  4. Why is everyone getting glossy eyed over Wolf? He can’t beat Corbett, it’s impossible. There’s more trash on him than in a land fill.

  5. Look, we’re all fellow Democrats and, more importantly, we’re all Americans. We have different opinions on who is the best candidate. We might want some different things. But all of this vitriol is simply unnecessary. If Tom Wolf is chosen as our candidate, I will be happy. If it’s Rob McCord, I will be happy. And so should the rest of you. If you’ve got a good reason why we should or should not vote for a given candidate, feel free to say so, but support your claim with facts and substance. Don’t just make assertions. We need to be better than that. If we can’t be better than that, we don’t deserve to lead.

  6. I’m voting for Tom Wolf, I have a lot of Ind. and Rep. friends who will vote for him in the general election. Wolf can and will be Corbett. We know he will have a good Treasurer. I think he should offer Hanger and Mcginty Jobs.

  7. Sad thing here is…voters who believe they are getting a candidate that has “walked in their shoes” are being duped by McCord. Revelations last week that McDork’s “school teacher mom” was actually a world famous college professor, dinged his credibility. Also, claims he was raised by a single-mom when on fact he had a loving stepdad in his life everyday from the 4th or 5th grade on..,help create a pattern of smoke and mirrors to win votes. Our only home is that PA voters are not so dumb that they would trust him. And where is the respect for the man he called “Dad?”

  8. Wow wowee. Committed McCord voter and uber-liberal Democrat here, Tom Wolf may not be my favorite, but he’s still far from being a Republican.

  9. There is a reason house leadership went with McCord. Hint: It’s not because Wolf is the best candidate.

  10. I spoke with 2 Republicans I work with today. The first one told me that Tom Wolf would be the first Democrat he’d vote for since 1992 when he voted for Ross Perot. The other told me that Tom Wolf would be the first Democrat he’d vote for in his lifetime. That’s very telling. More and more I hear about people, especially Republicans saying how impressed they are with Tom Wolf. I think Tom Wolf may be the best candidate in the fall and probably the only candidate who can beat Tom Corbett by the largest margin.

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