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PA-Gov: Schwartz Attacks Wolf Over Loan

schwarz v wolf

After months of congenial forums, last night the Democratic candidates for governor gave us a real debate.

In addition to the regular agreement on a myriad of issues, former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf’s personal loan became a hot topic after Rep. Allyson Schwartz put him on the hot seat, asking him to disclose the terms of the loan.

Last year, Wolf wrote a $10 million check to his campaign and it was recently revealed that about $4 million came from a loan he took from M&T bank, which he says was secured with personal assets.

During the debate, Schwartz spokesman Mark Bergman released the following statement:

In February 2014, at a gubernatorial candidate’s forum hosted by WHYY, Tom Wolf said, “I’ll share whatever…I’ll be happy to share whatever anybody wants to see.” As the campaign has drawn on, Wolf has not lived up to his promise of transparency. Tom Wolf owes Pennsylvania straight answers to some simple questions.

· What was the amount of the loan Wolf took to fund his campaign?
· What did Wolf use as collateral when he borrowed money to fund his campaign?
· If elected Governor, how will Wolf repay the loan?
· Will Wolf release the bank loan papers to the people of Pennsylvania?
· What does it mean that Pennsylvania will have a Governor millions in dollars of debt to a major banking institution that he might not be able to repay?

According to the Wolf campaign, the terms of the loan were already released in his statement of financial interest. He has yet to release the bank loan agreement but says that he will.

“Tonight, Allyson Schwartz proved that she is a typical politician who is behind in the polls. Tom Wolf answered all of her questions because he wants to be a different kind of leader for Pennsylvania,” Wolf spokesman Mark Nicastre said in a statement after the debate. “Tom Wolf focused on the issues that matter – education, economy, and government reform – while talking about how he will give Pennsylvania a fresh start. That is the kind of leadership Pennsylvania needs.”

So far, State Treasurer Rob McCord and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty have stayed out of the fray on this issue, but the back and forth between Wolf and Schwartz certainly changes the dynamic of this race.

Schwartz has consistently placed second in independent polling in the race, but falls at least 20 points short of Wolf. She recently began her television ad campaign, but with just six weeks left until the election, going negative against the frontrunner may be the only way to regain ground.

24 Responses

  1. I have decided to support Rob McCord because he has presented the strongest way to enforce oversight on the Fracking industry. He is about enacting enough taxes to fund a full and robust EPA in PA. The problem with Fracking and the environment is obvious when the powers that be legislate that the MD you use can learn what is in the Fracking solution but cannot tell you what he is treating you for. The legislature and the present governor have no idea of just how serious our present ecological problem of weather change and pollution is. They have no idea of just how fragile our underground waterways are or why the Fracking Industry must be fully regulated and how these laws must be strictly enforced.

    I am against fracking until we have all the answers but the world is real and I believe Rob McCord has found the best practical method of all the present candidates by backing the reality that adequate taxes and dedicated funding for enforcement lead to adequate regulations. Even if we don’t get a moratorium, which I have supported, the present laws will be enforced under McCord’s proposals.

    Rob has already strengthened our public funds in his position as treasure and he has done a good job of protecting senior funding by thwarting the Corbett lottery sale. He is a businessman who can bring business back to PA and he is realistic about his past business practices as a private citizen and his duties as a public official. In each vocation he has made reasonable negotiation his strong points. No person is perfect and I can only rely on the fact that Rob has done a very admirable job in both the public and private sectors.

    We can no longer afford to support images about character and perfection we must support a known business man who is not basing his campaign on image alone.

    As to those who are so intent on blasting Rob – it is obvious that he threatens their plan to privatize PA to the benefit of big energy. He has already de-railed corporate Tom. I hope that we elect Rob to put Pa back on track to bring good jobs back by his support of an educational system that will entice all who own a business to relocate their businesses back to PA.

    In my dream world where ego is put aside to the benefit of the public I would just hope Rob would allow the others to staff his new cabinet and they would accept their roles as Interim Treasurer, Secretary of Public Welfare and the head of the EPA.

  2. Attention Lancaster Dems:
    State Rep. Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster) and 3-term Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray (D) are endorsing Tom Wolf at a public event on Saturday at downtown’s Central Market. If you live in or near Lancaster and can attend.

  3. Mr. McCocky says he met Rob McCord, but does he know him? I don’t think so. I first met Rob McCord when he was running for Treasurer. He is the same man then as he is now. A candidate who cares about the people of Pennsylvania; cares about public education, taking care of seniors, taxing Marcellus Shell and raising the minimum wage. This is going to be a tough Primary because all of the Democratic Candidates are exceptional, but my pick is Rob McCord. Mr. McCocky, take the time to get to know Rob McCord – you will change your mind.

  4. I still think Schwarz finishes 3rd. After all. she is the most conservative candidate in the race.

  5. Schwartz has hardly shown up to work and misses most of the votes. Why would we want her to be a Governor?

  6. funny how Schwartz was the first to announce her intention to run……….touted her campaign largesse to scare others away and we haven’t heard a thing from her….she might finish 3rd…her campaign is abysmal

  7. State Rep. Mike Sturla and Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray are endorsing Tom Wolf at a public event on Saturday at downtown’s Central Market. If you live in or near Lancaster and can attend.

  8. Really???? This is what you’ve got??? Perhaps you should disclose the details of the promises made to your major contributors for their money. How will those loans be repaid??? A cabinet level position perhaps??? A direct line to the Governors office??? A truly desperate attempt by a desperate candidate.

  9. It’s very relevant considering its an article about #PAGov… Anytime is a good time to remind voters that Rob McCord is an arrogant, self-serving politician who was elected by the taxpayers of PA to do a job he is not doing. He claims to hold the liberal mantle and yet outsourced PA jobs to India. For those of you which sarcasm is wasted on the user name is a play on words. Lighten up. It’s a big year for PA politics. I’m committed to defeated Corbett in November and will support the Dem nominee regardless, I personally however don’t want McCord to be that person for many reasons, including those previously mentioned. I’ve met Rob and his arrogance is disgusting.

  10. Allison has now become negative in a desperate effort to challenge Tom because she knows she is way behind him.with the voters.It simply will not work.

  11. It speaks volumes about RobMcCocky that regardless of the content he spouts the same angry rhetoric.

    Dude, shut up, for real.

  12. “Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results…”

    So this McCocky fellow keeps posting off-topic posts expecting someone to be impressed.

  13. Allyson Schwartz attacks rich guy for being somewhat less rich than she thought he was, meanwhile asks other rich people to help her become governor. Who’s integrity am I supposed to question?

  14. Let’s play a little JEOPARDY…
    Answer: A twice elected state row officer with ZERO legislative and executive experience, who is arrogant and has an ego problem…
    Who is Tom Corbett? wait, no, no… Rob McCord?… Both?
    Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results… Why replace one bad thing for another? It’s time for a revolution in Pennsylvania government. Let’s elect someone who doesn’t have the resume of Tom McCord, I mean, Rob Corbett, I mean… Ugh. Well you know. Rob McCord is Tom Corbett 2.0, just another arrogant, self-serving politician.
    It’s time for Rob McCord to withdraw from the race and go back to the job taxpayers elected him to do.

  15. Perhaps Allyson should disclose her real role in the creating of the CHiP program here in PA. She claims she is the mother of this program but in fact only attached her name to the program for political gain. She had little to no influence on the program and she certainly is not the mother of it. If she wants full disclosure, she should call herself the “distant cousin who comes out of the wood work after you win the lottery” of the ChiP program.

  16. “but the back and forth between Wolf and Schwartz certainly changes the dynamic of this race.”


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