PA-Gov: Schwartz Doubles Down on ACA Support

schwartz aca adAllyson Schwartz wants everyone to know she supports the Affordable Care Act; she also wants everyone to ask Tom Wolf whether he does too.

The Congresswoman and candidate for Governor held a conference call with reporters this afternoon to further emphasize the campaign’s recent push on her work on, and support for, the Affordable Care Act.

“I’m here to talk about how proud I am of this accomplishment,” she stated in her opening remarks. “I’m very proud of my work on the Affordable Care Act. I’m proud of my work helping to write this law, I’m proud to run on it and we should all be proud of it.”

The Congresswoman specifically mentioned working on the provisions to close the Medicare donut hole for seniors and to ensure children can not be dropped from their health plans because of pre-existing conditions.

She also called out her Democratic opponents, especially front-runner Tom Wolf, to join her.

“Tom Wolf has been a little evasive in expressing his support of the law,” she said at one point.

When read Wolf’s statement to the York Daily Record that he felt the law was a “step in the right direction” Schwartz responded incredulously.

“I don’t know what that means? What does [that] mean?”

When asked by PoliticsPA whether she was afraid her strong support of the law would hurt her in a general election, Schwartz dismissed the criticism.

“I will go toe-to-toe with Tom Corbett on this issue,” she said.

When asked if she he felt she could turn this issue into a winner in the fall, the Congresswoman made her feelings clear.

“Of course!” she responded. “You have 500,000 people who won’t get health insurance,” she said in reference to Corbett’s refusal to not fully accept the Medicaid expansion. Schwartz asserted that this stance would shortchange Pennsylvanians and that she would win this fight with Governor Corbett if given the chance.

In addition to slamming Schwartz in their statement, Corbett’s campaign took this opportunity to hit Wolf as well.

“Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz is the only Democrat brave enough to run on President Obama’s failed policies and the ObamaCare disaster she helped to write. We already know they all want to expand ObamaCare’s grasp in Pennsylvania, but we agree that our opponents should speak up and join her in proudly voicing their support for this disastrous legislation,” Corbett’s campaign manager Mike Barley said.

“Again, here is another example of where Secretary Tom Wolf has been elusive.  Why is Wolf afraid to deliver straight answers on simple questions? If he  really supports ObamaCare, he should come out and let Pennsylvanians know where he stands.  Who is the real Tom Wolf?”

According to Wolf’s campaign, these accusations are unfounded.

“Tom’s record in support of the Affordable Care Act has been clear and unambiguous,” Wolf spokesman Mark Nicastre said. “Tom Wolf would expand Medicaid, institute a state level exchange, and work toward universal, quality access to health care for Pennsylvanians. It’s unfortunate and disappointing that Allyson Schwartz would play politics on this given her own record of zig zagging.”
Tom has been clear on his support for the Affordable Care Act since the start of the campaign,” Nicastre finished, and provided the following citations.
April 2, 2013 – Patriot News: “As for boilerplate issues, Wolf fits firmly in the Democratic Party establishment. He’s for marriage equality, is pro-choice, backs “reasonable” gun-control laws, and favors Obamacare.”
November 21, 2013 – York Daily Record: Tom Wolf: A better insurance plan for Pa. (column)
February 28, 2014: Tom Talking About Obamacare at the Progressive Summit Debate

15 Responses

  1. Wait — hold the horses — we have a Democrat Congressman in western PA who also “helped to write” and “closed the holes” and “is proud of the accomplishment.” Are they using the same consultant? Are these talking points from the DNC or the White House? Oh I forgot the political class “really cares” — these can’t be talking points designed to exploit voters.

  2. Some people do have lower PERSONAL costs because we, the public, are subsidizing their premiums and even the deductibles. Thus, the insurance companies are still selling overpriced policies and receiving huge sums of money. My friend gets a $9,000 subsidy. His actual cost is $75 monthly. You and I pay the difference—-the $9000. Other acquaintances–the same story. ObamaCare does nothing to end the unsustainable cost curve that private insurance imposes on our GDP and our society! As for NET sign ups, don’t forget to subtract those who lost insurance or had insurance but signed up for ACA. In 2024, the CBO reports America will still have 30 million uninsured. Finally, wait till people start trying to use their policies for expensive medical problems–there will be a lot of negative stories out there due to millions who will find they cannot afford costs now hidden away in their newly acquired private policies…..Not much has changed! I certainly would not be running on ObamaCare as Schwartz is……..bad idea.

  3. It is refreshing to hear her stand up for what she and her party advocates for “the rest of us.” You cannot keep your insurance and your doctor. We have 157 new agencies and 10 thousand pages of regulations to “reform” you and your doctors because we know what is best for you. Usually during the election they pretend to care about us.

  4. Still accepting survey responses:

    How are you spending the $2,500 Obama saved you on health care this year?

  5. Unsanctioned R:

    I don’t know how it’s being handled now in PA, since I moved out of the Commonwealth (though I do still like to read PolPA every now and again for nostalgic purposes, hence this comment), but here in WA, where we expanded Medicaid and fully embraced the exchange system, all of my costs are far lower than what they were when I last had coverage and refills that used to cost me $80 now cost me $11. Maybe PA is an anomaly and you’re now paying out the wazoo (and if it is, that sucks to be you, but I highly doubt it, because that notion is ridiculous); and if your plan didn’t meet the basic standards of the law and you lost it, then maybe it was a crappy plan to begin with and you can now get something better. Or not, because hey, PA refuses to set up its own exchange, so you’re kind of at the mercy of Maybe instead of fighting the ACA and complaining about it every step of the way, your governor should have embraced it and showed the federal government that he, a Republican, could run their operation in his Commonwealth better than they could. Perhaps if he did, he wouldn’t be facing an imminent defeat the likes of which haven’t been seen since Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star for the second time at the end of Return of the Jedi.

    But, if you like, you can just move out here to WA, where your income and ability to pay are not at all relevant to whether or not you receive coverage or medical service. It’s easy to find a job, too. Our job creation rate is much higher than PA’s and our unemployment rate much lower. So much for the ACA being the notorious “job killer” that people on the right told the world it would be. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over! In addition to medical care, we’ll even throw in a slice of gay wedding cake, ten free coffee vouchers, a smoked salmon and a complimentary bag of weed for you, too! 🙂

    Just some food for thought. Going back into “browse quietly in the background” mode again. Toodles! 🙂

  6. Supporting ObamaCare? Another losing issue in a general election. Schwartz doesn’t know what to do next, apparently! Maybe she can reveal her campaign contributions from big insurance/pharma. And, then, let us not forget about THIRD WAY. She is the ultimate corporate Democrat and her connections mentioned here are a portal to what she really stands for—and it is not for the People, unless one defines “people” as corporations, a la Mitt Romney!

  7. What other ideas is Schwartz advancing in her campaign? Didn’t she also invent the internet?
    SE Philly splits up the vote for McCord, McGinty and Schwartz, Wolf garnering most local support………………

  8. Fact check: Allyson Schwartz didn’t write the ACA. The House had to rubber stamp the Senate version because Ted Kennedy died.

  9. Anytime a candidate “doubles down” it is a sure sign that they know they are losing.
    Wolf has the spotlight and a ton of name ID with his early ads. McCord has the resume that beats everyone else along with his powerful endorsements. Finally Schwartz isn’t even the top woman in the race.

    She should give up now and set herself up in her post congressional career.

  10. The ACA is a great piece of legislation which will help shore up the oligopoly among health insurers, preserve high drug prices, and generally plow big bucks into the pockets of billionaire investors and bondholders of these health care giants. Can’t wait until she runs the ad touting her support for ending glass-stegall and voting to bail out the too big to fail, prosecute or jail big banks. We are bigger, more corrupt, more criminal and less accountable than ever! Thanks, president Obama and congresswoman Schwartz.

  11. “You can keep your doctor”
    “You can keep your plan”
    “The average family’s premiums will decrease $2,500”

    How is everyone spending the $2,500 they saved on health insurance this year?

  12. A step in the right direction is getting as many uninsured access to quality health care as possible, including the expansion of Medicaid. It should not be seen as the end of the road in health care reform. We need to stop subsidizing the insurance companies by providing subsidies for those who cannot afford health insurance. We should move to a Medicare For ALL system, that provides quality affordable health care for all citizens over 65. Why just give carve outs to Seniors and Children. Why not for ALL of us!!?? Alyson doesn’t like that because her husband is a doctor, and that might mean less payment for doctors if we control costs the way Medicare does. Time for real health CARE reform, and take the middle man (insurance companies) out of health CARE delivery.

  13. I am sorry. I forgot Allyson Schwartz is running for Gov. I literally know no one supporting her.

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