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PA-Gov: Schwartz Hosts Call Questioning Wolf On Gender Equality

schwarz v wolfHe’s been hit with past associates, plagiarism on his website, taking out a loan to finance his campaign and now one of Tom Wolf’s competitors attempts to smear him with suggestions of gender inequality.

Allyson Schwartz’s campaign hosted a press call today with former Pennsylvania Treasurer and Auditor General, Barbara Hafer, who made quite a few unflattering suggestions about the frontrunner in the gubernatorial race.

“Tom Wolf’s television ads paint a very pretty picture about Tom Wolf and his business. But like any fairy tale, the problem with the nice story is— it’s just not the full truth,” Hafer said. “Tom Wolf says that pay equity is important to him but he has yet to release any of the details of his internal audit on the wage gap at The Wolf Organization. I am calling on Tom Wolf to release the full audit and report to show that he practices what he preaches on television.”

Hafer worked with Wolf while they were both members of the Rendell administration and said that she never personally experienced Wolf encouraging gender inequality in the workplace, but said that they both worked under the guidelines of Rendell.

She also pointed to the management team at the Wolf Organization; out of 19 members, two are women and on the Board of Trustees, there are not any women.

“How do we know that Tom Wolf will promote women in government if he doesn’t do it in his company?,” she asked rhetorically.

“We know what Allyson’s record is and it’s very telling,” Hafer said, repeatedly requesting the release of Wolf’s internal audit.

Wolf’s campaign doesn’t think the accusations hold much water.

“This latest attack by Allyson Schwartz is ridiculous, and Allyson Schwartz knows it,” Wolf spokesman Mark Nicastre said.

“Of the six executives Tom has hired since returning to the company, two have been women and two have been African-American. Managers in the company are tasked with improving diversity and there are women serving in important roles throughout the organization. The company also does internal reviews to make sure all employees across the company are paid for equal work.

“As the father of two professional daughters, Tom Wolf takes issues of equality very seriously.

“Tom has also worked hard to promote female leadership in the organizations that he is involved with throughout the community. Tom was on the search committee that brought Dr. Gunter-Smith to York College as the first female President. Tom was the chair of board when the first female CEO came to WITF. Tom was also the President of the board of the Housing Council of York when they hired their first female Executive Director. As President of Better York, he named the first female Executive Director.

“Tom and his wife Frances have also been strong supporters of female political candidates. Together, they have given over $200,000 to female candidates running for office in Pennsylvania and across the country and the largest recipient of their support is actually Allyson Schwartz, to whom they have given over $50,000 in her campaigns for Senate and Congress.

“As Governor, Tom has made clear that he will prioritize making sure his administration represents the diversity of Pennsylvania and fight to pass pay equity legislation.”

15 Responses

  1. Honestly, who is making these decisions? Allyson was a great candidate and she has transformed into a desperate fringe candidate on the heels of bad campaign advice. I understand the need to wait to go on T.V., but if you are going to wait that long, at least put out ads that are captivating, not material that can be easily parodied.

  2. If Schwartz is so worried about Wolf’s business skills or his character judgment when it comes to who Mr. Wolf associated with in the past, what does it say about HER judgment and leadership skills in accepting campaign donations from Mr. Wolf?? Its awesome to see a newbie candidate run circles around a state wide office holder and a congresswoman who has been around for many years. Now they are both just bitter and embarrased and acting like crazy fools because their stategy failed.

  3. This is the same Barbara Harfner who referred to our late Governor Casey as a “red necked Irishman”. Just a matter of which way the wind is blowing for Babs.

  4. Dave-
    Smith (who ran against Casey in 2012) had plenty of money, but went nowhere.

    Corbett will have much more money to spend than Wolf. Corbett will lose as well.

    The reason is that Corbett has nothing to offer but a failed record and lies about that record. The more he advertises that he increased education spending, the easier it will be for Wolf to burst that balloon by reminding parents of the cuts they saw for their kids.

    When Corbett argues against taxing the drillers, Wolf will only use that to remind voters that wealth is being stolen from PA without fair compensation, and how it could help fund public education.

    Corbett remains the “most vulnerable” governor in the country for a reason.

  5. “This is the absolute picture of desperation by Allyson. It is clear she waited FAR too long to start advertising on TV. She is toast.”

    Well yeah, not every one running is rich enough (or friends with enough rich bankers) to spend 10 million dollars on TV ads. I guess in PA, we don’t really care about qualifications, experience, or whether or not you tell the truth. The richest guy gets to win by default. And anyone who dares to challenge the rich guy on the half-truths and make-believe stories he tells is a “mudslinger” or “desperate”. What the hell happened to the fourth estate in Pennsylvania?

  6. Tom Wolf and his wife contributed $50,000 to Schwartz’s campaigns over the years. Sounds like the Wolfs supported her candidacies.

    Brittany, maybe you could enlighten the public regarding the continuous staffing issues and concerns surrounding the Schwartz campaign and congressional staffs?

  7. This is the absolute picture of desperation by Allyson. It is clear she waited FAR too long to start advertising on TV. She is toast.

  8. So, this is what a campaign for governor looks like when you’ve forfeited the first three periods of a four-period game, and you’ve got nothing positive to offer: desperate flagrant fouls.

  9. Schwartz has repeatedly demonstrated as a candidate that at 77-cents on the dollar, she’d be overpaid compared to anyone else (man, woman, chimpanzee).

  10. looks like a lot of white men Kristin!

    But men know whats best for us little ladies, especially benevolent, rich, father figures.

  11. That one little phrase is the m ost telling: “since he returned to his company” – after selling out his employees, first by driving his company deep into debt, then selling out to Bain Capital style vulture funds, then riding back in on a big white horse with a fat pay package of his own devise. As a businessman, he is more Mitt Romney than Warren Buffett. But he keeps that very, very quiet.

  12. If Schwartz feels so strongly about Wolf’s “problems” then she should put her money where her mouth is and return the $50,000. Either put up or shut up Allyson!

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