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PA-Gov: Schwartz Pegged as Anti-Tea Party Candidate


Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz has been deemed by the PAC of the Independence Hall Tea Party as the most anti-Tea Party candidate running for Governor.

“Allyson Schwartz is the one Democrat candidate for Governor who should be completely rejected by PA primary voters,” said PAC President, Don Adams. “Like her Democrat rivals, Ms. Schwartz has consistently demonstrated a disregard for the interests of Pennsylvania’s taxpayers. But, unlike her primary opponents, she is cluelessly trumpeting ObamaCare in her campaign ads. We, of course, vehemently oppose ObamaCare and support its repeal.”

Using the rallying cry of “Anybody but Allyson Schwartz,” the Independence Hall Tea Party is not only rallying Republican allies, but they are also calling on Democrats to vote against her in the primary.

“Pennsylvanians, in particular Democrats, must stop Ms. Schwartz from winning the Democrat primary because that would put her just one election away from becoming Governor of Pennsylvania for the next four years — and we must not let that occur,” Adams said.

With a list of grievances, including Schwartz’s support of Obamacare, her opposition to the Keystone Pipeline, and her opposition to offshore drilling, the Independence Hall Tea Party gave the Congresswoman the lowest rating out of all Pennsylvania members of the U.S. House. Only Rep. Matt Cartwright of PA-17 was able to tie her score of a 5% rating.

What is interesting about the announcement is that Schwartz is almost certain to benefit from garnering the title of most anti-Tea Party candidate. Not only will it undoubtedly lead to a swift response from her supporters, but as a Democratic candidate in a contested primary, being named the biggest threat to one of the most far-right organizations is more or less a compliment. Thus, Schwartz’s campaign is most likely thrilled by the new title.

By focusing on Schwartz, it seems clear that the Pennsylvania Tea Party sees her as a viable candidate to win the primary with a little help. In addition, if she was to win the primary and enter the general, the Tea Party is prepared to vehemently campaign against her.

“Allyson Schwartz is a much more predictable candidate compared to her opponents in the Democrat Party gubernatorial primary, because, while they are just saying what they will do if and when they become Governor of Pennsylvania; Schwartz is the only candidate with a documented record of voting for the inept policies that would paralyze Pennsylvania’s economy.”

And as the saying goes: better the devil you know than the devil you don’t and Schwartz has a long voting record from State Senate and Congress.

29 Responses

  1. The way these young democrats both speak and present themselves is ridiculous.

  2. David,
    Your last insipid post is full of lies. Where to begin, I don’t know.

  3. Unsanctioned R-

    She could have taken a crap on Gosnell’s lawn every day for the past 40 years, and been the one to turn him in, and that still wouldn’t matter to you.

    The only thing you really care about is that Schwartz supports a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion.

    So, because you don’t like her stance, you want to pretend there is a connection between her and Gosnell. No denial will ever be satisfactory to you. And no actually evidence of a connection will be required to continue the smear.

    It’s not just “asking the question” if you are going to declare the same connection when there is no answer or a denial. Because, you aren’t interested in an answer and just want to pretend that someone asking a question implies that their is a connection.

    Why don’t you like abortions? Probably because you’re afraid your mom would have gotten one, if she knew how you were going to turn out.

  4. The article plainly “contradicts your statements” #WritingTutor?

  5. Unsanctioned R-

    If you really don’t understand my deconstruction of the article, and think he article contradicts my statements, then you should get a remedial reading tutor.

  6. This is all fodder. How the Independence Hall tea party thinks (or votes) has no legitimate impact on the democratic primary. I was a big Schwartz fan but her inability to connect to democrats in every county, her TERRIBLE ads and array of negative attacks have turned me off to her candidacy. Where is the Allyson that was the standard for Pennsylvania democrats?

  7. D, I think the article cited pretty much obliterates your opinion.

    Forgive us if we judge your opinion in the context of your other opinions.

  8. Everyone is just so serious in their nasty, bitter personal attacks.

    That goes for the following people on the left and the right:

    Isaac L.
    Bob Guzzardi
    Pom Puss (really pompous)
    David Diano

    Maybe, you’re working together?

    Like them or not–at least the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC stuck to the issues facing PA’s voters.

    The above commenters are just character assassins (name callers) and flame throwers
    with nothing important to add to the conversation.

  9. Unsanctioned R-
    The clinic answered the question ON THE RECORD.

    Schwartz is no longer a director there, and no longer has access to any files. It would be inappropriate for her to offer an authoritative answer, unless she had personal prior knowledge/information contradicting their statement. So, Schwartz’s (correct) policy is to let the official answer from the clinic stand.

    If you have even one person who has claimed that they were referred to Gosnell from Blackwell, then produce that person to tell their story. That would constitute a little thing we call “evidence”.

    Even then, a referral to Gosnell (a licensed doctor) wouldn’t have been a crime, or even a lapse in judgement, as his malpractice was unknown at that time. But, if you have an actual patient, produce her.

    Until then, accept the on-the-record answer from the clinic, and stop pretending that an ex-director of that clinic who left there 26 years ago has anything more relevant to offer. (especially because you won’t accept her making an on-the-record statement that differs from your imagined offenses)

  10. “Did the Blackwell Center refer late-term patients to Gosnell while Schwartz was its director? Both Schwartz’s congressional office and her gubernatorial campaign have so far failed to answer requests for on-the-record answers to these questions.”


    If you have proof otherwise, please provide it.

    If you accused me of something heinous, I’d deny it. Wouldn’t you? You’d have to.

  11. If those nutjobs want to encourage Democrats to do something, they could start by calling it the Democratic Party and the Democratic Primary instead of insulting people they’re trying to reach. On top of that, it’s not 2010 anymore, and what little credibility this organization had is gone. Renting out the Crystal Tea Room at Wanamaker’s, hiring an expensive PA system, and getting a couple of AM radio stations at your events just isn’t that impressive.

  12. Unsanctioned R-
    The clinic DID provide a written response stating that they had never referred anyone to Gosnell. So, don’t lie and say they didn’t. No whistle-blower has come forward to contracdict their assertion.

    Also, don’t complain that you want Schwartz to issue a separate denial, and put it to bed, when you have already decided that “we all know that’d be a lie”.

    So, what’s the motivation for Schwartz to answer when you’ve already declared in advance that you will call her answer a lie?

    Here’s an example of your “logic” in action:

    Unsanctioned R, when you look at children, do you secretly dream of molesting them? You can say “No”, but we all know that’s a lie.

    Maybe we can find a “whistle-blower” who saw you looking at children and then smiling in a way they thought was creepy.

    See? There’s probably more “evidence” of you fantasizing about children than there is about the clinic referring patients to Gosnell.

  13. ” toothless, paper tigers, full of sound and fury, accomplishing little, if anything, other than aggrandizing some ill-informed, attention seeking”

    I thought this was autobiographical.

    Very interesting perspective and answer to the question of why individuals didn’t flood to your campaign. I’m sure you’re okay with others who see it differently?

  14. For the past year, consistently, without exception, every poll shows Tom Corbett losing to any Democrat. There is not one poll to the contrary. It is delusional thinking to think that Allyson Schwartz is beatable by Tom Corbett

  15. Pom Puss is dead on.

    I would expand his point and say that the Tea Party/912 Patriots organizations are toothless, paper tigers, full of sound and fury, accomplishing little, if anything, other than aggrandizing some ill-informed, attention seeking, self appointed leaders.

    The Pennsylvania Tea Party/912 Patriots groups are ineffective in either changing hearts and minds or winning elections.
    In many cases, these organizations have been infiltrated with Republican Establishment trolls.

    I learned a lot about who is real and who is not in my gubernatorial campaign. Tea Party/912 Patriots were invisible and useless.

  16. David,

    We’ve been over this, why do you continue to assert Schwartz/the clinic have answered the question of whether patients were referred to Gosnell during her tenure? That question has never been answered because they don’t want to have to lie and risk a whistleblower coming forward. It’s obvious to anyone that she sent patients down the block to him.

    She easily could put this to bed by saying, “No, patients never were referred to Gosnell during my tenure.” But, we all know that’d be a lie. Kudos to her for not doing so (at least not before running out the clock on a whistleblower story). I don’t even fault the media for not asking on this one, because reasonable minds understand this–it is so basic.

  17. The Independence Hall Tea Party is comepletely a toothless tiger lacking in credibility. Their history of ineptitude and self-aggrandizement is the stuff of legend. They have no followers and are “led” by a thin-skinned, egomaniacal, narcissistic brother and sister team who usually make primary endorsements based on whoever kisses their ring the most or has pissed them off the least. Truly a bizarre, confused, neurotic “group”. Their endorsement is of no effect, like the group itself.

  18. I am not an Allyson Schwartz fan, but this is the one single thing that could potentially convince me to vote for her in the primary!

  19. Was referring to Tom Smith winning the 2012 Republican US Senate primary in my previous post.

  20. No one can be sure–at all–that this anti-endorsement originated from the Governor Corbett’s campaign.

    The Independence Hall Tea Party has a Federal PAC and has never endorsed Tom Corbett for Governor.

    As a matter of fact, the group has been highly critical the Governor–most recently taking his administration to task over the Transportation Bill (due to its excessive taxation on gasoline).

    To think that some Tea Parties are not more sophisticated than others is to underestimate the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC.

    The PAC has a history of supporting winning primary candidates that other PA Tea Parties overlooked. For example–the PAC backed Tom Smith the winner in the 2012 US Primary while all the other Tea Parties supported Sam Rohr and Governor Corbett backed Steve Welch.

    The PAC was the only Tea Party to endorse Mitt Romney for President and they did so before the Iowa Caucus.

    Perhaps the article is right—for whatever reason, the Independence Hall Tea Party’s anti-endorsement of Schwartz is really meant to boost her candidacy in the primary because she is the weakest link.

    Given the way Democrats have demonized the Tea Party–it serves them right to have the Tea Party meddling in their affairs.

    Given her poll numbers, Schwartz has no choice but to exploit this anti-endorsement. otherwise, she’ll lose. It may already be too late for her tepid campaign.

  21. If You are sick of all of these Candidates the Write In Eric Bradway on Both the Republican and Democratic Tickets when you go to Vote Bradway is the Former Constable of Lower Merion Township

  22. Mr. Smith, an excellent observation. Announcing the most anti-Tea Party candidate running for Governor in the PA Primary is meaningless. Clearly the Corbett campaign initiated this ridiculous announcement to help Schwartz win the Democrat Primary.

    The question is, how many Democrats are going to vote in the Primary for the Tea Party’s designated Democrat?

  23. Unsanctioned R-
    The link goes to a blog story in the Weekly Standard, not an actual news piece.

    The clear answer from the clinic was that it never referred anyone to Gosnell. Then someone (presumably from the Weekly Standard) tried to begin a fishing expedition to get confirmation going back to 1972, and the clinic declined to respond. A record search 40 years back would be a huge undertaking, since the records are probably boxed away, and not computerized. It’s doubtful that a record would even have been made of a referral, and the clinic is under no obligation to conduct such an expensive/pointless a search of private records.

    But, the blogger takes this lack of response to imply that referrals were made to Gosnell, with out any proof.

    Then, because Schwartz won’t answer the question (already answered by the clinic), the blogger makes further unfounded assumptions that are not part of the record.

    So, any direct or indirect connection between Schwartz and Gosnell is nothing but pure innuendo and speculation.

    Of course, “no factual basis” is a low enough standard for pro-life Republicans to pretend there is a connection. Because, in their warped minds, anyone who believes in a woman’s right to choose is really no different than Gosnell.

    Honest Abe-
    Schwartz could have been born in a log cabin she built herself and she still wouldn’t win the Dem nomination.

  24. To the average Democrat voter–especially those from SE PA–being given the nod as the most anti-Tea Party may be very appealing in a candidate.

    We all know how Democrats in this region despise the Tea Party.

    If I were Schwartz, I’d run with the anti-endorsement ’cause, right now, according to the polls, she’s a sure loser.

  25. Unsanctioned R-
    There aren’t any political candidates who referred anyone to Gosnell, so it’s a moot point.

    Honest Abe-
    Not that clever. We all know that Allyson is the candidate Corbett most wants to face to rile up the pro-lifers with false connections to Gosnell. But, the Tea Party is over-caffeinated, under-educated, over-rate and under-whelming.

  26. The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC is playing very clever politics.

  27. There should be a political glass ceiling on people who referred patients to Gosnell.

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